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Mindy Stanley’s Pimp

November 3, 2014 Detroit, Dirty Mugshots 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Jason Kinn , Mindys man lol always in jail for those drugs . get a job ya punk bitch.

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You’re Busted Now

October 24, 2014 Detroit, The Dirty 1247

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Mark Thomas, this guy is nothing but a fricking liar and player he preys on young women and get’s in tight with the owners of strip clubs and plays them too. He’s a rich married man that got his money from his parents years ago and uses it to get young strippers to date him by spending money on them for a while then he cuts them off when they ask for a more secure future with him. Problem is this guy is a married man with children but pretends to be a Psychiatrist which he is not. He’s actually a Federal agent with the FBI and goes undercover all over the USA in the local strip clubs and filters out the drug and illegal activities with the local state and city police agencies. What a sleaze bag this man is the federal government funding this type of bullsh*t just to take down owners and managements of business owners. He dates the dancers, sleeps with the dancers, gets into the clubs plays the employee’s. He get the managers, wait staff, doorman and valet’s over long periods of time and gets into their personal lives and then “Bamn” their all busted. He’s even got several girls he’s posted on this very site Nik acting like he’s the victim when in fact he’s doing it on purpose to get into the guts of peoples lives. This guy is a troll a deceptive con who uses people and gains their trust only to take them down and the big time owners, He’s smart as hell and knows it Nik so it’s time to put him on Blast for once. To late Mark your busted you creep money a federal badge.

He should dye his eyebrows white, they look like a mustache.- nik

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Alien Look Alike

October 20, 2014 Detroit 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this sloot is Amanda a.ka Mandi Copley. She’s the biggest thieving, drug addict, big foreheaded prostitute I know! She’s a freak stalker. She currently stalks this chick named Tab and Tab’s WIFE Dea. Because tab don’t want her she stalks her, following them taking pictures, calling restricted, looking thru their windows. She’s a creep. Her main drug of choice is heroine. Not only does she snort and shoot it, she shoots it in her vagina! Nasty! She is the fakest lesbian I know! She acts like a lesbian, but she sleeps with guys for money! When she can’t find no one to pay for her, she sells everything she owns, then she steals not only from her friends but her sick parents also, her whole family! Everyone hates this nasty thief even her family! She also has herpies so clean your seats after she sits! Watch out ladies and gentlemen, watch all your stuff to! BTW SHE HAD SEX WITH HER OWN BLOOD COUSIN! Absolutely disgusting!

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Roseburg the Liar

October 14, 2014 Detroit 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey nik meet Natisha Bartley watch out for this one. shes a user liar and a loser. she was dating this guy who took her and her kid in and the relationship ended bc she cheated on him. (just like many men before the poor guy) she didnt work for the majority of the time together but was happy to take his money. shewas also happy to let her kid call him daddy to suck him in more. she cant go 5 minutes without getting high. if she cant get weed u better look out the world is over. also i feel the need to mention that after her last relationship ended she came in and wrecked another relationship by sleepingwith the future husband of a poor girl. she lies to everyone to try and get money and make people feel sorry for her. watch out for this c*×t she will only make your life hell

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Downriver Stalker

October 14, 2014 Detroit 2101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik,I submit to TheDirty Army this delightful redhead Christina Myers of Wyandotte.Caught stalking my friend in June she has embarked on a campaign of mudslinging in the downriver area.I encourage all single men downriver to visit the 33rd district court website and see for themselves. Court records do not lie.

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Found a Living Duck Face

October 14, 2014 Detroit 7




THE DIRTY ARMY: Found this one for you nik. Digging the multiple selfie pics with that “kiss face”. Uber babe. Her best friend tells her all the time how hot she is. She desperately wants to be instagram famous. She also has some “modeling photos” on her instagram because she believes she is model material. She falls fast for men that want nothing to do with her. I have heard stories from more than one person about actual stalking and getting obsessed. What are your opinions on this, um…. girl ?

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Do Not Date Her

October 13, 2014 Detroit 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Rachael from Lapeer Michigan cheated on her husband then cleaned out the house and bank accounts while he was at work. She took their baby and won’t let him see him. She has a good job but is always on sick leave because she doesn’t want to work. Let’s just say when I met her 10yrs ago I had 80k in my savings and now $187. As soon as I mentioned Bankcruptcy, the marriage was over. She’s diabetic, bipolar, and very vindictive. I was always honest, true, and faithful yet always accused of cheating. She has a messed up grill, saggy boobs, chin acne, and enormous feet with bunions. She loves attention and will lie about things so people feel sorry for her. If you’re interested in a twice divorced woman with 3 kids by 2 daddy’s that’s claimed bankruptcy twice already then go for it but don’t say I never warned you. Oh yeah, she has my name tramp stamped on her lower back. She also sold her $8000 engagement ring for $1500 I assume for illegal substances. Guys, you’ve been warned!

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Rip Off , Money Chaser

October 8, 2014 Detroit 34

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik , this is Mindy Stanley aka Jason Kinn’s sloot ! She only gets with the dealers that can pay for her and support her pepsi and pill habit. She’s was born in 1983 but looks more like 1963 lol bitch is ratchet and is a side hoe stripper with her flabby belly talkin about she’s barbie …no bitch you’re no barbie. She had her own business as a tanning salon owner in New Lebanon Ohio but bitch couldn’t pay the bills or even clean the salon so she ended up with no dp&l and she just shut the place down without returning peoples money !!! She needs her ratchet drexel sloot ass beat , ya busted ass sloot , carrying your drd’s to everyone.

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