It’s Time To Put 8 Belles Out Of Her Misery

July 11, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, The Dirty 26 5,554 Views

its time to put 8 belles out of her misery

its time to put 8 belles out of her misery

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I stumbled across these pictures and had to know what the deal is. I’ve been reading a lot about 8 Belles being replaced and I think these pictures can account for her lack of DC appearances.  If the most fun she can have is with a lesbian of a man her and gay star can wreck this train together. What do you think how much longer are we giving this girl.

She is dated, tired and used. It is time we put this horse down. She cannot keep up with the youth.- nik

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8 Belles Is Nothing But A Rude B*tch

July 8, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 116 5,879 Views

8 Belles is a rude bitch

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 8 Belles, aka Katie Rogers, is the biggest f*cking b*tch. I often see her tweets about fat people, and how she’s always degrading them. She always says things like fat people are disgusting and her latest tweet: “All these #fatfriday tweets are making me not wanna eat lunch.. Or dinner. Lol.. So gross. Xo” I hope that Karma comes back and bites this b*tch on the ass so instead of just being a horse, she’s a FAT horse! Age is already beginning to catch up with her, so that’s a start. Zouk sucks!

The tint on this image screams Photoshop, but I can still see the age creeping up under her eyes.- nik

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Kinki Rejects Head To Zouk

July 7, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty News, The Dirty 31 6,086 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, 8 Belles (Katie – no need to explain), Hayley Rivers (large playboy “model” look up pics), and Keisha Kimball (wanna be model lol) have all joined the Zouk team! Got fired from Kinki for varies reasons! Zouk is new and will probably shut down within 6 months. NOT a smart decision ladies! Anyhow, Do you think Kinki looks better now that they have gone?

One of these girls is already begging for her job back at Kinki. K-Wash be strong! Let them fail in life.- nik

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8 Belles Is Delusional

July 4, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 26 5,209 Views

8 Belles is Delusional

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I’ve never posted on here before but am a huge fan of the site! I happen to follow 8 Belles on twitter and saw her post this pic not too long ago of her at her new job.. Zouk & I seriously laughed outloud!! These are some fuglyyyy b*tchez shes workin with now, not to mention the club is absolutely empty behind them! Katie has been constantly tweeting about how much better this place is going to be than Kinkis and just by looking at this pic anyone can tell she is COMPLETELY WRONG! This also makes me believe you Nik that she really did get caught stealing & got fired (even though she claims otherwise) because seriously, why the h3ll would she willingly move to a job at this dump along with its wretched cocktail waitresses??! EW. DA STRONG!

She looks pathetic and desperate now. Its like watching Brett Favre come out of retirement. 8 Belles made a huge mistake and should just own up to it. Zouk sucks and it is ruining her Dallas legacy (and wallet).- nik

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Did I Miss The Memo

July 1, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, The Dirty 27 8,557 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so did I not get the memo or something?  Like when did wrinkles and birthing hips become hot in DFW?  And do you know why there is beef in town between 8 Belles and Wanna Be 8 Belles(kaitlyn)?  I missed out on that memo as well.

8 Belles refuses to pass the torch to Kaitlyn, even though she knows that Kaitlyn is the future.- nik

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8 Belles Vs. Kaitlyn Mason

June 29, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, The Dirty 67 10,220 Views

8 belles VS. Kaitlyn Mason

8 belles VS. Kaitlyn Mason

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaitlyn Mason seems to be is slowly but surely taking over Katie Rogers spot in Dallas.  Who do you think is hotter Nik? and what do you think about this situation? I think it would be hot to see them brawl! Its about to be a what? girlll fiighhhtt!

Age has finally caught up to 8 Belles… Kaitlyn Mason is the future in Dallas.- nik

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8 Belles Quit Cocktailing Kinki Lounge

June 28, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 63 7,388 Views

8 Belles Quit Cocktailing Kinki Lounge!?!?

8 Belles Quit Cocktailing Kinki Lounge!?!?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, LOL what’s KWA$H to do without his prize show pony?  Katie was Kinki Lounge’s cash cow — welp, she quit!  Now she’s started cocktailing @ Zouk, same move Keisha took.  What do you think happened, Nik?  Think Kinki Lounge will circle the drain without these big(breasted) DirtyCelebs?

The real reason she quit is because she was caught stealing money. 8 Belles found out she was caught and she decided to jump ship. I wish her the best, but how is she going to make any money at a failing 30,000 square foot club… Zouk is ghetto and nobody that goes there has money. To be honest this is a blessing for Kinki Lounge because they had her best years. 8 Belles is hitting 30 soon… time for some young fresh server tail with +2′s.- nik

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8 Belles Has A New Douchebag In Her Life

June 27, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 21 9,466 Views

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m super upset… I found out that 8 Belles has a new douchebag in her life and it really upset me, I love her and would treat her like the princess she is… She would never have to work a single day in her life thanks to my families OIL fortune but she will never learn.. Have fun with another loser, let me know when you are ready to retire and travel the world and buy yourself anything your heart and soul have wanted.

I need her to work because I am hosting TheDirty Erotica Ball this year and she is the one that makes sure the staff isn’t wearing clothes. K-Wash I want body paint this year or Scooby isn’t coming.- nik

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