7-Eleven Corporate Discriminates

October 30, 2014 Chicago, Dirty Business 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 7-Eleven discriminates against South Asian immigrant franchisees and unjustly forced a number of former store owners to terminate their franchise agreements as part of a profit scheme. 7-Eleven is engaging in “churning.” Churning is a ploy in which franchisors terminate franchise agreements in order to resell locations and get a fresh influx in franchise fees???? 7-EEVEN ACCOUNT 5+1=3 THIS HOW the accounting WORK THIS HOW WE LOSE MONEY EVERY day. I spent the last few years at 7-Eleven only trying to protect my investment of approximately $250,000 while making no money (as the proximate result of 7 Eleven’s accounting.“It is not uncommon for 7-Eleven franchisees to be charged thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars to restore MNW (minimum net worth) accounts in connection with a store audit that has, at a later date, proved to be wrong,” he said, adding, that they are “not formally challenged by a franchisee for fear of some type of ‘retaliatory’ treatment.” And it goes on…….THEREFORE DO NOT FRANCHISE WITH 711. THEY STEAL FROM THER OWN PEOPLE. (click here for article)

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Air Canada – Blame Canada? No, Just Air Canada

October 27, 2014 Dirty Business, San Diego, The Dirty, Vancouver 163


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Canadian airline is one of the worst airlines out there. I used them for the first and last time from San Diego to Lisbon Portugal. My flight from LA to Toronto was delayed, then when I arrived to Toronto, they cancelled my flight due to “technical Issues”…Just be honest and say there were not enough people on the flight. Had to spend the night in Toronto and they lost our luggage and made us stay at the airport for two hours for no reason. Got to our hotel at 2am (they paid for it). Woke up in the morning and the new flight was delayed again. We lost a full day of our Europe Trip and tour. I emailed them after we arrived back with copies of receipts and they stated that they would not pay for it. I asked why and they said it was not in the policy to pay back customers when it’s a technical issue. I told them I would put this story online and they said this case will be closed now.  It was only $258.16 (It’s not about the money), but now I would rather make sure other potential customers don’t use them in the future and cost them more. Businesses have to be held accountable for their own mistakes and I hope you can help me get the word out so others don’t use them anymore.

I promise you I will never fly Air Canada for the rest of my life.- nik

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Scumbags At Affirmative Auto Transport

October 26, 2014 Dallas, Dirty Business, The Dirty 38


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. Word up. Been a fan since the Matt Leinart beer bong days. Now I need your help, I don’t know who else can get the word out like you do. A couple months ago, I arranged for auto transport through a broker from a company called ‘Affirmative Auto Transport’. After a lifetime in South OC, like many Southern Californians, I’m packing up for Dallas for an awesome job opportunity. Anyhow, these dirtballs, Catia and Henry Bleck delivered my car after a 2 day delay, then arrived at 7:30 pm to drop off my car. I walked around and signed off. Next day, I get an error message on my car, bad crash warning sensor. I take it to the local dealer (still under warranty) and the mechanic tells me I have a bigger problem. He shows me paint over-spray, buffing compound, broken and damaged body molding parts (not visible while standing up)…and get this, A non original replacement bumper!!! These frauds damaged my car in transit, and then sloppily fixed it with out telling me. The estimate to repair is over $3k!!! Of course, these scumbags deny everything, and only tell me that ‘You signed the paper work, not our problem’. I signed it because it was a decent effort to conceal the damage, and dark when they delivered it. Shady moos! There are other complaints on the BBB website on this company! I know there are a lot of Southern Californians relocating to Texas because of Toyota’s new plant, 3,000 jobs. PLEASE let them know about this shady, dirty-ass company!!!!

