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Gasper Guarassi Is A Convict In The Making

November 25, 2014 Dirty Business, Hollywood, The Dirty 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Gasper Guarrasi is a convict in the making. Full of promises to fund your project but deep down is full of sh*t! He plays on peoples dreams of doing film and TV but will never deliver, instead is just looking to hook up with the girls on your project and leave you hanging. Total ass in the industry. Don’t work with this piece of crap!

Are you sure his last name is not Spano?- nik

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Worst Boob Job Of 2014 Award Goes To…

November 25, 2014 Dirty Business, Hollywood, The Dirty 20


I really need to make my own award show one day — for plastic surgery of course — anyway, here is my winner for worst (+2′s) Boob Job of 2014!!!! Video included so you can see who the doctor is. Click on the image to see her face!! Please FIX this malpractice looking chest!!- nik

**Don’t be fooled by these images, once you click the link you will see what I’m talking about. Please share your thoughts.

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Chris Santos Of The Alliance And SBE Is A Fraud And NOT A Professional

November 17, 2014 Dirty Business, Hollywood, The Dirty 327


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik – I am writing an open letter to the Los Angeles Nightlife Industry, your site is a perfect venue for this to be published.

Dear Respected Nightclub and Hospitality Partners,

You all may know who I am. I’m NOT the guy who has starred in A list films. I’m NOT the guy who sucks dick to get to the top. I’m NOT the guy who is fake.

I am the guy who is real. I am the guy with a boat load of CASH. I am the guy who is probably the most generous person in Nightlife. I am the guy that only deals with the top people in establishments. And I’m the guy who demands respect in return.

In my “club career” I have been subject to several different exciting nights, but probably more let downs with not really feeling great about spending 10′s of thousands of dollars in a night, but realizing that this type of action was solidifying my relationships with club owners and operators. Some groups and owners have been receptive to my way of doing business and my needs, as I was once the number one spender in all of Los Angeles for 6 months straight, and now, well, probably just a “known spender”. And through this journey I have been sold the dream… That my track record would not have been forgotten… Up until the last week, it has not. But Leave it to SBE and “The Alliance” to sell me the dream and then spit in my face.

More specifically, Chris Santos is the culprit for this type of disgusting behavior. Before Hyde opened recently (the new restaurant and “lounge” thingy on Sunset and Laurel…), I was contacted by Chris Santos, and was theatrically pitched the concept of the new “Hyde”. I was told that it would “blow SoHo House out of the water” and I was told about different “Tiers” and “Rankings” for their clients in order to secure top slot reservations. I was then (and very aggressively I may add…) solicited to check this “new amazing exclusive” spot out… I went to Hyde about 2 weeks ago, and to be frank, it was just OK. It was a Friday night, and there was no one eating. Pretty empty and definitely not a beautiful crowd. I arrived during the peak time frame, and ended up having a lengthy dinner which lasted until about 11pm. Therefore, I am able to positively state that the crowd never got better. The food was tremendously over priced, but very good… The bottle menu was priced like a club’s, which defeats the lounge concept in my opinion. Oh, and I bought Chris Santos dinner.

Again, it was reconfirmed to me that I was “the number one guy” and that anytime I needed a reservation, since I was in the “top tier” that it would be taken care of, no problem. The reasoning behind this was not only because I was a “friend”, but because I have spent 100′s of thousands of dollars with them at their venues in less then 2 years time. I had an extremely specific conversation with Chris Santos who claimed it was “his spot” and that he was “running it” about how I would bump other people’s reservations and how there would always be a table for me with little notice. Again, the “exclusive top tier SoHo House” format was relayed to me.

And to give everyone history, Chris Santos paraded me around to several SBE night clubs, taking commission of me, profiting off of me and supplying me with girls. That is where the relationship started, and that is where it has ended. Is that what club promotors are considering friends now-a-days?

Well, the “New Hyde” experience didn’t quite happen…. Around 2:30pm I decided that I needed a reservation for 9pm. I almost fell off my chair when Chris Santos texted me back with “Let me try”, so I waited a half an hour with receiving no confirmation before I checked back in with him. Another half an hour went by, and I was told that it must be 10pm. So, SBE and “The Alliance” are telling me that after spending HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in less then 2 years at their venues and after preaching to me about my status at Hyde, that all of the sudden, it’s not true? That it was all a lie to hook me back in??? That is NOT how you handle spenders, friends and clients. SBE and their promoters need to understand what is going on within their umbrella. It is not right. No other major group has treated me poorer then SBE and “The Alliance”. Let that be known.

