Raylynn Duran

June 30, 2014 Denver 32

THE DIRTY ARMY: This disgusting thirsty little trick is named RAYLYN DURAN. Not only is she Denver’s Infested Dump, she’s your local stripper/escort at PT’s Show club as well as La Boheme. I personally have met this trick give or take a few times and from the first day I saw and met her knew automatically she was a nasty little slut! Bitch just had a kid a year ago and is already out getting fucked by at least three different dudes I know personally and they all claim to have hit her “raw”! Feel bad for any nigga who hits this and starts burning! This infested little whore needs to disinfect her pssy with Clorox! I can name 4 dudes automatically that this tramp has slept with since her son has been born and it’s barely even been a year!! She claims to be such a “bad bitch” but yet this hoe is actually doing bad, this bitch depends on her “regulars\” for money and that new blue Cadillac she claims to have purchased herself, yeah we all know her pussy purchased it for her! Ghetto as fuck with all theses different labels tatted on her obviously a Label whore. Thinks its cute to act like a little tramp in public, it\’s obvious she has daddy issues cause the bitch has no self respect or dignity! Ugly as fck looking like a Down syndrome pug!!! Can’t be a mom for shit! Claims to be the best mom on fb until you meet her in real life and she’s constantly screaming at her poor son. Calling him a “pssy” & “bitch” because he’s tired and won’t stop crying, little dude wasn’t even a year yet when I seen her and she was talking to him like this!! Maybe the cause for her hoe-ish ways are to blame her older brothers, words from her mouth directly is she was molested by them growing up!! Maybe this bitch should think twice before trying to act like she’s the shit, cause lets not forget how small Denver truly is!! I hope to expose this little gold-digging, pusy infected, ugly pug looking ass bitch!! Give your pussy a break Raylyn and disinfect that shit for the next nigga! Take some fucking parenting classes in the mean time and learn how to be a real mom. Last but not least, stop going around acting like your the shit anyone who knows you knows your a ghetto ass little 90 lbs. stripper selling your washed up ass for cash! Go find a real fucking job and be a real independent woman! Any bitch can take her clothes off and shake her ass for cash, only a real women gets an education and real job to support the needs of their children!! Sure your kid may have everything YOU want for him but one thing he will never have is respect for you! Especially seeing pictures of his mom sucking niggas dicks and your Face covered in nut!! HE shoes all!!! Now eating Bernadette’s disgusting pussy! These two carpet munching skanks are fit for each other. Poor King has to grow up confused wondering why his mom takes her clothes off for money?! Why he’s seeing pictures of her sucking dick on the internet? Why his mom sleeps with women who look like men? Why she’s constantly dropping him off to go see her regulars real quick? Why she’s gonna be 30 still selling her ass for cash?! Fck the questions are never ending!!

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Smelanie Lynn

June 27, 2014 Denver 115

THE DIRTY ARMY: This here is Smelanie this hoe is almost 40 and you can still find her at the bars or some random house party doing drugs coked out or rolling on X. She has never been a mom to her daughter since she was born and this how has A*DS that’ she has been passing around for years! This broad has been tossed from every dude in every crew around Denver! Smdh! All you gotta do is give this nasty skank some cke and she’ll return the favor And apparently birds of a feather flock together he and her bf Marstanka! Druggie ass worthless whores!!!! She’s been stanking up this Denver streets for years now!! And let’s be real age shoulda been on here years ago!!! It’s your time hoe! You earned it congrats!!!! You and all your hoe Asa friends sleeping with all your friends boyfriends lmao!!! Can we say skank!!! Stop sleeping with your LITTLE sisters boyfriends and act your age already my god

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Boys don’t Cry

June 27, 2014 Denver 134

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lol this he she posts almost every week about buying ugly ass shoes like if thats something to be hyped up for and says I work 2 jobs and posts mad pictures of the gifts she buys her stripper lady. Some tiffany necklace buying her love haha acts like her lady is top notch only sexy thing on her is her tits because they both have shitty teeth. Amanda talks to dudes on the down low of course she wants DICK lmao Its been said how Mehgan has a weak oral sex game she be licking assholes in shit lol yuck! Her bff is that awful DJ Devonte luv and big eared shark teeth luisa haha. Amanda and mehgan look all uncomfortable in her pictures hahaha damn lesbains lol

