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8 Belles Vs. Kaitlyn Mason

June 29, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, The Dirty 67

8 belles VS. Kaitlyn Mason

8 belles VS. Kaitlyn Mason

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kaitlyn Mason seems to be is slowly but surely taking over Katie Rogers spot in Dallas.  Who do you think is hotter Nik? and what do you think about this situation? I think it would be hot to see them brawl! Its about to be a what? girlll fiighhhtt!

Age has finally caught up to 8 Belles… Kaitlyn Mason is the future in Dallas.- nik

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8 Belles Quit Cocktailing Kinki Lounge

June 28, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 63

8 Belles Quit Cocktailing Kinki Lounge!?!?

8 Belles Quit Cocktailing Kinki Lounge!?!?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, LOL what’s KWA$H to do without his prize show pony?  Katie was Kinki Lounge’s cash cow — welp, she quit!  Now she’s started cocktailing @ Zouk, same move Keisha took.  What do you think happened, Nik?  Think Kinki Lounge will circle the drain without these big(breasted) DirtyCelebs?

The real reason she quit is because she was caught stealing money. 8 Belles found out she was caught and she decided to jump ship. I wish her the best, but how is she going to make any money at a failing 30,000 square foot club… Zouk is ghetto and nobody that goes there has money. To be honest this is a blessing for Kinki Lounge because they had her best years. 8 Belles is hitting 30 soon… time for some young fresh server tail with +2′s.- nik

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8 Belles Has A New Douchebag In Her Life

June 27, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m super upset… I found out that 8 Belles has a new douchebag in her life and it really upset me, I love her and would treat her like the princess she is… She would never have to work a single day in her life thanks to my families OIL fortune but she will never learn.. Have fun with another loser, let me know when you are ready to retire and travel the world and buy yourself anything your heart and soul have wanted.

I need her to work because I am hosting TheDirty Erotica Ball this year and she is the one that makes sure the staff isn’t wearing clothes. K-Wash I want body paint this year or Scooby isn’t coming.- nik

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8 Belles Makes Me Sad

May 17, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 33

8Belles Makes Me Sad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Aw Nik, Idk what’s sadder….8Belles herself or this picture she took with her boyfriend.  I understand she came from a small town and now is the most popular girl in Dallas thanks to you… but does she have to keep acting like she is the world hottest girl?

I think her body is pretty top notch for her age.- nik

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8 Belles Back In High School

May 16, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 13

8Belles in high school

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I still think 8 Belles is pretty ugly but we finally have proof of what she looked like before she got the sloot makeover and the +2s! Look at this! WOW!  Great improvement right?

Thank god for plastic surgery.- nik

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8 Belles Protege Kaitlyn Mason

April 4, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Army Strong 55

kaitlyn mason is still a dumb whore

kaitlyn mason is still a dumb whore

kaitlyn mason is still a dumb whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik-this is my old high school classmate Kaitlyn Mason of flower mound.  She gets around, plain and simple (sorry babe).  She dated Oscar G, the ugliest kid in town and he beat her all the time. She got a tattoo on her wrist for his heart.  He cheated on her with my blonde firend whos way hotter and shes been butt hurt over it so shes been going out a lot.  She loves him so much she would take him back after what he did to her. Funny thing is she hacked his facebook to write sweet stuff to herself but he finally got a new one to tell everyone she is crazy!  She use to work at wh*rehouse Bone Daddys and got fired for being a nasty, thief b&tch.  Now shes working at kinki’s like every other h*e in Dallas.  Can you please tell this gurl she aint that hot and that she needs to get a nose job and those teeth cleaned? karma is a b*tch kaitlyn, twittering about 8bells is not gunna get u anywhere!

Some girls were born not to smile. 8 Belles teach this girl how to work her assets.- nik

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Another Jab Thrown By Keisha

March 16, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, Dirty Horses, The Dirty 33

8 Belles

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is just hilarious. She looks f*cking afraid of 8 Belle’s giant baby heads.  Why does 8 Belles think she is so hot and that she runs Dallas?  And Kinki is not her club its everyones that work there.  Nik, put her on blast and I say you take her DC celeb status away.

I need a statement from 8 Belles… something that includes a better image of her +2′s and her thoughts on Keisha’s behavior.- nik

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Keisha Is A Ding-Dong

March 15, 2011 8 Belles, Dallas, The Dirty 49

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik- Over the last few days there has been a twitter war going on in Dallas. The queen bee, 8 belles, has been calling out Keisha (barbie Keisha) on some shady sh*t. But Katie aka 8 Belles is right. Keisha says she is dating Kent Washington and is always tweeting how she is spending time with him and the shower sex is amazing. But you never see KWash tweeting about her or even acknowledging her. We all know KWash is just using her for *ss and she is in love. KWash is a seasoned nightlife pro and knows the game. Keisha is naive to think that there is a real relationship. Just a dumb chick who thinks she is a model. Also, Keisha, you never see Katie aka 8 Belles begging on FB & Twitter to come to her club and buy bottles from her. Nik, what are your thoughts? Is Keisha trying to over throw the original dirty celeb of Dallas? What do you think of girls that beg for guys on Twitter & FB to come by bottles just to pay rent?

I don’t want to get in the middle of Keisha’s sex life, but the facts are the facts. K-Wash bangs multiple women and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has a threesome with Keisha on his birthday (probably in a bathtub or under a waterfall). Keisha (blonde), please lose two pounds in the face so you can start sleeping with athletes and not club owners. I decided.- nik

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