Washed Up Jazmin Aragon

August 20, 2014 Denver 132

THE DIRTY ARMY: Here she is Dirty Denver! One of Denver’s dirtiest, washed up, has been bitches, Jazmin Aragon! This hoe is a fucking backstabber and a homewrecker. She’s known to sleep with all of her friend’s husbands, boyfriends, crushes, family members whatever. It doesn’t matter who they are. As long as they have a dick that’s big enough to ride, you can guarantee she will be riding it! I’ve seen it for myself! She’s disgusting and ratchet and doesn’t care where she gets it. I’ve also heard that she sucks a mean dick, especially at work. Looks like Jazmin needs to invest in some knee pads if she’s going to be sucking that much dick for tips! This girl has no sense of loyalty. She is the fakest bitch I have ever met! When I first became friends with her I thought she was a sweetheart but as our friendship grew I started to realize how much of a backstabber she was. She would talk about other people all the time and judge them when she was doing the same fcking shit. Then I started going out with her and noticed how slutty she would act with random guys at the club. As long as they had money to spend she would be all up on them, regardless if she had a man or if they were there with their girl. One time she gave this guy her phone number on the sneaks at a bar when his lady went to the bathroom!!! How low is that! So Denver how well do you know this hoe? You shouldn’t have slept with my boyfriend Jaz, now it’s time to pay!

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Sarah Burge

August 20, 2014 Colorado Springs, Denver 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this girl dances in Colorado Springs and thinks sh’s the hottest shit ever. Last time I checked, girls who ARE hot shit had boobs. She might actually be a man judging by the manly mug and build. She’s rancid with drds and anyone who considers sleeping with him/her, don’t be a fool, wrap your tool! Lest you get drd!

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Jose Guerrero

August 14, 2014 Denver 58



THE DIRTY ARMY: Denver watch for this walking drd snizz head jose guerrero hes so desperate to get any kind of ussy he has all major stds he spends his money on strippers but dont even have $5 to put in gas in his old ass audi he wipes old peoples asses for a living and mooches of his friends he is always downtown or the players club he does coke to get him through the day is so broke he wouldnt spend a single dollar on food hell fuck any bitch he can even if its fat girls he uses no protection has a psycho ex girlfriend who is a whore just like him america that he always gets back with he drinks to the point where he blacks out just like his dadthat was in rehab his mom is a attention seeker act your age old lady not your sons age Denver this is the top snizz std walking whore watch out

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Hood Hopin Head

August 13, 2014 Denver 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this hoe is named Anysia who lives in Puebloooos on the East Side. She is a different hood claimin ass wanna be clown azz hoe! She is like a hunchback with a big ol U belly, no tits, and a flat ass like totally shaped like a beer can,. She dont know who her REAL babydaddy is and she trades and sells her WIC stuff to get high. Before she was even preggo she was sniffin and tweekin hard and claiming everything shes a no body will never have anything but a low class bitch. fake, will smile in your face and act like shes all hard and will beat your ass, but every fight shes been in shez got her ASS whOOPED. Shez been a DUKE rolled hard wit them faggot ass GKIs and now dates a NorthSider. Its funny how he dont know what a fony she really is. She doesnt work. Cant get a job because everyone knows shes a fuckin theif! She has jacked her own family and her friends just to get high. Just because this dummy bitch went to jail doesnt make her hard. she aint shit but a ghetto hood rat with no education and criminal charges. EVERYONE in PUEBLO HATES HER!! And everyoNe laughs at her because they all kNow the truth about her. WARNINg HIDE YOUR SHIT!!!

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Mr 303

August 11, 2014 Denver 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: Juan chaparro aka jack charry is from mexico although he says he’s from calif. He prays on women to live with meanwhile saving money to buy himself all the finest things and not paying a damn thing and having lots of girls on the side. He’s been married 3 times and his last was the saddest. Poor woman has tumors in her brain stem and he made her believe he loved her. He never helped her and when she was sick or having seizures, rolled over and went to bed. He emptied her bank account and left her to lose it all while he immediately moved in with someone else and began driving his new avalanche. He’s a pathetic liar who tries to be something hes’ not. Don’t get me wrong, he will wine and dine you in the beginning and buy you nice gifts and flowers. He works at dennys as a cook and uses a fake social so began work because he is illegal. He makes 50,000 a year, claims married with 4 , yet never files taxes. He never uses a condom and is spreading an std. Beware ladies, he’s looking for his next victim!!!

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Photoshopped Rachel

August 8, 2014 Denver 51

THE DIRTY ARMY: This tramp Rachel Ybarra needs put in her place. This monkey will use any man then leave him hanging dry when she doesnt want him anymore. She claims to be a Northsider but ask around nobody in the Nutty knows who this hoe is. Just because she was knocked up by a northsider i guess that makes you one too. I dont even think she knows who either of her kids dad are. Bitch acts like shes gods gift to earth but really shes a pathetic dump! Shes crazy as hell with daddy issues.

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Dead Beat Josh Sailas

August 7, 2014 Denver 54

THE DIRTY ARMY: This pathetic ass is Josh aka Jay Sailas he cheats on all females he’s with and post pictures of him and their babies claiming to be father of the year who knows how many baby mamas he has. He even took his ex’s truck and mobs around with different females even though she needs it more than him because she has the kids he don’t take care of anymore. He can’t keep a job for more than two days then decides he wants to quit. Fuking lazy bum get off your ass and support your kids. I don’t know how he gets money to go out to Primetimes all the fuking time probably from all tge hoes he be hanging around with. Fcking loser man ladies watch out he’ll claim to be the father of your kids then when you break up take your shit and leave you in the dust!

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Malpractice Is At It Again

August 7, 2014 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 210

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Malpractice is trying to find a job… and as you can see, she thinks we are all idiots… well you look like the idiot with the desperation posts of you almost naked on social networks.

It sounds like she is begging for a job.- nik

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