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Fertile Mertial

June 26, 2014 Denver 100

THE DIRTY ARMY: I’m sure you all know who this loosey goosey is. Ashley Marie Macias The chick who is not even 20 and has 4 to 5 kid’s (no lie she does) lmao This chick has more selfies of her self then she does of her own kid’s. She brags how sexy she is but photo wonders the hell out of her pictures and gets pissed when people hit on her but yet makes sure to post her tits all on each picture. Shes that one chick that thinks her makeup is on point but has white all over her eyes like a retard lmao she takes pictures everyday like this is me bored this is me natural this is me ready for the day because shes thirsty for likes and thinks everyone wants her fat ched babies daddy haha Girl get a education instead of spreading your legs popping out babies. And say THANK YOU! Because us tax payers are feeding you with food stamps and low income apts lmao

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Ghetto Jacinda Correa

June 25, 2014 Denver 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: jacinda ann correa in denver colorado this hoodrat is giving hookers a bad name shes a homeless junkie who abandond her 6 kids to go around gargling cum all day thru her gapped teeth ,you really think ur ghetto ass is worth something then the joke is on you ive never heard of hookers having to get refunds n have to give them back there money plus a free blow job. your a poor excuse for a mother a woman you will never b , your just a no showeringhoe who fcks 6-7 dicks a day and thinks one douche is going to clean that beat up pussy of yours. your just a sick bitch no men want or respect whores like you your what they call a throw away, here today n gone tomorrow. your a ghetto bitch everyone knows it or ur flyers wouldnt b posted up of you all in the west n north side hoe..you sorry a skank i told u not to fuck with me n mine..u think its love cuz u get used vibrators n dildows shoved up u u keep getting my left overs while i get the gold n diamonds. find a life of ur own bitch n go back to the dumpster u came from , keep fckn with me cuz im only getting started i told u ur number is being served…u act like youve been through alot..no bitch alot has been thru you!! die in a puddle of cm with a dildow up ur ass..REST IN PISS BITCH U WONT BE MISSED..

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Eddie Rafferty

June 25, 2014 Denver 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Eddie R gets his kicks by veining mth drding women up. He filths around the streets of D-town being a cunt to anyone that comes into his field of vision. He’s the poop in everyone’s ice cream, and should be avoided at all costs. If you ever see this POS, do not touch any part of him or you’ll most likely end up with MRSA.

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D-Bag Love Triangle

June 25, 2014 Denver 155

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well, it’s no surprise, considering Denver is such a tiny, tiny, tiny wanna-be city that this shit runs rampant… Exhibit A: Jeff Gates, the guy with the ‘soul patch’ (aka the bald old dude working in the bars with a jizz catcher beard) Exhibit B: Slutty tatted gogo chick that has slept with (Exhibit A) AND everyone else in Denver while she was with her then ‘serious boyfriend’ aka ‘the other dude’ in the pics. (other dude actually MARRIED HER) Exhibit C: The other dude. Poor bastard (actually a nice guy) P.S. your WIFE has slept with all your friends (YOU NEVER EVEN SUSPECTED?) but let’s just focus on Jeff Gates for just a minute because… Exhibit D: is Denver’s DOUCHIEST POSER chick, Dana! Shes slept with more of my friends (shamelessly going from one to the next) than any other slore in Denver and man, that’s saying a lot! She is also the old chick (30+) STILL in the bar scene Anyway, slutty gogo chick, who cheated on her then serious boyfriend ‘the other dude’ (who she is now MARRIED to) and Jeff Gates (Exhibit A) carried on a relationship behind other dudes back for quite some time and now Dana (Exhibit D) Jeff Gates new girlfriend is like, totally BFF with slutty gogo chick and now THEY ALL HANG OUT ALL THE TIME LIKE ONE BIG HERPE SHARING FAMILY! wonder if these dumb sluts realize HOW MUCH THEY HAVE IN COMMON? and other dude, seriously? you DIDN\’T KNOW she was hooking up with EVERYONE behind your back, or what? cause slutty gogo chick IS STILL AT IT

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Bubbachinos Brighton owner, Dino

June 24, 2014 Denver 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: This scumbag is the owner of bubbachinos brighton. He was in the police force at one point and got sex charges on a minor. He now creeps around Prairie View high school, trying to get at the girls there. He hires young attractive women at his business, and has done some really shady shit. He hits on all the girls he hires (some of them 16, and he’s 50 something), he has the girls come to his house after the restaurant is closed to bring him the money. He shows them around his room and shows off his house to them thinking it is a seduction method of some sort. He has tried forcing himself onto some of the women as well. He is a shady scumbag who deserves to be locked up.

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