Savannah Vick

June 20, 2014 Denver 32 10,625 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Savannah Vick, one of the dirtiest hoes in denver most people know her as the “Toss up hoe” she’s slept with more then 200 guys and has gave multiple guys drd’s she will sleep with your boyfriend behind your back, she will call you a friend and stab you right in the back. I wouldnt trust this cnt let alone touch the bitch with a 10 Ft. pole. Ratchett ass hoe

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3 Hoodies

June 19, 2014 Denver 24 10,241 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: I know these bitches better then every one thinks I’m glad I got out as soon as I did these broads are dirty there a different kind of breed they are all on sec8 n food stamps..they can’t even buy decent pair of shoes for there kids but there rockin the latest hair n nails done out every weekend actin like they have no sense…no jobs..having sex wit guys that have girl friends n thinkin that’s cool uh na bitch..! They slept wit my ex boyfriend n his friends the first night n my ex n his boys were in long term committed relationships…they work throu dudes to get what they have…they should all get on 1 sec8 voucher n run a whore house…disgusting pigs…! Watch out for these Bitches they will fu** your man n hand him back wit a smile like it’s the right thing to do…

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Least of Worries

June 18, 2014 Denver 38 10,373 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well where should I start? Hmm this slore is the worst she plays miss innocnet but she has slept with plenty of guys but they arent just any guys theyre married guys shes worked at hooters to pick her next victim. cant really say to much about her being a mom because she never really talks about her kid. ive known her since high school and she just keeps getting worse and worse. havent seen her for a while and now rumor has it the poor dude she married knocked her up while he was still married and she got him to leave his wife for her so now he is rasing her kid and she just had another one and lets just say we hope its his. smdh! she may be alright looking and may come off as innocent but trust she isnt. she still probably sleeps around on her new found dummy so guys beware! ladies hide your husbands shell sleep with them and send them home with a drd!!!

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Old Man Kevin

June 17, 2014 Denver 210 8,980 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING: This scumbag Kevin is the owner of that DISGUSTING Thornton Bar STREELIGHTS! He is fat nasty old pervert who lets underage girls in and tries to take advantage of them after hours. The bouncers do nothing with their fat asses walking around like rolly pollies who cant breath huffing and puffing like overweight pugs. He tried to molest my friend after the bar closed, she ran out. All that hang out there are underage girls,OLD fat ass men, Dykes and fags galore! Not to mention a bunch of ghetto Jiggz he must be a N*ger lover. People watch you underage girls if they mention this place BEWARE, call the cops!

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Is This Sexy

June 17, 2014 Denver, Malpractice, The Dirty 270 109,963 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Dear Dirty World —- I ran across this photo on my facebook feed. I don’t know who this is but she has an interesting look, like something I’ve never seen. Now obviously her +2′s are beyond average and I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. But what happened to her rib cage and stomach? Her bikini bottoms are sitting way low on what I guess are her hips. I’m confused and not really sure what to think. Is she hot or not? Can anyone tell me more about her? Nik, what are your thoughts? What is her name???

That is dirty celeb Malpractice.- nik

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Facebook creep Rick

June 17, 2014 Denver 25 9,731 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Creepy old man Rick Pizerelli always on Facebook talking to girls and rubbing girls shoulders if you don’t flirt with him he is an asshole . Always hits me up on Facebook and comments on my posts. He always talks to this girl Umatilla Danielle on Facebook saying creepy stuff. He asked if he could rub my shoulders and give me a massage and when I turned him down he was a complete dick to me.

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Thanks For The Shout Out

June 15, 2014 Denver, The Dirty 74 99,868 Views


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, as a CO pot head native I just want to thank you for the promo. Colorado is the sh*t like Amsterdam yo. Everyone is welcome to enjoy.

I wasn’t promoting, just stating the facts.- nik

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Typical Thornton Hoe

June 13, 2014 Arvada, Denver 61 7,702 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone in town knows this trick. Goes by Joy but refers to herself as Joyous Joy. Not sure whether its her stage name or if she just considers herself to be Joyous but lets dish the dirt on this bitch. She\’s worked at Hooters all her life and seems to think its a great way to provide for her kids.This under cover hoe also has a son by Ray Reinhardt. Ray having been in Jail his sons whole life kept in touch with Joy by being pen pals, little did Ray know Joy was out at the bars skankin it up.By the time Ray got out of Jail Joy had already slipped and fell onto somebodies dick! Of course the tramp ended up pregnant because what slut bucket wants to use control!?I wonder how she broke he news to him in that letter! Lol. Stupid Slut!But the question still remains! Who is Baby Daddy #2 and does working at Hooters really pay that great of wage to provide for a family? Grow up and get real job bitch.

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