How Did Colleen Crowley Get To Hangout With Johnny Football

July 19, 2014 Dirty Athletes, San Diego, The Dirty 79

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have always tried to date a professional athlete but its not easy to get ones attention.. I’m like 10 times hotter than this bitch Colleen, yet she is always hanging out with Grade A famous athletes.  Do you need to come off as if you are going to sleep with them right away?  Cause I play hard to get and none of them really wanna work for it.

She must be good at rolling dollar bills.- nik

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I Hate Steve Nash With All I Have

July 14, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I follow Steve Nash on IG and he just posted this image of him and his friends winning some Soccer tournament… as a die hard Laker fan, I hate this f*cking douchebag.  Seriously, opt out of your contract and let us free up some money for free agents that ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY BASKETBALL, not some old f*ck trying to chase a soccer dream about 15 years too late.

I let go already. This doesn’t phase me. I’m a Knick.- nik

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I Feel Bad For NFL Player Mercedes Lewis

July 11, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Hollywood, The Dirty 171

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, NFL player Marcedes Lewis fathered a child with pornstar/escort Savannah Stern which is due any day! She posted a pregnant photo and sonogram (attached) on her IG then deleted.  Word is he wants nothing to do with the baby or her and she is psycho stalking him and his family.  Hes keeping it hush so word doesn’t get out I attached a pic of them together on a flight also that she had posted then deleted.  Poor guy.

In the porn industry, people like Mercedes Lewis are referred to as an “Exit”.- nik

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LeBron James Is Coming Home

July 11, 2014 Cleveland, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 66


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so LeBron James decided to come back home to Cleveland and bring a championship back home.  As a die hard Cleveland fan, I couldn’t be more happy.  I’m praying Kevin Love comes over here as well and we will stand a chance against the Spurs next year.

Cleveland fans burned his jersey… how can they just forget what this guy did to them?- nik

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Did Bryan Urlacher Find Love

July 10, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 32

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, so Bryan Urlacher has been dating this girl and I think she is smoking hot and finally he found a good one.  He is known for sleeping with the nastiest and most beat chicks but for some reason he found a hottie.  Wanted to see what you think about her?

Jenny McCarthy is hotter. Less lines in the forehead.- nik

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Jonathan Borrero Arrested For Molesting A 15 Year Old

July 9, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Miami, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gabrielle Union’s ex, former football player, music producer, and soon to be prison d*ck rider, Jonathan Borrero has been arrested for molesting a 15 year old, the second sex case he’s caught this year. This guy has been on your site a couple of times for stiffing people out of money and pretending to be an Über music producer in South Florida. Nik, I would like to personally thank you and your site for exposing these creeps and sexual predators that would go unnoticed if not for your site. (click here for news article)

I wonder what Dwyane Wade thinks about this?- nik

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Ryan Kesler Has No Balls

July 8, 2014 Anaheim, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty, Vancouver 198


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first off Ryan Kesler can go f*ck himself, you unloyal bastard! He lied to his fans saying he didn’t demand a trade and that he wanted to stay with the Canucks then suddenly he has a list of two teams he would be traded to. Run away when things get tough you big pussy! Don’t be blaming the team for your sh*tty efforts as a player. Worthless POS!  Buddy take a look at yourself you’re pushing 30 and are injury prone, good luck trying to help out a team when you’re injured. You do realize the cup isn’t given out for a diving competition right?? Your ass is going to get beat when you come back to this city.  You want to leave Vancouver….go ahead you filthy dirtbag, about time. It’s f*cking disgusting how many women you sleep with then go home to your wife and three kids! Should probably get checked out before your penis falls off. Your poor wife, she’s clueless with the sh*t that you do. Andrea Kesler is ugly and will never compete with the women in California, she’s just headed for heartache. Such bullsh*t he wanted a fresh start. More like Kessy wanted to move somewhere to get new pussy. HELLOOOO LA=hot women+playboy mansion+playboy bunnies or maybe even another teammate’s wife??  Sound familiar? All your dirt is going to be aired out. You lack a brain so I’m not surprised.  I really hope someone treats your daughters exactly the way you treat women, f*ck and chuck, a dad to be proud of! and will probably teach your son to do the same… stay classy f*cker!

I’m excited to be teammates with Ryan Kesler. You can catch us at Fig & Olive after practice… chasing tail. Go Ducks!- nik

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Have We Found Larry Fitzgerald’s Girlfriend

July 8, 2014 Dirty Athletes, Scottsdale, The Dirty 90

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s the NFL’s golden boy. Came across this on twitter.. Who’s this girl? We need details….he’s pretty private so good luck finding any dirt on this.

I wonder if they pull each others hair during penetration?- nik

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