Fake or Real

November 26, 2013 Detroit 14 10,013 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hi nick, my name is Chanel, I live in Grand Rapids mi, this fake ass chick swear everything on her body is real! She makes her life look perfect on ig because her husband is a community activist! I hate people that portray themselves as real, I was out and asked her if her boobs were real while in the bathroom! She completely ignored me! She said I don’t talk to ignorant people! She thinks she’s better than everyone! Help me expose her, are they real nik?

Real, fake t*ts don’t ripple.- nik

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Wanna-Be Trap Girl

November 22, 2013 Detroit 33 8,631 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is Alyssa Bowens from Detroit. She graduated in 2011 from Inkster High and is currently a stripper in the Detroit, Novi, Dearborn area and goes by the stage name BabySantino. Well to start she is a home-wrecker and likes hooking up with men in relationships. I want to let as many people know as possible that she is a walking STD and sets guys up with her pimp and another girl named Jessika. She recently moved to Dearborn, switched clubs and numbers so she won\’t be confronted or told on. We have to do something Nik to save the innocents from her vengeance. Shes cute but don’ let it fool you, shes deadly and needs to be watched out for!

Saggers.- nik

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Boston Marathon Halloween Costume – Alicia Lynch

November 8, 2013 Detroit 8 11,089 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out this waste of space, Alicia Lynch who dressed as a Boston Marathon Victim for Halloween. She’s been since fired, received death threats, and had nude photos from her Tumblr account spread around. Gross.

So saggy and real… so gross.- nik

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Roccoon Eyes

November 7, 2013 Detroit 73 6,054 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is this a sexy pair of eyes or what?

Hell NO.- nik

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Nina from Hustler Club

November 7, 2013 Detroit, Michigan 150 7,662 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Meet Nina (real name or stage name, not sure)…. a stripper from Hustler Club in Lincoln Park, MI. Nina frequently posts on a popular strip club forum called Two Sheds just began to post on the Ultimate Strip Club List…and just has to get the final word in about everything. And she is an immediate expert in literally every topic. I lurk the forum and finally got tired of her posts, and when she decided to publicize her photobucket album, I felt this naked skank should be put on blast. The best part is that she’s a pre-law student at Wayne State, so she’ll of course just have to figure out a way to get this post removed and will become an immediate expert on anything related to this site.
She thinks she’s the #1 hottie in metro Detroit and feels her looks make her unique to everyone else. Nina also claims to be a clean dancer (clean dancers don’t exist). Especially since she has danced at Trumpps on 8 Mile and in clubs in Chicago as well.

She’d be nothing without her wig.- nik

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She Needs a Name

November 5, 2013 Detroit, Michigan 5 6,498 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is wonderwoman1735, she is a “twirker” at all the trash ass strip clubs. She has a son but is always in IG posting pic of her nasty cottage cheese ass, smoking weed, being incarcerated….ect. I like to follow her for the pure ignorant entertainment. Her spelling, grammar, and appearance make me think…mankind is fucked! Plese let her know she looks broke, skank tooth, cheesey ass hoe bottom line. She thinks she’s some sort of a fashion designer lmmfao

Nice drapes wonder woman, I think you needa find something else to cloak your mid-section.- nik

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WRIF Rock Girls Are A Joke

October 31, 2013 Detroit, Michigan, Would You? 8 8,281 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I noticed a post about a girl that is an EX WRIF Rock Girl for a radio station here in Detroit and I thought I would add something to stir the pot. First of all, the girls who win the competition are not even all that hot and have ties with the radion station even before they win and nobody says anything. I mean that Marisa girl in that recent post looks like a mom (second from left in group photo), and the 2013 winner Lindsey Coleman is a chubby lesbian (pictures provided). The radio station hypes up girls to this contest thinking they are going to make something of themselves by working for the WRIF with a scholarship to Specs Howard and a decent salary. It would appear that none of the girls actually take advantage of the scholarship nor really do anything after. It literally took Stacey Walden 4-5 years of sucking dick; I mean, trying out for the role before they just gave in, and where is she now? Bartending at a dive bar; what a great opportunity that was!! The contest, the radio station, and the girls who win are all fake. So Nick, given the pictures I provided of Lindsey Coleman, would you?

Answer: Not a chance, that’s why their taking to the airwaves in the first place.

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Gianna Guazzo

October 30, 2013 Detroit, Michigan 3 9,024 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: So nik, this girl’s 18 turning 19. We graduated together and she now feels like she is the shit. This isn’t some vengeful ex, she just desperately needs a reality check. She was thicker at one point, but still cute, then she apparently took to some steroids and started working out like a man. She now has a better body than most of my guy friends and thinks that she is on a pedastool compared to everyone else. She’s dating a 30 year old fireman and likes to pick on her ex-friends for being “overweight” If anyone one would please tell her to stop posting: 1. Gym check-ins 2.Gross stomach pictures 3.Pictures with her adult boyfriend. 4.Nasty food. Would you ?

She must be dating a trainer, who should be smart enough to keep her off the weights.- nik

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