Deja Vu Showgirls ATM/DEBT Card Scam

July 10, 2014 Dirty Business, Sacramento, The Dirty 98

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Deja Vu Showgirls in Stockton, CA.  Someone there is running a ATM/DEBT CARD SCAM.. Used my ATM/DEBT card, to buy 2 dances one for $40 and and the other for $80 and then was charged $440 and $880… This is a VERY common SCAM at these types of places.  This is how the Scam is in most case’s is played out.  (I was told this by a bartender at a strip club in San Francisco, which I used to work for).  First they make sure you are VERY distracted in a darkened area, the host (who makes his or her money on tips and in an end of the night “cash tip out” from the girls) will take your Card and ID and go to another part of the Lounge area to run your card. Then they come back with card receipt for the amount you wanted to spend or a $1 hold, this receipt is placed on top of the receipt for the higher charge. Normally with 4 or 5 other receipts. You’re told various stories about billing this; charge that, the point is to keep you confused and distracted about what you’re signing for.  Most people are too embarrassed to emit that they were even at a strip club, let alone file a report, and the club know this…

I’m embarrassed when I emit too.- nik

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Shredz Scouting TheDirty

June 4, 2014 Dirty Business, Newport, The Dirty 69


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m into fitness and follow different companies and people who represent brands and supplement lines. One company, Shredz, was recently featured in an article that focuses on the inconsistency of claimed profits from Shredz. There are a few front guys in Shredz who post ads on IG and travel to expos at different fitness events etc, but the development of the line does not entirely support the profits Shredz claims to make. Shredz owner, Arvin Lal, also has a company start-up story that is inconsistent. Madison Nicole, tranny and escort, is claiming that she may possibly become a Shredz-sponsored “athlete”. She says Arvin wanted to have her flown out to New York and hooked up with their products and brand. Once I heard this, I thought of Spanish Nanny who also posts pictures on her IG of her in her “favorite Shredz Army” shirt. I started going through The Dirty and found Chantel Zales in dozens of pictures with the same Shredz shirt and supplement placement on her IG. Tonight I stumbled over Elvira in her Shredz shirt. While I understand that sex sells, fitness companies typically advertise with models that are fit, since what their selling is supposed to help achieve that result. None of these girls are fit, they are all injected and implanted, and three of the four are confirmed pay-for-play. Does Arvin Lal have a side business hiding in plain site? Is Shredz another MateFit?

Shredz must be code for Liposuction.- nik

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Con Artist Christopher Wheeler

April 14, 2014 Dirty Business, Scottsdale 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I would like the world to know about this business owner christopher wheeler who owns commercial business Solutions which is a web development company in Phoenix Arizona. Christopher wheeler likes to not pay his employees. He has caused several employees to lose their homes their phones their vehicles and completely devastated them financially. Christopher wheeler also liKes to sign up new clients and take Thousands of dollars from them and promise work that never gets completed. He has lost dozens of clients due to his lack of work effort. He continuously claims personal emergency is anytime of client asked for an update on their projects. Christopher is the epitome of scumbag Bosses. Christopher wheeler is also hiring employees and claiming they are independent contractors to avoid paying taxes while committing tax fraud. Christopher wheeler also likes to hide webcams throughout the office recording the female employees. This man is completely disgusting and people need to be aware of his actions and avoid ever doing business with christopher wheeler of commercial business solutions in Phoenix Arizona. WWW.commercialbusinesssoluti****.

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Beware of the Scam Rafael Inc

April 1, 2014 Dirty Business, Seattle 59

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is the infamous couple of “Rafael Inc” – “D7Shots” and “Jewels Fashiontz” – their company motto should be “Building our business on the backs of unpaid suckers, oops we mean models.” They are so gross! I think they took the phrase “sex sells” and ran with it. All their “models” are dressed to look like cheap strippers or someone you would see walking the track looking for a John on Aurora Ave. If you are one of the ladies who is pictured as a model don’t get mad, this post had really nothing to do with you. Not being a hater, just posting for awareness so that you know how you come across to people when you are representing and being represented by these people. This is how they are choosing to represent themselves and by working with them they reflect on you, it is your choice if you want them to represent you. Jocelyn preaches networking and is always offing advice on how to become famous. But where do her credentials come from? What makes her knowledgeable of this industry and why does she think she needs to advise people on how to become famous. She does not know how to make a person famous. Nor does she know how to properly network. For her its finding people who can help her, but there is no return to the favor. There are plenty of people who have worked with these two in the past and have had those bridges burnt. Be warned that these two are not good to work with; they will use you for whatever they can get out of you! I was prompted to post this due to a comment I read regarding the Seattle models (And thought, these poor girls are taking the heat for Jocelyns bad business practices) …. Comment read: “I’m actually really glad that something has finally been said about this group of women and Jocelyn Simos. Jocelyn and her boyfriend/baby daddy Dominic (he’s the photographer) run this “Rafael Inc” which is also formally “D7shots” They know how many wannabe models there are in Seattle. So they take advantage of it by telling women that every body shape and height is fine and sells them on a dream. Nice right? Nope. YOU have to pay THEM for a photoshoot. Yes, you heard me correctly. They have contracts and everything that you have to sign. You’ll get a deal for a certain amount of crappy photoshopped pictures on a disc for a few hundred. Now let’s get to these lingerie fashion shows. If they are not asking YOU to pay THEM, you at least have to sell a certain amount of tickets to your friends to come or else YOU have to PAY them to make up for the tickets that you didn’t sell. They have a contract on that too. You don’t even get to keep the clothes. They get a whole bunch of ugly women and put them in a group of uglier women so they all feel like supermodels. It’s a mess. I do feel bad for them, but it is kind of fun watching the wreck happen.”

