Anntte Roy

March 27, 2014 Denver 192 7,833 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This right here is ANNETTE ROY one of Denver’s oldest and dirtiest whores we got. She thinks my man is hers but little do she know he just usin her n will always keep comin back to me. She got like 7 kids wit a bunch of different dudes. Word round da hood is she been hoe’n since the old Alpine days when she was there biggest bar rat and thats about the same time she got knocked up by a 13 year old. She was married wit a bunch of kids n gets prego by a 13 yr old. 1 of her daughters is from that poor boy she took advantage of. That’s some straight CHOMO shit right there! Whatch yo kids around this nasty bitch Denver. Lookin at her pictures you can tell she aint a good role model for her own kids either. She goes to church and talks all about God but its all a front to cover how dirty she is because after that you will find her at the bar being a hoe like she know how probably lookin for another teenage boy. You don’t believe me just ask any of da homies everyone knows the story of her getting prego by that kid. She lucky his parents didn’t put her in jail.

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Platinum 84

March 27, 2014 Denver 103 8,417 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik these girls claim to be Denver’s finest but we all know the deal here dont we

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William Patterson

March 27, 2014 Denver 9 8,519 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this douchebag owes alot of people money he likes to floss money that he needs to be paying his debts on busted ass bitches!!! Punkazz bitch

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Baby Greg David Gallegos aka Dos Cortez

March 26, 2014 Denver 189 8,023 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this Bi-Sexual Fake Gangster.Lets start by saying he has a bunch of tattoos to try look hard. Cause he has a 3 inch Hard Dick to cover up for. Thinks he is from New York and says he is. But has been Bullied his whole Kid life. And was born and raised in Colorado. Says he is Puerto Rican but is a Mexican. He always makes up false ass lies about his lifestyle. Posts stuff on Facebook and always Deletes it when he gets no likes on his posts. He will say anything to try and get likes. Probably suck more black dicks for likes. Hes the biggest Pussy in Denver. Doesnt even have nothing on his Criminal Record. Also is a Snitch. He owes me and some of my girls money. Lives Couch to Couch. He brags like he is a Latin King form New York but no one knows him in New York. He is a want to be LTK with his Princess Crown on neck. He likes to Drink around his little girl and is a Piece of shit dad. Posts pictures with his daughter for attention. I know a few gay guys he has been with as well.

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Colorado Trash

March 25, 2014 Denver 12 7,141 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: This folks is colorados biggest male whore and gigalo! Dont let the eyes fool you, this shit stain is a pig that uses and abuses women! I know , what I thought was a good time ended up being a trip to the clinic and an empty bank account. He loves to tear women apart on fb but in reality he is the biggest bum to walk the streets of denver and aurora. Beware ladies if you dont want your cooch to be on fire !

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Colorado Prison Queen

March 25, 2014 Denver 98 9,017 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this scum bag here is rene Fernandez. I was incarcerated with this chump for a short period of time. This dude used to cry all night in his cell cried on the phone and any other chance he had he was crying. Well he cried his way out of prison. But while he was there this dude was thelaughing sstock of the prison. The gangs used to make him use m&ms for lipstick made him wear eyeliner and do evereveryone’s laundry. One night he was involved in some male on male activity and actually farted on the guy. Needless to say he paid for that. Now that hes out he claims to be some kind of fitness buff because he lost like 200 lbs but that is actually from all the drds. He lives in a tiny little shack in the worst part of denver and has a house full of goodwill furniture his carpet is disgusting and he has kids sleeping on that crap. Ladies stay far away from this wanna be player unless you want to contract some prison drds

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Wanksta Paul Baca

March 25, 2014 Denver 49 7,454 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Paul Baca, the want a be gangster. He has at least 2 kids he doesn’t care of and the state took then from him. He drinks everyday and spends his money on coke and booze but swears he “runs” Denver. He has multiple diseases and keeps hook up with my sister even tho he has a girlfriend.

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Caitlin Dowell

March 25, 2014 Denver, Would You? 10 9,387 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Caitlin Dowell, where do I start? She is the nastiest girl I have ever met. She will have sex with anyone and when I say anyone I mean ANYONE. Her favorite is group sex. If you talk to anyone that knows her they will have a disgusting sex story to tell about her. This whore is rotting from the inside out! You don’t know the smell of death until you have a face to face conversation with this tramp or catch yourself in a car with her with all the windows up! Her teeth are disgusting, not only are they green and rotting but she has these two top ones that look like they’re going to come at you. If you’re ever around this girl make sure you have a gas mask because if the smell from her mouth doesn’t kill you the smell from between her legs will! So would you?

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