Brighton/Howell Department Store Douche Bag

January 21, 2014 Detroit 54 7,167 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Chris. Chris is a former US Marine that used his training and service to better the world by become a lackey at a department store. Chris is a part time personal trainee as well who loves taking selfies. What’s his MO making him king douche? Chris creates stories about how his poor unknowing GF Nicole treats him bad, doesn’t love him uses him etc to get the girls he works with to feel sorry for him. Uses them, spreads the photos that he cons them into sending him all over town and the internet. Ruining these poor unsuspecting girls lives. Great role model for his young daughter don’t you think l? Please expose him so these K—s department store employees can be aware of his game and how big of a douche he really is.

Why’s his ‘bro’ at his hair appt with him?- nik

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Crysta Lombardi Nude pics to married men

January 20, 2014 Detroit 23 11,344 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Enjoy world/protential suitors

Those tats are gunna put her in the dog house.- nik

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A Strippers Tale Part 2

January 6, 2014 Detroit, Michigan 216 11,058 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: ”Nik” meet for the second round Madison “Elecktra” Murray. First it was just ripping off myself. It’s sad sometimes the strippers of the world never learn that dancing is fine but walking off with clients or customers cash with the old bait and switch with the help of other members of these clubs gives the decent dancers a bad rap and screws them over when the customres don’t trust anyone anymore. This dancer gets on the goodd side wth the sweet and innocent style with a second dancer and gains the trust of them. I’m talking even dinners outside of their work enviorments of the clubs they make them feel at ease. then the promises come of fun nights at the clubs and hotels so they bring big bucks for this dancer and friend. “Bamn” there gone like the wind. “Plain and Simple” thousands of dollars and the customers or cliet can’t say a thing for obvious reasons for their losses to the authorities. Its time to expose these cons and thiefs. Hopefully the photos will help out the next unsuspecting customer. Thanks “Nik” and live and learn just a pretty face won’t cut it anymore.

Can’t trust someone working for tips.- nik

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Detroit Douche

December 30, 2013 Detroit 26 8,102 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dirty army let me introduce you to Josh Humphrey, metro Detroits # 1 douche. He is a cook at social kitchen in Birmingham and had mommy and daddy buy into a shitty restaurant in bloomfield hills called Mex. I called him a cook because both restaurants are both culinary failures. He drives a Range Rover but can’t pay any if his employees minimum wage. There’s nothing worse then being cheap and looking cheap. Nik please expose this creep and warn the world not to work for this low life scum.

If I had to guess I’d say ‘Meron’ is a man…- nik

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Ariel Is One Shallow Girl

December 26, 2013 Detroit, The Dirty 224 95,564 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, this is Ariel Hodgson, and she is too fake for words. She lives in a condo downtown that she claims she paid for, but really it’s this old rich man’s condo that he lets her stay at “for free”.  She is also always taking trips with men who are not her boyfriend that she meets online and accepting gifts and spa trips from other men as well. Poor guy. She used to have a hideous bear nose, then she got a nose job and it still looks terrible. After all of her surgeries and injections, she’s still as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. All of her (few) friends defend her and say that she’s not a whore, but we all know the truth. She is fake from head to toe and her life revolves around instagram (hence the reason she spends time photoshopping her pics, making herself look 100% different than she does in real life). Her breasts are terrible and they’re still small even after her boob job. The fact that she claims she’s getting her master’s degree is a joke. She’s barely getting through college because she drops her classes in order to participate in doing whorish things. She doesn’t even have her associate’s degree yet lol. She has a tacky admin assistant job that pays less than $12 an hour and that’s where she’ll be stuck for the rest of her life because she is so vapid and shallow. I feel sorry for her, because all she cares about is the number of followers she has, and how many pics she can post to make her pathetic life seem meaningful.

Nothing in life is “for free”.- nik

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Bosnian Tranny

December 18, 2013 Detroit, MSU 72 8,296 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I recently seen this coke head freak at a casino in Detroit, she claims to be a nurse at Detroit receiving hospital !? I know her in person her name is Medina Melkic from Bosnia AKA Medina Mujanović SHE works at a gas station in Downriver, Mi with all of the rest of the white trash girls. She ONLY hangs out with some skinny whore named Nerma from Sterling Heights (another story) But yeah Medina does not even speak English properly! She steady uses coke drinks vodka and uses her dad’s money to play slots only to loose every time. Shes has a used mustang but claims to drive a BMW? ummm no. She’s a loser and will never amount to shit. And she knows it. She’s a poor excuse to be Muslim and needs to get a grip. P.s. And she bangs black guys for Xanax. Ideas?

Why flaunt something you can scam from somebody.- nik

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Alicia Pill Poppin Brown

December 12, 2013 Detroit, MSU 100 9,580 Views

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THE DIRTY ARMY: This girl, Alicia Cora brown. Is THE BIGGEST VICODIN head slut Lansing has ever seen! She wants to be hood and ghetto SOO BAD she can taste it. She only sucks black guys…which isn’t very smart or profitable if sucking is your job. So she usually end up doing favors for pills vicodin,oxycontin, and even cough syrup. She has a 10 yr old son that she had when she was 16, and this mudshark brings a different African American around her son everynight. She got married to a guy that’s in prison..what a special ceremony that must of been. Her white trash bridesmaid and herself were both wearing khaki pants lol then HIS best man was his cellmate/ shower buddy. She snorts pills in front of her son. She offered 2 of my 3 brothers sexual favors if they had any 750 mg vicodin to give her in return. She preys on younger guys because they don’t know about her reputation..and they use her to drive her 1991 hatchback. She will mess with any guy that’s black and sells drugs!! She likes to hang out in trailer parks but claims her family is all from DeWitt with lots of money PSHH YEA we can tell by your glamorous car and life style!! She has a huge mouth but if you give her a much needed slapping she starts crying ans calls the cops. She is a total mud shark and claims white guys disgust her even though her son is white. She wears coogi and rocawear while her poor son wears payless and Kmart. She walks around town with hickeys and she’s 27. She has a horrible pink complexion and looks like a donkey in the face!! She says NI&&a constantly and is extremely ghetto. She had a party at her house and was in her bedroom getting a train ran on her for 2 1/2 hours while her ghetto neighbors ransacked her sons room and stole her sons Nintendo and games. This is the face of a Lansing sewer rat! Put this girl on BLAST!! Oh and she’s a janitor and spends all her money on her husband in prison and drugs. Eww!

Just cause you clean things doesn’t mean you are.- nik

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Miss Brii Lancaster

December 9, 2013 Detroit 43 6,740 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Brii Lancaster. The girl thinks shes the sh*t walking around the strip clubs telling everybody her family thinks shes a \”shotgirl\” when really a buddy told me shes in the back f*cking for a grand, nik put this girl on blast so her mommy boyfriend and daddy know their real lil girl.

Flowers look good on her.- nik

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