AIM | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

AIM Said It Best

July 22, 2013 AIM, Las Vegas 32

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went to the strip club AIM works at in Vegas and she looks good in person except she is short and thick but she has abs and toned arms. Her booty is huge I mean like the size of Rhode Island. She is still holding up and also she gets jocked at pool parties during this yearrs pool season and makes more $ than all those skinny waitresses working serving at the pool.  Bottom line when I spoke to aim at the strip club she says it best f-ck the haters!!

Green is not her color.- nik

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AIM Has The Best IG Videos

July 18, 2013 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 86

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, have you been watching AIM’s IG videos?  They are so insane and hot and sexy its crazy.  And the 15 seconds is perfect time to be able to jerk one out.  I have a bunch of times and its the best.  Go AIM.

Everyone is OVER the video function on Instagram. It was cool for a week.- nik

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Lori Loves To Flaunt Her Refund Gap

July 17, 2013 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 28

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Lori she is pals with AIM and she is known through Vegas and Hollywood.  She has been around a long time she was like a low rider model in the mid 90′s in my JR high days.  She still parties her ass off and runs around like she is 19 years old.  The best part, is that she actually loves her refund gap.  She is proud to have it and flaunt it.

You can fill Lake Mead in that Gap. You can actually see how it caves into a cavity, perfect for wake boarding. Anybody have a cup of water to test it out?- nik

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AIM Was The Best Ever

June 15, 2013 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 133

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, going to keep this very short and straight to the point.  I just celebrated my 21st birthday in Las Vegas last weekend.  My boys knew how obsessed I was with AIM and they all pitched in and booked her for me.  It was the best hour of my life.  I literally came twice in 1 hour.  I usually last 15 min at least but AIM has the magical touch.  I’m telling anyone going to Vegas, get on Eros (just google it) and you can get her escorting services for 500/HR.  I’m in a love.  No, joke.

Once again please understand is not for escorts. Please only submit AIM for body fluctuation purposes.- nik

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You Will Never Guess Who This Is

May 25, 2013 AIM, Miami, The Dirty 20

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photo 2 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so my man and I were going through his computer to see all of his past girls and then we came across this one?  Both of us are fans of TheDirty and he told me I’d never be able to guess who this is… I couldn’t and when he told me I was shocked.  These are pics from 2006 of the one and only AIM.  I can’t believe the transformation this girl has had.  She is like the female version of Michael Jackson.

No way, that is a different head.- nik

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If All Your Friends Are Escorts, Then You Definitely Are

May 22, 2013 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 82


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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Ericka was mad because she was posted on TheDirty about being a hooker and all that.  Well, sweetheart all the girls you hang out with are escorts, so many of us have a hard time believing you aren’t one… since all your friends are.  I hope she shuts up now.  Because we all know what AIM does for a living.

There is only one way for Porta-Potty women with body types like these to survive in Las Vegas.- nik

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Smart Move For AIM

May 22, 2013 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 40


photo 2 copy

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am friends with Aylen aka AIM.  Nik, she is a regular on TheDrty and she loves the fame even if its negative. She just gets upset that you don’t promote her twitter or IG page, so now she is posting more sexy nearly naked pics with water marks to gain more followers, smart or stupid move Nik?

Dear God, she gained weight over the winter.- nik

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Las Vegas Pool Season Is Now Official

May 8, 2013 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 37

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, pool season has officially began as AIM has been working out hard for months now to lose the baby fat she gained over the winter.  She has been squatting and now she made an appearance at a few pool parties! Nik, how is she going to do this season, will she find a trout or another juice head?

AIM still looks chunky, she needs to stop hanging out with skinnier girls. Get MapQuest back on the payroll.- nik

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