Alisha Dawn Gurk

August 6, 2014 Detroit 35


THE DIRTY ARMY: Alisha Gurk is a conniving manipulative hoe she has fcked more guys then I can count she goes out and party’s almost every night while her kids are being watched by stranger who molested her kids and didn’t even do anything about she will lie and work her way in ur mind and use u till theres nothing left she has fuked niggias for shoes.. not even new shoes and phones she said she can’t work .and yet she got a job she lost all her kids cuz she beat them and locked them in there rooms alll day and man her daughter take care her lil sis and bro while she sat in her room and smoke Ciggs all day I feel so bad for her kids I got to know them and it hurts me to hear her say oh l loved them so much but really she wanted the food stampeds and money every month I hope she never can have kids agian she is just a low life peacie of shit who deserves to be hanged I hate her some much I am glad shedeserted herer kids all her family has deserted because of her ways I know her dad is in heaven looking down with such disappointment I want everyone to know who and why is a dirty person

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Adam Weingarden

August 5, 2014 Detroit 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: This lordly lion right here is Adam Weingarden of Farmington Hills. Adam’s dirty little secret is he hooks up with some skank at Life Time Fitness – Commerce Township while his wife Meredith sits at home clearly in denial. Also, I find him to be quite ugly and from what I understand he is a sexual deviant. Apparently he is a social worker of some sort, but it seems the IRS should maybe look into that because apparently he has more money than he knows what to do with. Anyways, ladies look him up he’s DTF and knows how to treat a lady right. Well not Meredith, but I guess that’s a story for another day boys and girls. Detroit / Farmington Hills

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Stripper Mom

July 22, 2014 Detroit 69

THE DIRTY ARMY: This bitch is straight racthet see needs to stop stripping at slikys get a job be a mother she is just like her crckhead mom who sucks dick for crck and he**on shes a hood rat bounces round from place to place she aint got shit her pussy stinks she has no home she has no clothes she steals and wears everyone shit she is TN e worst mother I feel sorry for her kid she shouldn’t even have reproduced she thinks she hard as fck and can fight bitch use to live in an abandoned house cause her mom is a crckwhore shes worthless swears shes the truth but she aint got a smart ass mouth droppes outta school cum guzzler she got aids and drd and **v watch ya dicks dont fall off for being 19 bitch is on welfare shes white as fck but swears shes black I mean it goes on and on and on

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Downriver Hoge

July 21, 2014 Detroit 252


THE DIRTY ARMY: Watch out for this woman, Pietra Hoge. She is a gold digging whore. She cheats on her husband with anyone. All you need is a pair of sporting tickets or the price of a good dinner. Watch out because then the gold digging starts. She will blackmail you and threaten to expose you. She has drd and and will infect you then threaten to take you to court .

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Sarah Schummer

July 16, 2014 Detroit 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: If you ask me there is nothing worse than a under-cover hoe. This girl is one of the biggest in St. Clair Shores. She tries to come off all sweet and innocent or as a cool laid back chick but really her mouth has touched almost every dick in 48080 area code. I met her at a bar one night and she knew my boyfriend and he introduced me to her. She seemed like the sweetest chick ever then guess what? a week later my boyfriend tells me he fucked around when he was drunk and this bitch was sucking his dick in a bathroom at a bar. I guess that’s what fat girls do they become desperate and turn into head whores. After that happened I got to talking about her to one of her friends and she told me a million different stories of her doing this for years. All I have to say is the Schummer Family of St. Clair Shores must be proud they raised one hell of a whore.

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Cold Sore Cutie

July 16, 2014 Detroit 42


THE DIRTY ARMY: I want to be like Stacie Davina Mayes when I grow up. So extremely confident that she is all that and a bag of chips, she proudly poses for the camera, cold sore and all! Nasty! She’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what your gonna get! The poor devil she is posing with, ha ha! He’s the flavor of the week for her. Maybe she should spend more time with her five kids instead of any man that gives her a little attention! Hmmmm, now there’s a thought.

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Ariel Ferguson

July 11, 2014 Detroit 246

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, what’s the deal with Ariel Ferguson from Sterling Heights, MI. She posts on under the name “Nicole” –She actually agreed to meet my buddy four times and flaked every single time. I guess those Sterling Heights chicks are too busy for their sugar daddies.

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Bethann is Grimey

June 30, 2014 Detroit 29



THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Bethann Adams a dirty grimey ho who is hooked on the codeine and mth . Look at her face it shows the drug usage and not to mention her vag smells tuna fish, all the stray cats in the hood come chasing .

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