Beware of These Losers

March 20, 2014 Detroit 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. This here is Kim Mercodo and her boyfriend Jerry. So let me start by saying Kim is a DIRTY girl. She’s 32 and started sleeping around with her best friends boyfriends at the age of 13. I used to be her best friend until I found out she had a 3some with my bf and his friend. Shenlostbher kids 5 years ago for neglect and the fact that Jerry beat up one of them. They live with thier dad now. Kim has slept with hundreds of guys. There’s even a possibility that the youngest may not even be to the guy that she calls dad. She’s originally from Monroeville and jounves around from place to place. Not only does she neglect her kids but she is still dating the guy that abused one of them. She bounces from place to place and depends on her family for money. From what her kids father told me she also claimed the kids on income tax and didn’t spend any money on them after getting $6000 back. Beware of these 2.

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Run Fast As You Can

March 18, 2014 Detroit 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, run as fast as you can from Tami Totten Goins. This girl is nothing but a liar, druggie and she will steal anything. We dated for about a year, I lived with her during that time. All she ever wanted was to take pills smoke pot and sit and watch tv. I worked and payed all her bills and also took care of her 9 year old daughter at the time. DHS was always being called on her by the school and classmates parents. She never wanted to do anything but sit and be stoned all day. I was nothing but a baby sitter and paycheck to her. She has slept with almost all my friends and will have sex with other guys for drugs.

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Poor Kate

March 17, 2014 Detroit, Windsor 40

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch had a dream the only thing she wanted to do was get pregnant by an American since she already fcked all the Africans in Windsor she moved on to Detroit her poor child has no food in the cupboard but that doesn’t matter as long as she got a twin to smoke on everything is good her child has been in and out of children’s aid and has no daddy around so she has him calling her man daddy smh she puts babies on everyone and fck everything she lies to her man and plays it cool she’s nothing but a bum ass whore living on the government a sad excuse of a mother and she will use you until there’s nothing left then will say fck it her man isn’t anything better a broke down nigga from Detroit finally her wish came true too bad no one believed she was actually pregnant because she’s saying she’s pregnant every other day some one bless this poor whore

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Huge Horse Shaylyn Nye

March 16, 2014 Detroit 127

THE DIRTY ARMY: This biggest prostitute whore ever. I am a man in my 60′s and she would suck my dick for money and she would also have sex for money. Shaylyn Nye is a cheap dirty whore. You can find her in the dirtiest low class titty bars cause she is low class. She prostitutes herself for men my age because she likes us to pay her bills. She has two kids that she cant even take care of because shes to busy snorting cocaine and fucking for money. I was also recently told she has herpes so i got myself checked. My mistake for thinking she was a good woman then only to find out Im not the only man she did this to. Shaylyn is a hooker and low life trash. I hope karma bites this whore because she is pure evil and deserves everything she gets. She stole from me and now she gets what she deserves.

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Um Kelly Ross Is Not A Size 4

March 15, 2014 Detroit 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Kelly Ross from Livonia. She claims to be a size 4 more like 24 … Ha ha. If you are thinner or better looking than her she try to start trouble with everyone you kno … She thinks every guy wants her including all of your boyfriends lmao . U have got to be kidding me …. Oh and if you tell her you do t wanna talk to her anymore she will create fake Facebook accounts so she can stalk your page … Hmmmmmmmmm a bit crazy could we say ….Just a heads up guys.

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Husbands Affairs

March 14, 2014 Detroit 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: I feel so so bad for this dumb wife. Husband had an affair that lasted over a year with his cousin and then when wife and husband decide to sepperate he goes back to his sloot cousin. Poor girl. But she’s so stupid she should of realized it. Now everyone hates her for how stupid she is and she got a drd from her husband from the sloots he’s been banging. What a dummy. He; Johnny Bergeon was having an affair with cousin in May 2012 and recently in Nov 2013. The Cousin sloot got pregnant and the way the cheater tried to get out of it was throwing $300 at the cousin trying to make her get a abortion. They did the dirty in his rented property on a lake he moved into when he and his wife sepperated and now the dumb wife took him back. He is seriously dumb and so is the wife. NOW he thinks everything will work out his way if he purposes to his wife again and quits the sepperation/divorce. How dumb can some people be? (Below is image of Johnny Bergeon the jerk whom slept with his cousin, and his wife in image; the dumb wife whom keeps taking the looser back. And other image is of the ring Johnny Bergeon bought for wife on her credit card)

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Mother And Daughter Cons

March 13, 2014 Detroit, MSU 106

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Loretta and Brittney Despain of Grand Blanc Michigan. Here’s two woman a mother and daughter who run big cons on competition bodybuilders and wealthy businessmen. They seduce you with their hometown charm and smiles and suck you in. They play off one another each using their looks and personality to lure you into the web of deceit and long term financial cons. I have been one of those men who have fallen for this sad and unscrupulousness acts of deception. These two woman advertise on popular dating sites and the mother plays the good mother promoter and the daughter plays the beautiful girl that dates the men. They have taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from many men over the past two years though dating, intimate relationships and gaining trust into the bank accounts of these men. I won\’t go into how they do it being embarrssed as a professional educated man. They work several men at once and when the men become suspicious they disappear overnight. All of these men seem to find and contact one another and discuss these two womens illegal activities. They operate through out the southeastern part of Michigan, including East Lansing, Grand Blanc, Michigan along with the state of Texas now. I would like all the readers to be on the lookout for these two as stay far away as possible. Nik please put these two on serious “Blast” for the sake of all the decent men out their.

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Downriver Party Girl

March 13, 2014 Detroit, MSU 7381

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I submit to the site this girl, Shawnee Hojnack Reid.. Her name has come up many times in other posts on The She is one messed up piece of work, steals money from dead peoples bank accounts, the funny thing is she thinks she hot shit. She needs to be put on blast, and watch the comments roll in. She loves the drugs, and the gregs. Everyone Downriver has some great stories about this washed up skank hoe.

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