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Facebook SEX Bandit

November 24, 2014 Cleveland, Detroit 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi this is Dylan. Dylan lives in Westland Michigan which is a Facebook bandit. Kind of like the Craigslist killer. He sends messages to girls from Cleveland saying that he knows their friends trying to get girls to come to Michigan in order to sleep with him. (The catch is ,If he gets you alone he ask what will you do for a a few thousand dollars”. He will even try and lure you before you come if he feels comfortable. He works for General Motors and sells cocaine out of his apartment in Westland. He will pretend to be a good guy that thinks you are beautiful and he wants to take care of you. He will tell you he helped out all of your friends too. When you visit him he will get you drunk and ask you to do drugs so he can sleep with you easier. He is scared of going to jail so he won’t cause a scene. But he keeps luring young innocent women for sex, making promises. The guy has to be stopped. Thinking of taking to the news or figuring out a way to make this viral so girls know to be careful. He does not know your friends and he is not a rich guy who has admired you and wants to be your man, he wants to have sex with you. HE has fake convos made or uses convos from the girls he has never met before and says “see we are texting” If you tell him NO he will get you drunk and take it. Who knows if the guy has a disease or not. Really sick and twisted. He even tried to kill his coworker with cocaine in order to take his money from a deal he was going to make.

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Cry Baby Ex

November 19, 2014 Detroit 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dorian Thompson made it very clear to me while his girl friend friend was trying to get away from him that he has drd.he went so far as to pull up his Metro Health medicle file and send it me.. Smart move bud. He was with the mother of his son for 5 years before he told her about his herpes which is a true lying deceitful creep move. I recently was fcking/dating his ex which made him act like the little bitch that he is. He has gone to all of her friends and family members and cried to them like a big drd filled baby. Andre aka drizzy this ones for you bud, you couldn’t wait to give me the proof

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Daniel Pacheco is a Predator

November 18, 2014 Detroit 6

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Daniel J. Pacheco he lived in Lubbock & Houston Texas, now he’s spreading his bullshit all over Detroit. He is a convicted sex offender (lucky Daddy’s wallet kept it under wraps) he is a wife beater and is so insecure with himself he’ll fck anything that walks- he is flexible on that requirement, too. This coward sees no issue in hitting women even broke his disabled ex’s hip in front his the children. Afterwards he hide her away and used any means he could to keep her from telling. Honestly putting up with his tiny dick and inflated ego should count as charity work. He is obsessed with playing “Man of the Year” but felt no need to mention he is a rapist until after he had 3 children. He allows his family to degrade and alienate them from anyone on the “outside” even their Mother. They survive on lies,delusion and the size of the back account so as to protect their reputation, these people are SICK!!!! When things get tough he has his parents fight his battles, did mention he is 30 and lives in his parents basement? When he is able to pull away from his “Mother’s” tit long enough he pretends to promote music and live bands around Detroit, this pathetic attempt at salvaging and likeability is laughable at best. So when you see this piece of shit let know his secrets aren’t so secret anymore!

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From NYC to DET

November 17, 2014 Detroit 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy is one of the worst in the city. This silver tongued boy is Mike Lapp (30 years old). If he’s not sleeping around with any girl that will talk to him (usually under 21), you can find him getting obnoxiously drunk off PBR at 1 in the afternoon. He acts like he has tons of money and is a movie director, this couldnt be further from the truth. His parents pay for his loft downtown and everything he has. This guy has no problem stabbing his friends in the back when it comes to getting some action, he’s a home-wrecker.

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Stephanie Aiello

November 17, 2014 Detroit 54

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Dude she is so nasty , sendin pics sayin she pregnant by a dude but had an old naked guy in the background of the pic , drugs fried her brain so much she didn’t even crop him out. trickin ass hoe

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Match Made in Hell

November 12, 2014 Detroit 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Someone tell these 2 to get a fkin life. Tell this stripper whore Stephanie, to get off the pole at criket and stop texting me. No one wants Bryan. Thats why he’s with her. It’s not my fault he won’t leave me alone. Honestly I think they both like me! What a perfect couple, a stripper and loser. Tell them to stay off Maury this year everyone’s sick of them. Downriver trash.

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Paige Cannon

November 5, 2014 Detroit 13


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Paige Cannon straight from classy marine city, where the girls are easy and catching something is inevitable. Nick, I married my wife 3 years ago, and since the day Paige has made it her life goal to try and become a protege to my wife. She’s been with every ex of hers & even makes it a point to ask them to RATE them back to back… In my opinion she’s just trying to suck her way to me & after accusing 3 of these guys of being her unborn child’s father tells mutual friends she is naming him our sons name.. Recently I was out with friends and seen Paige with a bottle of jäger and red bull baby belly and all. She lost her child at 3 months early & the “father” who happened to be my wife’s first child’s father they also had a baby pass away early oddly enough, contacted my wife in mourning with accusations of the babies tox screen having “the day after pill” along side high levels of Xanax & amphetamine.. It’s truly heartbreaking. She openly admits to having genital drd, and always has something seeping from her lip. NOW she sends me these as if she is something special, she drives pass our home throughout the night and even goes as far as parking at a cvs to walk on the sidewalk by our steps… She’s a hot loose mess, full of track marks & cum stains.People like her should be quarantined in dumpsters and set on fire. But then again her parents grew up in that Podunk town too, welfare babies, foodstamp cards & Medicaid prescriptions pay the bills, nuke the place nick.

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Roosevelt Anthony Bridges, Jr

November 4, 2014 Atlanta, Detroit 3

THE DIRTY ARMY: Roosevelt Bridges else known as Ton or Tony he’s a BIG TIMES manipulator, lier, cheater, disrespectful , drug addict , alcoholic , big time woman abuser VERBAL and physical , he is lazy as hell use womans for their money while he makes them believe his deeply in love with then, watch out for this danger individual because he can be extreme charming at first, then he’ll star off with his reverse psychology on victims. Firstt warning should be ” I GOT STAIGHT A’s on psychologist ” He can only believe it because he never even made it to college, he’s a truck loader for UPS.

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