Fake As Barbie

March 31, 2014 Denver 92 6,584 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Now this Bitch Angelina Really Fits the word (Fake As A Barbie) Damn there so much falseness About this Bitch – where do I begin , I Guess we Can start by How she stuffs her (pants) to make it Look Like She has an ASS & a Body of a 12 year old Little Boy so she cakes on her Clown make up to hide Her ugly Face wears Long Ass fake eyelashes Like a giraffe!!! She is so Fake she claims she is this good innocent Girl and she old damn nearly 30 , this bar fly claims she only has one kid and get this shit Nic worse of all her bby daddy is her cousin Now not only is she a fake bitch she’s a sick Bitch ,nasty , sloppy ,grimy claims she is Denver classiest bitch (not) she has now clue to what classy is and the funniest thing of all she claims people want to be like her wrong bitch you need to take a long look in the mirror at your self and come back to reality and check your self bitch your busted has Nothing going for yourself wtf who would want to be like you a nothing gross no one in their right mind and to to it off when it comes to Fucking you ,your LAME fuck you just lay on your BACK your a WASTE of NUTT bitch , Nic I seen this drink begging broke hoe a couple weeks ago in the club with her busted butterface friends making an entrance like the fucking circus showed up Looking like some fucking clowns swapping outfits what she is known for says she is classy (wrong )honestly the word classy don’t fit in this played out wanna be Barbie category this bitch is a Retired Eastside Whore

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Erica Ellyson Engaged

March 31, 2014 Denver 6 7,102 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nick, this poor man Bobby did the unthinkable, by proposing to big time hooker and former penthouse pet Erica Ellyson. He seems like a decent bloke but he is making a huge mistake. I don’t think the marriage will last. She will end up sleeping around/cheating on him with his friends. Should I warn Bobby before he gets hurt or let the nature run its course?

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Moniqua Madrid-Wells

March 28, 2014 Colorado Springs, Denver 30 9,409 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty ugly bitch is a the grimmest bitch in springs. She just got married to a guy in prison and is screwing her baby daddy that just got out of prison talking about she ain’t a hoe. She’s a pass around in the springs. She posts pics of herself on fb that even her children can see. She’s a liar and a scam artist. She bullshits public assistance selling her food stamps to put money on her inmates books. She bought herself a wedding ring instead of buying her kids things. She always in her daughters little shirts n bitch know she ain’t right for that. Her dumb ass got evicted while on section 8. She constantly stalks her baby daddy and his wife. She’s so damned obsessed she’s been caught several times just posted in the parking lot of there house. She always trying to have her arrested for hurting her little feelings. She wolfs big shit but calls the cops. She always accusing people of selling drugs when its a known fact she put an ounce of meth in her vagina for a drug dealer during a traffic stop. She also got her door kicked in by ATF for selling drugs.Someone is ALWAYS beating the trifling hoe because she always doing somebody’s man. This bitch always screaming in her babydads parking lot like the broke down hoe can’t find any manners. His wife beat her up and left a huge knot on her head that she was embarrassed to go to field day. If anyone knows this bitch stay away she will either give you a disease or call the cops if you got a hustle

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Tattoo Parasite

March 28, 2014 Denver 17 9,807 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out Denver this msn is spreading LIES and drd’s. He Will fuck anything and anyone. He will lie his way out of paperbag! He will use you, abuse you, fck you, steal, lie and cheat. This man is into both women and men, he doesn’t care as long as he get something out of them, money, attention, self fulfillment. He is filthy and disgusting. He portrayed himself as not being in a relationship, but when you look at his page he states he is in a relationship. Stupid little whore, do you know he is out fucking other people? Or are you so insecure with your looks that you don’t care? He frequents a place called the Tracks and searches the internet for his next fck. This cretin needs to be treated like the parasite he is, and the bitch he claims to be with needs to check herself into a clinical trial for mentally deranged people and on the way there stop by the health department QUICKLY for a drd check. This asshole gave me go**ea. He lied to ME and said he has NOT be in a relationship for several years, that he was traveling and doing tattoo work, Big Fuking Lie.

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Joel Eachus

March 28, 2014 Denver 2 7,672 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this worthless piece of crap is a crackhead dope head who will steal from you. He openly admited he has h**. He thinks he is a rapper when all he is a 30something drug addicted who just use people. And if u stop hanging with this crackhead he will post a bunch of lies about u on his facebook. He is a pedo to who has been locked up for child abuse and he don’t even have any kids of his own. He abuse family and friends kids.. stay far away from this lowlife loser. He will steal anything if he can sell it for crack and keep him the hell away from your kids!

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Nasty Nate

March 28, 2014 Denver 32 8,592 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s a whore. Nasty fck. His baby Mama is a hoe just like him. Lmmfao he lives with his mommy. Sleeps on the floor. She pays his phone bill. He has a drug habit. He’s a cke whore like his cousin Thomas. He claims to be a vice lord but he only lived in Chicago for a while and it wasn’t even in Chicago. He uses all women so be careful. He has drd all the time. Haha be careful hoes or this hoe ass nigga will get u.

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So Called Barbie

March 28, 2014 Denver 35 9,742 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Calm down so call barbie . Bitch please barbie is not Mexican so calm down and she drives a Corvette Not a slug bug So calm down stupid and your just another Mexican girl who bleach the hair so stop it …..

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Latin Queens aka 303 Bitch Crew

March 28, 2014 Denver 242 12,330 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik let me introduce you to the softest crew in the 303. Most of dem niggaz be crew hoppin. Claim LTK one day and some other shit da next. They dnt knw da meanin of loyalty. Niggaz all in da same crew tryin to get at each other’s bitches. Half of dem niggaz hsve been knock d out wit one hit. Old ass crew like 40 tryin to still claim LTK. Only one down nigga in dat crew. Justice Alvarado. Fuk da rest. This crew be on sum snitch shit. Tryin to rep sum kang gang out of Chicago and New York. Most niggaz don’t even knw half these bitches. Lmao niggaz is all Weak

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