Voodoo Thot

June 13, 2014 Detroit 9

THE DIRTY ARMY: Samantha Pronger is a dirty ass slut that’s been Fcking all the dirty scum bags at voodoo. She’s a walking disease and abd sleeps with anybody that will give her attention. She also sleeps with a lot of Detroit guys that most likely has drds. And she also just had a baby with a 40 something year old man that lies about his name, age, and career. He is old enough to be her daddy, and she lets him control what she does because she is a dumb bitch. And she was Fucking this asshole while he was with someone else and she knew. Nasty slut!

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Loren Dubois aka Brooklyn Angel

June 12, 2014 Detroit 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: This nastyyyyyy girl goes by Loren or Brooklyn. She’s a stripper at numerous strip clubs in the metro detroit area, the most accurate one being Alcatraz in Erie. She sucks dick in the back for extra money. Bitch has a kid that she NEVER takes care of. She thinks she is hot shit..but in reality all she is is a teenage girl who will fuck anything with a dick.

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Teacher Cheating

June 12, 2014 Detroit, Michigan 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: That is Megan Errair (LaDouceur) she was a teacher and caught having sex with one of her students. She got fired and moved away to Michigan. I saw her recently and that is how she looks now; she thinks she is super hot with her new plus 2′s. She is the third one from the left. Yikes! NOT SO HOT TO ME. NIK What Do you think?

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Mark Cecchini

June 11, 2014 Detroit 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this guy Mark Cecchini has several drds!!!! (GROSS) and takes advantage of extremely drunk girls at bars in downtown Detroit and Grosse Pointe, he prefers way younger woman 18/19 year olds and he is 29! He likes when the girls he fucks have cerfews….. He also claims he is rich but his mom and dad pay his rent and bills, he only has about 300$ in his bank account which is really sad…… I know a few of his victims and just wanted to share so everyone stays safe!

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Eastpointe Sloor

June 10, 2014 Detroit 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: This Nik is Gena Dyer aka “G”. She is a mid 30′s mother of 4 who acts like her shit don’t stink. She claims to be a “massage therapist” but in all reality, it’s her personal escort service. She sleeps with her clients to pay her bills, buy new clothes and shoes, get her nails done and whatever else she can weasel out of people. She plays the sympathy card because the father of two of her children died from drug overdose, but its all an act. She is heartless and will manipulate anybody she can to get what she wants. She is currently married to another druggie that she cheated on her widow baby daddy with. She sure knows how to pick the winners to be around her children. She has cheated on her current husband so many times that its rediculous. Shd has three baby daddys total so nedless to say, she gets around. Watch out for this gold digger because she will play you to the max and when she’s done with you it’s because she found someone who will spoil her better than you. She uses pepsi and pops all kinds of drugs and claims to hate people who use but obviously tends to marry them. Lol. Please put this sorry excuse for a wife/mother on blast Nik. Detroit needs to be warned.

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Marcin Gortat Has No Standards

June 7, 2014 Detroit, The Dirty 99


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Marcin Gortat’s side chick Sarah Renee. He must be into cankles, horse teeth and flared nostrils. This is his side booty that he flies into town. Girl is about as sharp as a bag of marbles. What do you think Nik?

I think nobody cares about Marcin’s sex life except for you.- nik


Is Sarah, Marcin Gortat’s New Girl

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Who is this girl

June 5, 2014 Detroit 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Is she a sugar baby? What does she do she always has money and is always with exotic animals, people everything. I want to know anything anyone knows about her? If so what do you think so her? Does she have potential or not worth it?

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Jevon Mcfadden

June 3, 2014 Detroit 41

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dated this man for about 6 or 7 months. I was head over heels for him but like the saying goes “The truth always comes out” After several odd experiences Jevon admitted to being married and having children. I want other women to be aware and STAY AWAY HE IS VERY MANIPULATIVE

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