Denver | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Malpractice Without Makeup

November 17, 2014 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 262

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is a close up photo of Tiffany aka Malpractice without her makeup on! I’m honestly shocked even if she has lived an unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, tanning, etc.) she still has an exceptional amount of wrinkles and weird dry skin around her mouth for a 30 year old, right?? Do you think it’s because she has lost so much weight? She used to weigh 250 and lost well over 100 lbs. Maybe it took a toll on her skin.

I can’t believe Urlacher hit that.- nik

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Something Seems Off

November 14, 2014 Denver, Malpractice 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve read this Instagram post from Malpractice several times, and correct me if I’m wrong, but is she saying that she’s not allowed to leave the state? I know that being crazy isn’t much of a great quality – but I didn’t know it was illegal! Does Malpractice have priors? I wouldn’t be shocked, but even if it’s the case – why would you post that on your socials?

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Pueblo Man Lady

November 14, 2014 Denver 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man/lady is the dirtiest thing walking the streets of Co . Pueblo n D-town This hoe use 2 be my roommate in the north side n she would always have guys in n out while her husband was in the pin for beating her ass. I went with her 2 the dr twice so she can’t get medication for her drds Last time I seen this bitch she was trying to get me to go to a hotel n pop pills with her while her kid was sleeping in the next room .. After that I stopped talking to her How can you do that shit wit ur kid there? She fucked her husbands nephew Rick n when he found out he punched her so hard in the face he broke her eye socket n he was takin to jail but then her stupid ass ended up telling the cops she did it to herself n she ended up going to jail . This ain’t the 1st time either Kevin her pedophile husband is known as a woman beater . He has been beating Shonte since they 1st got together . He has beaten her so bad she told me that one time they were at a cousins wedding n he was caught molesting n giving a 14 year old cocaine she told me that she found out n left the wedding but when kevin found out she left he beat her so bad that she ended up getting a restraining order on him n it wasnt the first time. He even beat his child so bad she is now confind to an electric scooter because she can not walk properly n he even beats there poor dogs Poncho n Taeyvin n they finally had to put Taeyvin to sleep. last I heard of this troll she was in jail 4 prescription fraud after she was caught at a drug store wit her 4 year old son writing fake prescriptions who the fuck does dat shit wit there kid???? This skallywag needs to be exposed u will find her at the strip clubs every weekend with her fake ass Mexican flea market blue contacts snorting molly while her newborn n 4 year old are with her 11 year old niece this bitch needs to get her life togeather don’t trust this bitch I was really close wit her but once u see how low people can be especially a mother u dnt wanna associate urself with them kind of people. Shonte karma is a bitch n its going to hit u hard. keep messing with people Shonte n all your shit will be layed out I have proof bitch u can’t lie anymore youve been exposed HOE FO’ SHO

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Sharpied Kristina

November 13, 2014 Denver 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this trick right here is beyond disgusting. Running around Denver spreading her legs while she has **v. So pathetic she has to fight her cousin’s battles. Worry about taking care of your kitty kat instead of running your mouth. You look like a damn clown with them eyebrows. Denver trash at its finest.

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Players Club Drunk

November 13, 2014 Denver 103

THE DIRTY ARMY: Let me introduce you to Andrea Peralta. This trifling home wrecking man look alike bitch is the fakest phony in D-TOWN, you know the one that smiles and pretends to be your best friend in your face ahhhhhhh huh yes that kind of girl, she fcks and sucks for a dollar bill, and does it UNDERCOVER, she’s worked at dirty ass “PLAYERS CLUB” for the last 8 years, went from being a FAT PIG 200 pound stripper to a waitress and now she’s MISS Drunk Bartender, I recently found emails of her and my X meeting at hotels after she got of work, and emails of her telling him she has DRD (herpes) and of course blaming him, so if anyone knows this DIRTY RAUNCHY tramp please take notes.

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Michelle Aragon

November 12, 2014 Denver 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty trick has no class whatsoever! After her ex left her she went around fucking the world. She had a different guy every week saying how much in love she is! This hypocritical bitch using bible quotes to cover her own sin! This bitch would rather have a man then take care of her kids! She wears dentures from smoking crack so long Nd is still a damn mth head!!! Now to top it off she fcking all the Gomez keeping it in the family to stay near, just can’t let go………nobody even gives s shit who she’s fcking but with her fcking fest she just keeps on trucking!!!!!!! Wonder who the next Gomez is??? 2 Gomez down and numerous to go!! She’ll fck anything that barks at her!!!

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They Call Her Trout

November 10, 2014 Denver 94


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Allow me to introduce you to Denver’s most disgusting dump this bitch is the epitome of a dirty hoe. This nasty bitch thinks she’s some sort of kingpin because her dude sells a little weed Lol. Kristen is a dirty hoe that has false front teeth, this bitch acts like she hits the gym but still looks like a shapeless blob. The funny part is that she thinks she is soooo sexy and everybody wants to fuck her….Lmao that is the funniest part. This bitch was blacked out at a party, making out with everyone, then got trained, threw up all over herself, they left her laying slumped in her own puke on the couch, it was disgusting, I’ve never seen something so foul. She was doing all this while her man was in work release I feel sorry for that dude that’s why he cheats on this nasty water buffalo. She lives on subsidized housing and gets like $500 in food stamps every month but claims that she is balling so hard driving a dodge charger off of tax payers money Smh! The sad part is this bitch has never worked a day in her life, her mans parents have to pay for everything that her kids need and she has no shame using them. Straight up bullshit! You should see the way she beats her kids it’s straight up child abuse poor kids don’t have a chance. This bitch snorts molly every weekend and drops her kids off with her meth head mother. Like the saying goes, like mother, like daughter! Too many balls to the chin that\’s where the dent came from. Everyone calls her Trout pussy now

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Taryn Dragon Nation

November 10, 2014 Denver 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Taryn Nation needs to get a life! She’s is a weird girl who wears wigs, tapes he boobs in to appear flat, and has a big butt! She is way too tall! Like 6 foot tall. She is the biggest tease and I don’t care how tight her p*ssy is she is obsessed with dragons, cosplay, and other lame things that won’t make her rich! She is going to be the crazy cat lady because she never wants to leave her cats and blows everyone off all the time. Never ask her for a favor unless it has to do with a stupid cat! She is f*cking lame! WHO CARES IF SHE LOOKS LIKE A MODEL F*CKS LIKE A PORN STAR HAS A PINK PUSSY AND LOVES HER CATS………….SHE IS F*CKING STRANGE!!!!

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