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Electric Shock

December 21, 2008 Access Douche, Dallas, The Dirty 33

Electric Shock

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik please take a look at this guys hair. He promotes for access dallas and thinks he is wanted by every “X” handed girl. The guy on the left also thinks he is hot sh*t…access dallas is taking anyone these days. Or is that the kind of crap they want in there still not sure.

Access Douche tried to take pictures of me at Dolce Vendetta last Friday, but I refused.  To the hot chicks hiding in the white room pointing and staring at me.  I love you.  Also, just want to thank Owen Wilson for hanging out.  See you in Feb for my DIRTY 30 B-Day in Dallas.- nik

**Nice shell necklace Douche Bag.

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Douche Bag Tahoe

August 7, 2008 Access Douche, Dallas, Dirty Rides, The Dirty 5

Douchebag Tahoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Walked outside of my apartment saw this dirty ride and fell to the ground in hysterical laughter. I waited around to see who was driving it but it took entirely too long. Anyways im sure only a D-B would drive it.

Douchebaggery at its finest.  Access Douche is so cool!- nik

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Access Douche hires more youth

Access Douche



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Access Douche hires more youth

March 13, 2008 Access Douche, Dallas 4


This kid is only 17 and is AccessDallas main promoters at Purgatory can anyone say “Purgatory ran by 17 yr olds”? He also works at AccessDallasTeen Club17.

Now I am really starting to think Sean likes young boys. Maybe rename to AccessHigh School.- nik

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Access Douche

March 13, 2008 Access Douche, Dallas 5


EMAIL: This kid is only 17 years old and works for AccessDallas at Purgaytory. He thinks he’s the SHIT bc he runs around with Sean Edwards (Guess Sean has no friends over 18?) and Promotes for Purgaytory as well as Club 17 that is ran by AccessDallas.

Yeah, I heard Sean bangs high school chicks also. Grow up Douche.- nik

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January 8, 2008 Access Douche, Dallas 5


Dude is twelve years old how can she be the partner of Access Dallas. Some shady fake ID make-up thing is going on…

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December 28, 2007 Access Douche, Dallas, Leper 6


After further review I give you permission to wear make-up Douche bag. Maybe look into some botox when you get a chance too.

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I am cool

December 27, 2007 Access Douche, Dallas 4


Hey Choker I think you need a bigger pink sweater shirt.
(The mouth on the right is so scary.)

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December 18, 2007 Access Douche, Dallas, The Dirty 3


Dude ever true Douche Bag never forgets to load up on the AXE deodorant. I was so proud of the make-up, sunglasses at night, the sonic the hedgehog highlighted hair and very important business meeting attire. But your sweaty pits?

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