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Adobe Is Back In Action

September 10, 2014 Adobe, Hollywood 0


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, your favorite: the one, the only, Adobe is back! This time it’s to kick off her new high-class modeling gig with a lingerie company. Guess it’s time to go buy some #playtimep*ssy gear, Nik.

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Adobe Spills That She Likes Being “Pounded”

March 28, 2014 Adobe, Miami, The Dirty 101

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, found an old clip of Brittany Rathel aka Brittany Cole aka Adobe getting interviewed by Playboy. She speaks of wanting to engage in a threesome with a sexy girl and tells all about her sex toy shopping process. Couldn’t watch for longer than 3 minutes without my cheeks flushing in embarrassment for her.

The chick doing the interview is much prettier than Adobe.- nik

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Adobe With Officially The Ugliest Porta Potty Crew

January 9, 2012 Adobe, Hollywood, Porta Potty, The Dirty 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this has got to be the worse looking group of Porta-potties I have ever seen. Here you can even see ADOBE! Can’t recognize her? That’s because the photo has not yet been photoshopped ahahha. These guys pay these ugly girls to go on their yacht in St Barts, What is your opinion Nik?  Which one is being poo pooed on tonight? LOL! Two of these guys are married, and the other ones are low life sleazy players in LA. I think they need to be called out by the Dirty Army!

How does Stevie Wonder know where the camera is?- nik

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I Give You Sauga’s #1 Sloot

December 21, 2011 Adobe, Toronto 13

I Give You... Sauga's #1 HOE

I Give You... Sauga's #1 HOE

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik this chick Karen, she is hands down one dirty spic who will sleep with anyone she comes in contact with..she works at some ghetto spanish club in toronto, meets different dirty men all the time and will have sex with them, no questions asked! ..She has a horse mouth, which makes me think at times she belongs at a zoo, her ass is as flat as a wall and with all that said she still thinks shes gods gift to men. Shes a spic enough said. she will have illegitimate children cause thats what spics do. overall shes a BIG hoee..and a crazy stalker, she will stalk men that dont want her and that she can never get. This is my Christmas gift to her ..a post on the dirty where she truly belongs..

Whats with her hand placement, find something to do with those chubsicles.- nik

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Adobe At It Again

December 16, 2011 Adobe, Aspen, Miami, The Dirty 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was on aspendailynewsonline and bored as hell at work… Anyway came across my long lost friend and her BF in the arrest section. Aspen police officers witnessed a disturbance on the Hyman Avenue mall and responded to it. After investigation, Brittany Rathel, 22, of Sunny Isles, Fla., and Veronica Wimm, 21, of Aspen were each issued a municipal court summons for disorderly conduct. Aaron Preston, 25, of Sunny Isles, Fla. was placed under arrest and transported to Pitkin County Jail where he was charged with 3rd degree assault and false reporting to authorities.

Wow, that is Dirty Celeb “Adobe”.- nik

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Adobe Gets Busted With Some Marijuana

October 9, 2011 Adobe, St. Petersburg, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, first time submitter. Not sure if this is Adobe, (hard to tell with all the make up in google picts) but the name matches.  Looks like miss perfect got busted for some Ganja… LMFAO, how funny is that Nik.  Thoughts about where her non existent career is headed?

That actually is a pretty good mugshot. She should be proud.- nik

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Nik, Use Your Magic And Tell Us Why

May 31, 2011 Adobe, Miami, The Dirty 18

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Adobe got arrested in Feb. How has this not surfaced yet? Use your dirty army to fill us in on what her offense was. My guess prostitution but that’s just me.

Crazy, what happened and what is up with her lower lip?- nik

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Photoshop Or Not, Adobe Is Amazing

May 25, 2011 Adobe, Miami, The Dirty 20

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Adobe’s pictures might be photoshopped to the MAX, but you have to admit the chick is hot as hell and any man would be lucky to sleep with her.  Do you agree with me about that at least?

In the last image, her upper and lower thigh lining make no sense. Photoshop failure.- nik

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