Denver | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 6

Eric Cole

October 16, 2014 Denver, Jacksonville 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this man is a lying cheating douche. He will constantly lie, even when he is caught in something. No one deserves the lies and bullshit he will put you though. It is unbelievable. He will do everything for you, seem really sweet, and even please you in bed. But its all a game. He will cheat on you and lie about it. And not even use a condom. beware ladies. He is a marine but he plans to play football in CO for college. He is legit the biggest piece of shit I’ve met. Please stay away. Unless you like constant bullshit. He is from Boulder CO btw.

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Confused Slore

October 16, 2014 Denver 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this herr is sarah met her awhile back when she was gay anyways she was confused didnt know if she wanted dre or guys then she put their business on fb daily then asking for pain pills, complaining she was so sick an dying an the doctors “supposedly” gave her a year to live made everyone feel sorry for her ass then she said her mom was molesting her kids i dont know who takes there kids to a alcoholic an molester well this bitch did not only did i stay up nights, days hearing her bull shit i gave THIS bitch shit felt bad for her kids HAS ANYONE ELSE HEARD HER LIES??? BITCH AINT DEAD AN HAS NO CANCER, DISEASES. She needs help an lives like her shit dont stink government whore!!!

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Amanda Jay

October 15, 2014 Denver 219

THE DIRTY ARMY: Amanda is ms coupn queen always putting her business on Facebook acting like everyone. wants her man bitch should check him every girl on fb knows these trolls an said some raunchy shit .how bout you be a mom an get off every bitch fb an check your dude if your that insecure maybe you shouldn’t be in a relationship! !!! ANYONE ELSE HAVE HER BLOWING UP YOUR INBOX BOUT HER UGLY DUDE??

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21 and Engaged

October 15, 2014 Denver 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this Chloe the self proclaimed Denver “model” who has yet to get paid for anything, but is consistantly doing photo shoots for strange men. Guess it takes some people awhile to realize whats really going on. Anyway…this slore gets off meeting guys throught the numerous dating and social network sites she plagues in an attempt to earn hollow compliments from imaginary online people. She loves sending nude selfies to any guy that gives her attention, all while her Fiance (Albert) sits home and thinks she is the most perfect angel. I met this girl online and we talked and exchaned pics for months before finally meeting. Long story short, she smells nice and can suck a golf ball through a garden hose! Only after i found out she was supposedly getting married is when she really started to irritate me. All this talk of us being together on the “DL” is so unappealing. Since meeting her I have watched her “friend” some of my good friends on FB that she has never even met! I suppose its to satisfy her craving for random gregs, but thats not my business I suppose.

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Hit it or Quit It

October 15, 2014 Denver 23

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch has no self respect she cheats on her man and can’t support her own drug habit she needs to be kicked off her high horse !!! Get Off Drugs they kill !!!

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Can’t Stop Partying

October 13, 2014 Denver 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this Chick fucks dudes and there circle of homies, yet wonders why noone wants to be around her including her BD. Worst Smelling pssy in denver, i could smell it in the other room, she loves for men to train her. And She has a kid she cant even take care of, her ass stinks like shit and her fcking fat gut makes her look so disgusting. She wanted a baby because noone else wants to be around her ratchet ass. She Likes fcking guys and then denying it to the public althought we all know 9 of the 10 homies hit it,on the first night or attempt, by the way .I Hope someone can donate some food or something to this broke fat bitch. lol shes one of those fat bitches you see that takes pics always above her fat gut so she can hide her rolls and you cant tell shes a fat cnt. she fcked about 20 of my homies, can you say whore… lmao

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Nick Adams

October 6, 2014 Denver 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Says hes from denver but stays in lakewood cant even take care of his kid

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D-Town Knock Off

October 6, 2014 Denver 156

THE DIRTY ARMY: This skid Mark is Ashley Rodriguez, I’m sure you all know who she is, she’s been tossed around by the hood a couple time’s. She has about 5 kid’s which one she lost custody of. She claims to be some kind of baller always using the quote Started from the bottom now we here LOL this bitch sells knock off Purses. People pay for them and she spends the money and sends the purses a month later or lies that they must have gotten lost….. She has pissed off a shit load of people she collected over 2 thousand dollar’s and straight up jacked them poor bitches money….. She deleted her business page and says FB took it down lol And closed her paypal account. Shes a scrubby ass hoe. Guess welfare wasn’t paying enough she felt the need to jack from people. She alwqys tried slangin so ugly ass MK purses lol This cross eyed looking bitch claims to be top notch but yet has roast beef curtains pee u Yes this post might be wack but iam dying to know who else knows this skeeze bucket.

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