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Gayden Solo Calls Out Nick Mali-Who

May 10, 2010 50 tyson, Chicago, Gayden Solo, Nick Malibu, Scottsdale, The Dirty 27

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what is Nick Malibu thinking calling out 50tyson, this guy is a certified gangster.  Nick Mailwho lacks a little thing called street cred and the ability to spit a verse.  He better check himself real quick and lay off my boy 50Tyson, Imma take this kid to the top, piggyback him to fame if I have to.  I know talent when I see it…Nick MaliWho get out the way.

I should fire Gayden Solo for the way he just said the word “about”… there is no question 50Tyson is a lyrical genius.  Gayden please get back to work.- nik

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Nick Malibu Declares War On 50 Tyson On Mother’s Day

May 9, 2010 50 tyson, Chicago, Nick Malibu, The Dirty 45

I just want to wish all the Cougars out there a happy Mother’s Day…

Now let’s get back to business… Finally, the god Nick Malibu has spoken and he tells it like it is.  I feel like this Rap/Pop war might be bigger than the 2Pac-Biggie drama.  People in the streets need to hide their children because it is about to go down.

P.S. Malibu never fix that smoke detector… it adds to your swagger.

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He Ain’t Playin- 50 Tyson

May 6, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik dis your boy 50 tyson…he aint playin.  Nik 50 tyson is legit…this guy definitely needs a record deal.  I tried emailing him, not sure if I emailed the right person.  Anyways Nik figured everyone had to see this video she why the man the myth the legend 50 Tyson got his name.  Nahh wat I’m sayin Nik.

Can I be honest and say I only put up 50 Tyson on TheDirty because of Affirmative Action.- nik 

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Team Holla Or Team Na-Wut-I-Mean

May 5, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, now that the Dirty Army has been blessed with the lyrics and Floetry from the one and only 50 Tyson, I wanted to ask you what has happened to your boy Nick Malibu since he has not been up on TheDirty for a few weeks now.  And Nik are you Team Holla(Nick Malibu) or Team Na-Wut-I-Mean(50 Tyson)?

Word on the street is that Nick Malibu is afraid of 50 Tyson.  Maybe Nick Malibu was a one hit wonder?- nik

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It’s Crazy It’s Poppin- 50 Tyson

May 4, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 14

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ay Nik is he pulling a boo…a Malibu that is.  the fake album thats never gunna drop…At least your boy 50tyson is straight up about it.  he obviously just needs someone to come in with a beat and hes set…I’m pretty positive if we heard some background beats his stuff would be pretty sick..50Tyson just needs a manager, you needa drop your gay obsession with NickMalibu and support the real deal.

50 Tyson needs to get on an Eminem or Lil Wayne joint before he drops an album.  I decided.- nik

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50 Tyson’s Involvement In His Community

May 4, 2010 50 tyson, Minnesota, The Dirty 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I thought the day would never come, but 50 Tyson’s time to shine has come.  He is from Northside Zone Twin City Minnesota and that isnt considered the best neighborhood out there.  Anyway as you can hear from his flows 50Tyson has the skills on the mic and definetly has the Image to make it in the rap game.  He is very known in the community not only for his raps but also for his positive involvment with it.  He is known to carry the groceries for the elderly, and helping the younger kids at school with their homework, hes a stand up guy.  Anyway Nik, with your help and the DA I’m very excited about this young kids future.

50 Tyson is going to change the rap game as we know it.  Even though he is a little guy, he is the Heavy Weight Champion of Floetry.- nik

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