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The Dirty Saves Lives

November 23, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 29

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, not 100% sure about this but it appears Klay Thompson might have ditched his DK and is with a new chick. Can anyone confirm this?

If I was Klay Thompson I would be banging like Wilt right now…getting the poisons out will increase your shooting percentage.- nik

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Michael Phelps Banged A Shim

November 20, 2014 Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 236

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, per usual you had this scoop way before traditional media caught wind. So Phelps ex-tranny is now going around doing interviews about the relationship and has admitted to being born a man! Again small minded idiots love to hate on you, but you always seem to overcome that bullsh*t (even in court). I’ve been DA strong for a hot minute and your site is great PSA for people like me (I work a good finance job). I can’t count how many times my friends have been f*cked over by some pay for play trout chaser, meanwhile I avoid any chick that wants red bottoms and know tinder is cess pool for drd’s etc. Keep doing what your doing, while DR. Phill and chumps like that wanna talk sh*t, it’s only because they know they haven’t saved a f*cking quarter of the lives you have.  Also, how the hell did you know that is a dude???

Does this mean Michael Phelps is gay?- nik

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Warning Ladies About This MLB Loser

November 19, 2014 Austin, Dirty Athletes, Kansas City, The Dirty 114

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy is a joke. He dated one of my friends in Austin recently and I don’t see how his reputation isn’t already tarnished. He talks to girls all over the US, they all last about a week MAYBE. He is nuts and is an abusive guy. On baseball sites where they ask about players’ reputations his comments about him always somehow disappear. This man is a danger and one step away from seriously hurting someone. He is a typical baseball player who thinks he is God. He rolls around like he has money but his bonus check has got to be gone. That was back in 2009. He still has his picture up on everything showing himself in his Royals uniform. He isn’t even on the Royals anymore. He also has tons of Christian postings on his walls on fb and has a tattoo of scripture on his arm. WHAT A BUNCH OF CRAP. its all a mirage. Not only is this guy extremely jealous and controlling, he’s violent too. Please warn America to stay away from him.

What is his name? I only know real players.- nik

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Michael Phelps Taylor Lianne Chandler Met On Tinder

November 17, 2014 Baltimore, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 513

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, TMZ posted it, and then took it down, but google searches still show the images and here are screen shots. A source close to Taylor says she has been negotiating a settlement with Drew Johnson at Octagon Sports Management to keep her 6 week love affair with Michael quiet and not expose the pics of them together or him naked (Blackmail). She posted on twitter feeling betrayed by TMZ with images. The source says Taylor has been tested for sexual diseases now that she knows Michael was not only having unprotected sex with her, but with Nicole Johnson, Miss California 2010. If you look at all their social media it over laps. Nicole has taken all her Instagram photos down. Before Taylor deleted her original accounts after this happened you would have really seen the time line clearly. A source close to TMZ stated that she forgives him and is sticking by him. Kind of contradicts her motives with Octagon. His court date is postponed till December 19. I believe the fireworks will happen when he leaves Star Colorado Rehab on November 19th and has to deal with both these women, who he has sent private jets to come see him at different times. Part of Taylor’s original interview with TMZ that has now been scrapped due to lawyers stated she lost her job in government and hospital interpreting and she is moving to NY to pursue a new career. I guess the money she gets from Phelps will set her up nicely. Looks like he will be the loser in this with both women.

41 – 29 = 12 = GROSS!- nik

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Hannah Stocking Will Ruin Klay Thompson’s Career

November 4, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Francisco, The Dirty 60

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Hannah Stocking was a spotted with Kyrie Irving in August, the same month Klay Thompson proclaimed to be dating her on his social media. Now she is on twitter trying to deny this is her in the photos.  I’m telling you, she is going to ruin this kids career.

Klay you don’t need a girlfriend.- nik


Hannah Stocking Is A Horrible Girlfriend

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Dwayne Hay Is At It Again

October 31, 2014 Calgary, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 85

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, ohhh My!!!! This idiot is at it again. Beware. He is on POF and Tinder AGAIN!!! If you have matched or messaged with this Douchebag, take a moment and google his name. Or perhaps find him on here and read all the previous comments from all the previous women, he has lied to, cheated on, used, borrowed money, gave empty promises and endless lies. He deserves to be single FOREVER!!!!! Baby teethed, wanna be hockey player.

He really needs to use that pro hockey money to buy veneers.- nik


Dwayne Hay

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Way To Go Lamarr Houston

October 30, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Houston, The Dirty 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did you see Lamarr Houston’s injury caused by celebrating a sack of a backup quarterback when his own team is getting crushed on Sunday? Only Lamarr Houston would be that type of idiot. Hey Bears fans, it is time you all open your eyes and realize your team will never win another title again. On a good note, Green Bay is right next to you. You can always switch sides. What a joke. Now you are out for the season big timer.

Is this supposed to be a Mafia picture?- nik

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Dream Killer Killed Jay Cutler’s Career

October 27, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 115


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, PEYTON MANNING, TOM BRADY, not even f*cking Johnny Manziel is STUPID enough to have their dream killer on the sideline before a game against an NFL team “hugging it out.” Jay Cutler STOLE his $50million guaranteed CASH from the Bears and invested it into Chinese Laundry so his dream killer can make clothes, jewelry, etc. people won’t ever want to wear. When will these F list celebs realize they aren’t the next billionaire Mary Kate & Co. and it’s all for show so they can “pretend” to have a career. If she was on SHARK TANK with these whack ass designs MARK CUBAN and company would kick her off the set I think for BEARS nation that Jay Cutler cut his dream killer before his NFL career is over. Seriously you are an NFL QB that just signed a $50 million contract and your throwing it away for an MTV reality show? Laguna Beach can be for the off-season where you nail hot ass Newport Beach girls, not washed up high school girls living out their prom school dream. YOU ARE ELITE get ELITE ASS not reality tv show trash. I get it you were BLIND, move one.

Cutler is done. Bears will move on next season. Kristin was always in it for the money and double chin — True DK.

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