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50 Tyson Responds To Kendrick Lamar

August 20, 2013 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone knows 50 Tyson is the king of hip hop. All these other fools are just monkey bars in his way.

Is 50 Tyson working at McDonalds yet? It’s only a matter of time.- nik

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50 Tyson Is Back In The Game

March 19, 2013 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, love the site bro. It looks like our boy 50 Tyson is comin up in the rap game! He owes his success to you. Nobody had even heard of him until you posted the videos of him rapping on his street corner. Now look at him, grown and makin some bank. Much love 50 Tyson!

I heard he is rich as f*ck now.- nik

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50 Tyson Has A New Hit

February 25, 2012 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, I came across this 50 Tizzyson video and thought of you.  Yea I’m Icy is the name. He collaborates with A. Bellbey & Too Mush. 50 is pimpin with big rims, blling bling and custom 50 Tyson hip hop gear. Peace.

50 Tyson is fat now. They must eat really well in the hood.- nik

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What An Idiot

June 26, 2011 50 tyson, Milwaukee, Minnesota 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what kind of retard is 50 Tyson, dude regularly checks Wal-mart to see if his shirts or his album have made it into stores…is he retarded? I dont think 50 realizes all these goons following him around especially that curly haired chick are making fun of him and still using him.  I ain’t gunna lie 50, you suck, nobody cares anymore don’t make another album.

I have completely lost interest in this guy… the joke is over.- nik

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Bottlerat Queen Of MN

April 6, 2011 50 tyson, Dirty Athletes, Minnesota, St. Paul 32

Noodle Wannabe Bottlerat?!

Noodle Wannabe Bottlerat?!

Noodle Wannabe Bottlerat?!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- DA strong up here in MN- let me start by introducing you to Leeann. I’m not even going to waste my breath asking if you would, but I just want to send out an open invitation to any purple greg, athlete, businessman with money to hit her up. She spends most nights drunk in local clubs hangin with crew noodle. She claims to be in school at the U of M, but she’s really a hairdresser. If you ever decide to award MN a dirty celeb pleeease let it be her! My nomination for celeb name…tyrannosaurus wreck, she’s big and scarey just like the real thing!

I wonder if 50 Tyson hit that?- nik

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Kevin Hart Meets 50 Tyson

March 14, 2011 50 tyson, Minnesota, St. Paul, The Dirty 8

Kevin Hart meets 50 Tyson

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t know exactly where this was taken but I’m friends with Kevin via Facebook & he just posted this picture an hr ago. And since the last time I read you didn’t have nice things to say about 50 Tyson I wanna know how do you feel now? And why do you think Kevin Hart would take a pic with him? These were his words:  “Just got done my show n Minnesota & finally got 2 meet @50tysonofficial, “I ain’t gonna lie”.

I thought 50 Tyson was 5’5? I am headed to Minnesota soon and I ain’t gonna lie that I do not want to meet 50 Tyson. I made you son.- nik

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50 Tyson Is So Icey

March 7, 2011 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so it seems 50 Tyson has a new video on Youtube. Nik what do you think of this new hit? Is it Icey?  I still cannot believe this guy has not given you props for exposing him to the masses.  I truly feel like they are using 50 tyson to promote this wack as chick that raps in all the videos, and she sucks balls.

The chick totally ruined it. Is she his Mom or something? 50 Tyson signed with the wrong label. They ruined his 15 second career.- nik

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William Hung Calls Out 50 Tyson

December 2, 2010 50 tyson, Scottsdale, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanted to personally invite you to hang with Hung for the holidays. Not sure if you know who William is? He is the former American Idol contestant that was made famous by his rendition of Ricky Martin’s “She Bangs”. Mr. Hung is a huge fan of yours and hates 50 Tyson for stealing his thunder. He wanted me to personally invite you and the dirty army in Scottsdale to watch his live performance at Geisha A Go Go tomorrow (December 3).

Man, I wish I was in town for this… can someone in the DIRTY ARMY please go to Geisha A Go Go and record his performance and ask Mr. Hung what he really thinks of 50 Tyson. I think he is right, there is only one William Hung and 50 Tyson is just a copycat.- nik

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