Bekah Burnett

August 6, 2014 Denver 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this girl right here goes by Brooklyn Davis , her real name is Bekah Burnett and damn is she a whore! she used her ex kyle and cheated on him not once but twice after getting him back! shes no good for anyone!! lies to everyone and will do just as bout anything to get back stage, including sucking dick for anything and everything! shes a go go dancer that doesnt just go go on stage but on her bosses shes such a stupid human as well she brings females a bad name! for someone this low to exist in life is sad! this slut needs a reality check

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You can’t turn a Sloot into a Housewife

August 4, 2014 Denver 55


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Bitch right here is Aislynn Banks. She used to be one of the biggest whores/tramps/sluts/bottle rats in Denver. She now lives in San Diego She fucked so many people its ridiculous. She is now married to a guy named LB aka Roger banks. Poor guy married a slut. Well i guess he\’s that that much of a sad case because he cheated on her countless times too. This bitch use to date LB and a different guy at the same damn time. She is the fakest bitch ever and is trying to be something that she’s not…A house Wife. She constantly post things on facebook about here being pregnant that you would think she invented pregnancy.Or trying to give relationship advice. It’s like bitch who takes advice on being a wife from a whore? She also thinks she is such a health freak and constantly talks about fat people being like sub humans. When the bitch has one of the nastiest bodys. She has the face and body of a horse and arms of a Trex. She is so Ghetto it’s disgusting. You can hide in San Diego but Aislynn we haven’t forgotten yours days being a Slut/Bottle Rat at all the ratchet clubs in Denver. And to Roger aka LB dont you know You can’t make a Hoe a House Wife

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Priority Check

August 1, 2014 Denver 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Tammy Heidbrider decided drugs and sex with an uncountable amount of different men was far more important then having her children in her life. Tammy by law cant even try to see her grandchildren becouse she forced her 12 yr old daughter to drink alcohol take pain pills and smoke weed! Hey mom of the yr did you ever stop to think that you would have to live the rest of your life without the children you gave birth too! Be a mother never be Tammy

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Don’t Accept Drinks from this Guy

July 31, 2014 Denver 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please post this so all the ladies of Colorado know to steer clear of this guy, Scott *****field. He has been a loser DJ for a majority of his pathetic life, but that’s not why I submit this. This piece of crap has raped multiple women in Colorado. He’s known to roofie any and every lady at a party in hopes of getting laid because that’s the only way he can get it. This is because he has the worst teeth in the world, is easily 150 lbs overweight and his feet smell worse than bigfoots dick. Please avoid him at all costs because he will do his best to take advantage of you.

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Double chin Nicolle Adams

July 30, 2014 Denver 66

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this wana b hoe needs to be put on blast. She is so dirty she was with me than come to find out she was sucking dick a week befor I licked her shit. She is a confused female. First she likes girls than guys. She gross just like her fam. And this ugly fck Gabriel will fck anything like that fat hoe moriah. Or should we say horiah ugh. Wana be WK. hoe just got out of prison. What hoe needs to worry about is herr fukin kids. With her double chin an shit. Plz Nik But snaggled tooth double chin on blast.

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Huge Mistake

July 30, 2014 Denver 77

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is katy, she has to be one of the fakes people alive. she will use you till you’re dry and try to fck all of your friends. She even moved in with a guy I was talking to for a while. She would use me for rides I would always pay for everything and she never once offered something to me. She’s a horrible person.

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Deadbeat Monique Gasper

July 30, 2014 Denver 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This nasty ass big forehead bitch is monique gasper. She has 5 kids from 4 different fathers and doesn’t even have any of them!! She doesn’t even care about them at all but yet still gets food stamps and sec.8. for them! She’s such a deadbeat bitch and a sorry excuse for a woman! Shes a straight coke head. You can find her at all the different Mexican clubs almost every night just so she can get dicked down by any guy that will give it to her nasty drd carrying ass!! She will fuck any guy(without knowing his name and without a condom) get pregnant and either have an abortion or have it and give it away!! Nasty worthless hoe! Keep your legs closed and stop having kids you won’t take care of bitch!!

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Spreading Steven

July 29, 2014 Denver 56


THE DIRTY ARMY: Single handedly the biggest man whore of Denver. never have I ment someone so pathetic and self centered people who go around sleeping with everyone infecting them has to be the lowest thing someone could do. So heres a warning out to everyone who sees this. If you recognize him or know someone who does. GET TESTED. Every one in Denver knows Steven Martinez or Task if he feels like being a gang member of ems that night. Hes proud and brags about how how many girls hes had and realy its desusting. He dated my best best girlfriend and what everyone doesn’t know is that he jumps from girl to girl raw spreading chlamydia And herpies. he has a 1year old son hes never even met nor takes care of. There is no cure herpies.

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