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Constantinos Marketis

April 1, 2014 Baltimore, Dirty Business, Maryland 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Meet Constantinos Marketis. Fast talking, big smiling, shit spitting, con artist. Lives his life running one false business after another until he owes everybody thousands, then files bankruptcy, shuts it down and opens up a new one. Currently owner and operator of X-press Contracting, he runs a small time home improvement/painting outfit without a MHIC license or any “legal” help. They no speak english… I started my dealings with him a few years back and was under the impression that he was a decent guy. Never thought twice to look him up. Now 4 years later he owes me over $8000 and I get a letter stating that he’s going to file bankruptcy AGAIN?! Since I’ll never get my money from him, I decided to put him out there. He’s easily found on along with all the people trying to get their money back from him. It’s about time he’s exposed for the rip off con artist he is. Not a man by any means, he will shake your hand, smile in your face and take your money and run. Always talking about God and church and doing the right thing. A straight up hypocrite is what he is. Don’t be fooled. Look him up and see for yourself the long list of people he’s taken advantage of. We all had to learn the hard way.

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Horny Supervisor

April 1, 2014 Dirty Business, Portland 28

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THE DIRTY ARMY: A supervisor at the call center I work at has been sleeping with one of the girls on his team. However, I had no idea and he has been hitting on me since I started working with him. This past year I went through a lot of family issues and was incredibly lonely. My parents disowned me and I have found our I have a chronic illness. During this time, Greg started hitting on me and kept telling me I was pretty. He made me feel like he cared about me. I have never had a man tell me I was pretty as many times as he has. I started talking with me on Facebook over the new year. I would say after a month of just flirting and chatting that he suggested we open up a snapchat and send each other sexy pictures. He came up to me at work after the first time we send naughty pictures and ask how I was doing. I work with him remember! Then it just became a habit and he continued to make me feel like he cared. A couple months pass by and Im beyond irritated that completely ignores me at work. I never actually went on a date with him but he gave me a lot of attention. Then I get a red flag come up when I see that he changed the seating for him team and put one of the girls infront of him. More recently I find out that he gets a final warning because he is sleeping with that girl and the manager saw private chats where they talk about different sexual things they want to do together. So then I lose my shit and send her snap shots of our conversations and even a picture of his dick. So the next week I see that they are still taking lunches together and he is still giving her rides home. You can have him Jessica! I’m just Greg will love his pathetic baby mama with no standards. I just can’t wait to see what other girl Greg cheats on her with and how that will play out. I can’t believe I was so blind! But Om not sad. Who wants an over weight balding thirty year old man?! Only a desperate single mother with no self worth!

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Wetaskiwin Motel

March 24, 2014 Dirty Business, Edmonton 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Tammy Brockman, a bat shit crazy addict that owns the Wetaskiwin Motel in Alberta Canada. No one should ever do business here, unless you want to get ripped off.

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Aaron Vaughan And Shawn Camp Scammed People For $2.3 Million

March 11, 2014 Dirty Business, The Dirty, Vancouver 101

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Aaron Vaughan and Shawn Camp are not strippers or weird dudes you post here, they are true scammers.  They declared bankrupt of their Ecowest Renovations company with 183+ home owners and suppliers and others owed over 2.3 million dollars.  They collected my deposit even when they knew they were going to close the company in a couple of weeks. I lost my deposit, $30,000 which I planned to spend for my old house renovation. It’s gone and I’m devastated.  88 home owners are listed on the bankruptcy documents and left with nothing but tens of thousands of dollars lost. Also, to protect their lousy asses they filed personal bankruptcy the following day.  It appears they even have not filed all the homeowners that gave them money on their creditor list. It keeps growing every day.

What Hawaiian island are they chilling on right now? My guess is Maui.- nik

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