What really makes this whole thing even more painful, is that if I was told that my status at Hyde was that “I had preferential treatment”, but nothing was alluded that I would have tremendous power at the venue, this whole thing could have been avoided. But it was just another cheesy LA Club Promo trying to reel me back in.

Now, it is SBE’s responsibility to employ classy, intelligent, qualified people to represent their product. And “The Alliance” is just not the right people in my opinion, see the attached texts and you can see for yourself…

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Howie Jays Needs To Be Put On Blast

November 17, 2014 Dirty Business, The Dirty, Toronto 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this man needs to be put on blast for his unethical treatment of woman. Howie Jays is his stage name. His real name is Homayoun Ranjiifroody and he is a big player. All women be aware of this man! He is full of himself, a big liar, and many girls on his speed dial. He is to be untrusted. Do not make real estate and mortgage deals with him! I just found out he got his real estate license in florida and cali… That’s only because he cant do sh*t in Canada!

If you get your Real Estate license in Toronto does it also work in Miami?- nik

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Michelle Refani Is A Scammer

November 15, 2014 Dirty Business, The Dirty, Toronto 164

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Michelle Refani is a big real estate scammer in Toronto. She ruined my house listing, she lied to people, she ripped me off. When I did more research on her, I found out that many other people had the same problem with her. She makes people sign a contract with her to fall into her trap and then she starts playing games. I called her office to complain and the secretary said it is not the first time. I am not surprised! She is a SCAMMER and a LIAR. I found posts of her being rude to people over facebook messages. This is really eye opening, specially when you’re in the public eye. Please let everyone know not to deal with her or they will also fall into the same trap!

Why does every chick in Toronto sell Real Estate?- nik

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Jaime Schwartz, MD Beverly Hills Is A Womanizer

November 14, 2014 Beverly Hills, Dirty Business, The Dirty 116


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jaime is a regular at my bar. He pretends to be this really nice BHPS and one night his female assistant approaches me to give me his business card with his personal number on it and proceeds to tell me how he is such a good guy and wants to take me out. I gave him a call and we started going out. He tells me this whole story about how he just wants to settle down, take care of me and how is never met such a real girl in Beverly Hills. One day a girl approaches me in my bar and asks me if I’m dating Jaime and we find out he’s been seeing us both. Promising us the WORLD. She warns me he has a DRD. Put this lying womanizer on blast for the cheating he is. Ladies beware when guys like this don’t use social media. Please protect his next victims Nik.

What type of medicine does he practice?- nik

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LA Red Carpets Conned Me

November 12, 2014 Dirty Business, Hollywood, The Dirty 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we hired her company LA red carpets for an event, they did not show up! Now I was talking to like some assistant for Anita but Anita from what I understand is the main person. I paid the assistant $1000 and never got my refund etc. Never heard back from them. They are crooks. I had no red carpet for my event. F*CK these people!!! There are other red carpet companies way more worth it. These people only communicate on Facebook, they are not in the real world. Never call you back.

That dress looks like it’s from Goodwill.- nik

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Cisco’s Hilton Romanski In Kickback Scandal

November 11, 2014 Dirty Business, San Francisco, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this inept dweeb Hilton Romanski is the SVP Head of Corporate Development and Investments at Cisco Systems. Hilton Romanski is fully responsible for many of Cisco’s bad M&A deals such as WebEx, Tandberg, NDS, Pure Digital and other toxic transactions that cost shareholders like me hefty. Hilton Romanski has been taking kickbacks from many of the Venture Capital Partners and Investment Bankers here in the Bay Area. These acts of bribery are profoundly abhorrent. Hilton Romanski has been pushing for awful acquisition deals that did not return any value to Cisco’s customers, employees and shareholders. Cisco has been in criminal indictments handed down by the US Attorney’s Office in the largest Insider Trading trial in US history where Cisco’s Starent buyout was at issue. When will Cisco’s executives and Board of Directors do the right things are fire this unethical morally bankrupt scaumbag fraudster Hilton Romanski and act in the best interest of Cisco’s shareholders??? Hilton Romanski needs to be arrested and charged by the Federal DOJ and he also needs to be investigated by the SEC.

I blame Obama.- nik

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