I would never move to Dallas, too many DreamKiller’s out there.- nik

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My App Was Knocked Off By JT Originals

October 23, 2014 ASU, Dirty Business, The Dirty 56

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, a month after me and my friends launched the popular app Greeklink I get an overwhelming amount of calls and texts from my ASU friends saying some toolbag drug dealer named Joe Terrell knocked it off with his website Greektree. Nothing about his website is original download my Greeklink app then go to greektree he stole all my ideas even the name JT Originals he knocked off from some popular oil painting artist. I was really surprised that literally everyone I know who’s gone to ASU in the last 6 years knows this kid cause the self proclaimed “genius” is to stupid to pass any classes. He doesn’t even have half the credits he needs to get his bachelors degree which isn’t a problem since the demand for oxys and coke he sells is so high at ASU he’ll have enough money to stay there til he’s 40. When I messaged him he responded by telling me to go f*ck myself…. Dude no one at ASU likes you they just pretend to cause they like your drugs.

She definitely has Greekarms.- nik

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Nxcess Scam

October 22, 2014 Dirty Business, Houston 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ivonne Nguyen is a crook and the Fed’s are investigating them. Although, they have not been indited yet; please let me give you some insight into her Nxcess business scam. I bought a high end Mercedes from him two years ago and he ended up refinancing it back into her companies name “unknown” to me because I made the mistake of paying it off before my loan date was up and did not read his “deceptive” contract as well as I should have. He would try and make me feel like I was a good friend and import and by letting me borrow the Audi that you can view on her website as well as my murdered out Benz that he is reselling! I am not the first or last person that they have done this to as I have been doing more research into him and his companies. Please beware and I hope that this does not happen to anyone else

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Yelp Extorts Businesses

October 20, 2014 Dirty Business, Hollywood 3


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Yelp is all fake, they post all the bad reviews about companies and all the good reviews there sent to not recommended. The only way you will get your good reviews will be recomended if you pay them and advertise with them. Really????? this company should be banded why the f*ck are they still in business? People give bad reviews on this site just so they can get FREEBIES!!!!

They just won a huge lawsuit. They are untouchable now.- nik

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Beware Of Kyna Treacy The Con-Artist

October 16, 2014 Dirty Business, Manhattan, Sydney, The Dirty 12

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is the fakest person you will ever meet… she has fled from Sydney to NYC because she took out a so called ‘business loan’ for kinibiki a supposed bikini line that never existed and she spent it on herself! What a dumarse! She owes in excess of 150k… and is now situated illegally in NYC where she is continuing to lie, cheat and steal from whoever she can to keep her head above water.  If you ever meet this girl beware… her tits are as hard as rocks & she will steal your watch, cheque book or what ever she can get her hands on… No sense of dignity or morals whatsoever… Beware.

Can we get pictures of Kyna Treacy in a bikini please? Scooby is asking.- nik

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David Leslie Anthony: Photographer, Pedophile And Predator

October 15, 2014 Dirty Business, Miami 151

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Female Models, Agents, and Clients beware of this terrible, terrible man who has been abusing young, impressionable models for years now! This dirty old man is a disgusting pig that makes Terry Richardson look like a saint!!!

David Leslie Anthony is a self-proclaimed fashion photographer who was famous for a few years in the late 80′s, early 90′s for his Guess Jeans photography. However, because of public scandal and fraud, his clients and the caliber of his work has dwindled over the years. His photography work is decent and like most fashion photographers, relies heavily on digital manipulation although he claims he uses none.

The problem is, David uses his past work and perceived reputation to lure them in, promising them fashion-fame & stardom only to slowly abuse and coerce them into having sex with him. The fact is… the photographer David Leslie Anthony is actually a 68 year old man (according to the State of Washington) trying to sleep with teenage models. It’s that simple. I’m talking ages 15 to 20! It’s disgusting and I’m not content (like so many who work with him) to stay quiet about it any longer! I’m sure there are many models out there too scared to share their stories of this creepy old lech!

He essentially threatens these impressionable young girls with stories of his pull in the fashion industry. (a laughable claim!) Unfortunately, David’s perceived influence in the fashion industry is usually enough to keep the girl quiet until he moves on.

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