Dead Beat Mom Dawn Thomson

April 4, 2014 Detroit, London-ON 93

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Where to begin. This precious treasure is none other than Dawn Thompson, lives in Sarnia Ontario. Has 4 children who were taken from her by child services, for neglect and drugs being found in the home and pipes to smoke her Meth. She couldn’t even stick it out in rehab for 48 hours. “Felt like jail.” When she isn’t getting high she is getting all liquored up instead of fighting to stay clean and sober long enough to get her kids back. Plus she is a nasty, ugly twat who is all over the online dating sites. When she finds one she wont and cant stay loyal. She brags about sleeping with there brothers, cousins, roommates. Even slept with her brother in law…… Come on hunny you are creeping on 40 real soon. Time to give it up before to late and you loose more than your kids. She definitely a new kinda wonderful ain’t she

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Miguel Cabrera Is One Rich Guy

April 1, 2014 Detroit, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 92


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m so confused how baseball works.  Maguel Cabrera just signed a 10 year deal worth 292 MILLION dollars at the age of 31.  I just don’t get how they expect for him to perform past the age of 36?  Yes, he is the best player in MLB, but is he really worth that much money?  Oh ya and I hope he learns how to speak English now, he has been living her for 7 years.

Baseball needs steroids back. Look at the stands… it’s falling off.- nik

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The Women Of Downriver

April 1, 2014 Detroit, MSU 1467

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik,big fan of this site.It is one of the first sites I check out after reading my e-mails in the morning.Of late I have noticed a ton of women from the downriver area posted.The thing that’s great about it is that I know a few of them.As a resident of downriver I should feel ashamed,but I find it hilarious instead.A friend of mine said we should do a post asking people what is the best downriver woman post.I say it’s a great idea.So I submit to you this post asking people to tell us the best.So people hit downriver in the search bar on this site and let us know.

The best has yet to come.- nik

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Jetai Pippin

March 31, 2014 Detroit 26

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Jetai Pippin. This DIRTY girl is literally DIRTY – drd is on the platter with this one. She goes from man to man; if she thinks you can provide something, you can go balls deep all day in her. She works at the Flight Club (strip joint) as a “dancer” named Brandy, as if the name Jetai isn’t skanky enough. She basically jerks, sucks, and fcks for money all day long (this is admitted, not assumed). Oh, and she pops pills and snorts K like there is no tomorrow. She believes her “business”, Endless Grim Productions, is actually going to go somewhere (I’ve added the logo to show you how hilarious this is; Microsoft Paint, anyone?). As a matter of fact, last spring, she started dating a guy (while dating someone else whom “she wanted to marry”) just because he was tied into the music scene in Detroit. She also has a history of trying to planting drugs on people that tell her off, then calling the police on them. To add to this she also chased one of her boyfriends (of which there are many) around the house with a butcher knife while beating him with a glass dildo. Shortly after she maced him, all without provocation. This bitch is straight up bat shit crazy. She needs to be on this page so people know to watch out for her. STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!

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Broke Gwen Guzzi

March 21, 2014 Detroit 572

THE DIRTY ARMY: Gwen Guzzi eeew…Nik.. Gwen is the winner of “The Nasty Downriver waste of flesh” Watch the posts fly.. This whore has no respect for herself or others. She is the town drunk . She is 52 years old and is a laughing stock on fb . People HATE her .. They just sit back and watch this drunk go.. … She is an avid Crack smoker and uses anyone she can . PURE TRASH at it’s finest ..

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Beware of These Losers

March 20, 2014 Detroit 0

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi Nik. This here is Kim Mercodo and her boyfriend Jerry. So let me start by saying Kim is a DIRTY girl. She’s 32 and started sleeping around with her best friends boyfriends at the age of 13. I used to be her best friend until I found out she had a 3some with my bf and his friend. Shenlostbher kids 5 years ago for neglect and the fact that Jerry beat up one of them. They live with thier dad now. Kim has slept with hundreds of guys. There’s even a possibility that the youngest may not even be to the guy that she calls dad. She’s originally from Monroeville and jounves around from place to place. Not only does she neglect her kids but she is still dating the guy that abused one of them. She bounces from place to place and depends on her family for money. From what her kids father told me she also claimed the kids on income tax and didn’t spend any money on them after getting $6000 back. Beware of these 2.

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Run Fast As You Can

March 18, 2014 Detroit 121

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, run as fast as you can from Tami Totten Goins. This girl is nothing but a liar, druggie and she will steal anything. We dated for about a year, I lived with her during that time. All she ever wanted was to take pills smoke pot and sit and watch tv. I worked and payed all her bills and also took care of her 9 year old daughter at the time. DHS was always being called on her by the school and classmates parents. She never wanted to do anything but sit and be stoned all day. I was nothing but a baby sitter and paycheck to her. She has slept with almost all my friends and will have sex with other guys for drugs.

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Poor Kate

March 17, 2014 Detroit, Windsor 40

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this bitch had a dream the only thing she wanted to do was get pregnant by an American since she already fcked all the Africans in Windsor she moved on to Detroit her poor child has no food in the cupboard but that doesn’t matter as long as she got a twin to smoke on everything is good her child has been in and out of children’s aid and has no daddy around so she has him calling her man daddy smh she puts babies on everyone and fck everything she lies to her man and plays it cool she’s nothing but a bum ass whore living on the government a sad excuse of a mother and she will use you until there’s nothing left then will say fck it her man isn’t anything better a broke down nigga from Detroit finally her wish came true too bad no one believed she was actually pregnant because she’s saying she’s pregnant every other day some one bless this poor whore

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