50 Tyson | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 3

50 Tyson Band Wagon

September 8, 2010 50 tyson, Cincinnati, Dirty Athletes, The Dirty 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, look who has officially jumped on the 50 Tyson band wagon.  Nik, you created a legend how does that feel?

50 Cent’s manager is now representing 50 Tyson. And according to Chad Please’s IP address, he visits TheDirty.com twice a day on average.- nik

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Kevin Durant Twitters 50 Tyson About Album Appearance

August 22, 2010 50 tyson, Dirty Athletes, Minnesota, Oklahoma City, The Dirty 35

Kevin Durant on 50 Tyson Album

Kevin Durant on 50 Tyson Album

Kevin Durant on 50 Tyson Album

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you created a monster with 50 tyson. He turned into a brand over night, with t-shirts, and a legion of followers. Apparently one of those followers is Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and USA basketball. Yes Kevin Durant, who is a top 5 talent in the NBA (and better than Queen Lebron James, but that is probably best saved for another post), is a fan of 50 Tyson. How big a fan? Kevin Durant has so much respect for 50 tyson, that he talks about 50 Tyson on twitter, and says he is going to appear on 50′s next album! Nik, are you suprised at how big 50 Tyson is getting? Can Kevin Durant hold his own, on a track with the lyrical genius of 50 Tyson? Click Here To See Twitter

Kevin Durant is Athletic… 50 Tyson I want you to be my personal guest Labor Day weekend at PURE in Las Vegas. I want to introduce you to Kid Cudi. You need to take your skills to the next level.- nik

**I will pay your hotel/flight/food… all day every day.

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50 Tyson’s Little Brother Drops First Single

August 17, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so with all the success 50 Tyson is having his little brother decided to step his game up and become “Athletic” like big brother 50 Tyson. He just dropped his new single, and he is letting all the females how he feels about them.  Are you surprised 50 tyson wasnt on the track?

This kid is going to make it.- nik

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Kevin Hart’s Impersonation Of 50 Tyson

August 10, 2010 50 tyson, Hollywood, Minnesota 2

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what do you think of Kevin Hart’s impersonation of the greatest rapper ever, 50 Tyson?

Terrible…not even funny.- nik

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It Was Only A Matter Of Time

July 19, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 7

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 2010 has been 50 Tyson’s year.  Everything is starting to look good, he went from making a 2 minute freestyle in his mamas bathroom to making it on TheDirty.com and then Tosh.0 on National TV.   Well Nik, we dont get the album till 2011 but the shirts are finally out.  50 Tyson went from Northside Zone resident, to a northside zone STAR.

50 Tyson holla at your boy fam though all day, every day.  These be all day every athletic making money off your likeness though.  Let me help you fam.- nik

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July 18, 2010 50 tyson, Dirty TV, Minnesota, The Dirty 23

All day, every day… he is the greatest Rapper in the World.

**Yes, I noticed the fat kid shooting hoops in the background.  That is fam yo.

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50 Tyson Does It Again

July 13, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, now that 50 Tyson made it on National TV he is stepping up his game, but no this is not a new single… Believe it or not 50Tyson has once again managed to Remix the Remix of the Remix that got Remixed if you can believe this.  Here it is, its super funny and you cant stop laughing at it.  he is totally stepping up his game.

You know that you are big time when you got Lil Jon on your track.- nik

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Thank You Nik Richie From 50 Tyson

June 28, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 45

50 Tyson:  Nik, thank you for believing and supporting me when everyone touhgt I was the worst rapper ever.  Now that I have been on TV and everyone recognised me everywhere I go in north zone twin cities cause thats where im from fam.  Everyone is saying I am a 1 hit wonder but here is a video to prove all the haters that I can rap and sing, Drake has nothing on me.  Nik acain thanks for the support, my carerr wouldnt be without u.  Peace out fam.

50-T, much love fam… you are by far my strongest Dirty Celeb creation.  Stay ill.- nik

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