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This Right Here

December 18, 2014 Detroit 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aye Nik!!!! This sweet sloot is fresh off the plane from Vegas and looking good!! She’s Tiffany a former Strip waitress moving to Big D to get away from psycho exes out west. I’ve seen her around and she’s no joke! Let’s just hope she stays awhile!!

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Loves Madcock

December 17, 2014 Detroit, Sterling Heights 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Yo Nik, this is me and my whore ex-fiance MARIA ADCOCK in Sterling Heights. Me and this ultra slut were engaged for almost 5 years and then I find out she starts cheating with me with some guy she met 10 years ago and hooked up with thru facebook. And dude lives on the other side of the country! She’s been texting him everyday from her law firm job, sending him gross sexts and all under my roof! We got back together, and then she still had him up here fuckin him. Nik, this no good skeez has lied about every single one of her friends and lost them all, comes from a shitty, busted family and is desperate for any attention any man will give her pathetic alcoholic drd ass!!That dude put the slut on blast too and sent me these pics as proof…NASTY! She has no life, no future, no friends and now that she lost me, so no man! But now, I’m sure she has ten diseases, smdh. She’s giving rides in Michigan Nik, she’s cheap and easy!! I gave this whore-cunt everything man. Will you please put her loose twat and her flaming drds on blast??!!

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Internet Troll

December 17, 2014 Detroit 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wondering if anyone new of this troll, she goes by Natalie Anna Delcourt (Nat) on Facebook. She trolls and takes selfies all day and calls people out online and let’s her cult of followers tear them to shreds. From what I can tell the selfies she takes compared to pictures others take of her look entirely different. I just think it isn’t right to be tearing people down for no reason and hiding behind your computer.

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Shane Michael Sparks Is The Biggest Stud

December 15, 2014 Detroit, The Dirty 247

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Shane Michael Sparks and this dude gets all the ladies. Check out how hot all these babes are. The girls are totally fine with having threesomes and foursomes with each other. Whatever he wants, he gets. The only one that doesn’t partake in the gangbang is the one in the white, other than that, he has his way with the rest at the same time, any time. Two thumbs up to this guy. World class bad ass. What do you think Nik, would you with all these girls too? Do I even have to ask.

Good, the one is white is too fat anyway.- nik

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Nicole Giesbrech Is So Fake

December 12, 2014 Detroit, Saskatoon, The Dirty 59


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, fake hair, fake nails, fake Nicole Giesbrecht. Why did she run away from Canada? Because she had all the D this place has to offer. I used to catch her at parties sitting at the table sniffing anything she could see. Her poor Asian bf in Michigan has no idea what tales she leaves behind here…..long back. Don’t be fooled by her photo shopped pics.

What is with all that blur?- nik

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Major League Succubus

December 9, 2014 Detroit, Michigan 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: WARNING IF YOU ARE IN SE MI and comes across this idiot RUN. Starr/Amy Kelleher Goddess Jenna Jenna Starr Starr Luna. She’s been a whore for 20 years, she’s 39 and started stripping at 18-19 she’s recently stopped doing that (working in Flint last time also worked for Markowicz). Even though she’s damn nearly 40 she up until the last year has been doing porn although lately its face sitting fart videos. Anyway real problem, liar, insane, will suck every last cent you got but thats if you have money she’ll treat you like shit. She loves to fuck bar trash in Waterford area and hangs out at Shortys and Crescent Lake in. She will even fck 60-70 year old guys for their retirement money, I have proof that she took this one guy who looks like Milton from Office Space for 275k his words. She does every drug except weed also is on pills and also drinks about 2 fifths of vodka and or rum a day. She looks OK but looks going down fast but shes a huge liar, she’s juggling at any time at least 10 guys at the same time, her family except for her mom has disowned her and that’s coming next. As near as I can tell she’s spent at least half a million dollars in the last 5 years and it went up her nose, she’s a big whore, a liar, her pssy stinks, she has no kids thank God cause she can’t even take care of her cats right. Crazy as hell one min she’s smiling next min she’s crying next min she’s screaming and throwing shit at you! Will always claim she’s not fcking other guys!

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David Sadeghi is Satan

December 9, 2014 Detroit, Hollywood 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: I really hope you post this Nik, as I’m sure David will probably threaten you if you went through with publishing this, but this needs to be known. This man is David Sadeghi. He is literally one of the worst individuals on the face of this Earth. David is short, Persian, has terrible fake teeth, and likes to flaunt his money across town. He is the CEO of an ice cream distributor called Pars Ice Cream in Michigan and California, however his business is tanking, so I am wondering what else he does to make money (just speculation). What I can tell you is that David frequents high class nightclubs in Detroit, always by himself and his body guard. Yes, I kid you not, he has a body guard, even though nobody knows (or cares) who he is (just trying to make himself look impressive). He preys on young girls, and offers them money to “go out with him”. Well, he gets them drunk and then tries to coerce them into having sex with him. He is not a high class “GoPro”. He literally dates dirty, trashy strippers, and pays them to have sex with him in the strip clubs (sometimes without protection). This animal goes out by himself because he has no actual friends. At times, he will take (ugly) young ladies out with him, gets them wasted, and takes them back to his house, where he attempts to do aforementioned “activities” with them. He is a terrible person who literally threatens to kill his employees (I’m dead serious, it is published info). Don’t be fooled ladies, he’s a sadistic sociopath.

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Drew Rose

December 3, 2014 Detroit 258


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this nasty dirty dick goes around passing his stds. I don’t know how when his dicks a whole five inches. Thinks he’s a runway model what a joke your a thirty year old bar rat. Lmao who goes to Canada at 30 years old. Thinks it’s cool to dog people over social media you have no life homie. Your a drunk and disgrace to your family. I forgot cool biker gang bro mchh brah watch out

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