AIM | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

AIM’s Little Sister

July 6, 2010 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out Aim and her sister getting rough and tough during this photoshoot. Nik did anyone get hurt, also when will AIM introduce her sister to plastic surgery so they can look like twins?  Because to you AIM is not hot but to most of the reader of TheDirty would love to have one night with her.

AIM your sister is in desperate need of Lipo (belly, arms, jaw, arms and arms), breast augmentation, botox and cheek implants… come on AIM you are not being a good influence on her.- nik

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Finally AIM With Clothes On

June 30, 2010 AIM, Las Vegas 13

Finally AIM with clothes on

Finally AIM with clothes on

Finally AIM with clothes on

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so i came across these photos of Aim and i was surprised she was actually for once wearing something that covered her whole mutant body. I actually think she looks prettier but from the look of these photos her Canadian Greg doesn’t seem to approve. As a dirty army follower i felt like i had to share these photos with u Nik. What do you think of AIM clothed look?

I think she looks SO MUCH better with clothes on.- nik

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It’s Confirmend, AIM Got New +2′s

June 23, 2010 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 105

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so it’s confirmed, here’s a before and after picture of AIM this summer with her surgically enhanced +2′s. I heard her Canadian Greg swiped his card for them but what i don’t understand is how her +2′s got bigger and her bikinis get smaller.

I know this is not saying much, but her before looks better than her after.- nik

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AIM Is Looking Sloppier Than Ever

June 22, 2010 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 30

AIM looking more sloppy & haggard than ever

AIM looking more sloppy & haggard than ever

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, AIM entered Las Vegas Hot 100 Bikini Contest and it was the first time I got to see her in person.  Since the day I logged onto I was in love with AIM but after seeing how beat she really is in person I am pissed.  Nik, you should warn your readers about these chicks, photoshop is definetly for liars.  Anyway check these pics out, getting engaged has mad her fat and nasty.

Yeah, she has gone downhill big time.  You have to blame her new Canadian dude!  He lies to her everyday and says, “You are beautiful AOL Instant Messenger”.  She was a lot hotter in her ConRoid’s days… where he would beat here down and tell her the truth.- nik

[IMAGES:  SpyOnVegas]

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AIM’s Trend With Guys

June 17, 2010 AIM, ConRoids, Las Vegas, The Dirty 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, AIM aka aylen has been a dirty celeb for almost 3 pool seasons now, and as notorious as she is her boyfriends are just as famous as she is, remember in 08 there was this roid head and come end of pool season she dumped him, then 09 came and with that pool season it brought fresh out of prison and roided out of his mind the infamous dirty celeb CONROIDS, and of course by the end of the pool season she dumped him. Now its pool season 2010 and guess what she has her Canadian Greg, who she is “engaged” to. Nik do you notice a trend, do you think come end of September Canadian Greg will get dumped and lose his VISA and go crawling back up North? Or is this true love and he is the real guy that can break the trend?

She must be good with needles?  I think this Canadian Greg will have a good 2 season pool run… she will get bored and move on to another Roider with more money.- nik

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When’s The Porn Coming

June 12, 2010 AIM, Las Vegas, The Dirty 48

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out AIM and her Canadian Greg and their latest photo shoot (shot by her Sister BTW). Nik as many dirty celebs in the past have appeared in Porno, when do you think these two will make there debut? Do you think they will only work as a couple?  Also Nik, is it me or does it sound really funny when everyone says AIM’s Greg when they refure to him?

I’m pretty sure they already have a tape and it’s gonna be a battle of the bulges to see who has the shnuttz to leak it to me when their relationship turns to sour grapes like you know who’s already are.- nik

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AIM’s Greg Is Natural As Her +2′s

June 8, 2010 AIM, ConRoids, Las Vegas, The Dirty 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Aim’s Greg used to be in shape when he was in Toronto, but then magicly when he moved down to Vegas to be with AIM, his body got massive and he claims its all natural. Honestly Nik I think his body is as real as AIM’s +2′s … What do you think is the kid juicing it up and AIM shooting him in the butt so he can compete with her ex ConRoids.  And speaking of ConRoids I heard he hates the attention he gets from the site, he said he gets enough attention from his muscles he doesn’t need TheDirty.

Homeboy is not natural at all… my guess is that 478 needles have penetrated his butt over the past 2 years.- nik

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Ro-Hawk’s Ex Finds A Douche With More Tribal Tattoos

June 1, 2010 AIM, Las Vegas, Miami, RO-Hawk, The Dirty 53

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, after a hard break up poor Ro-hawk was MIA in Mia. After the break up his Ex Nicole moved with her good friend AIM to Vegas, and AIM introduced her to this roided out douche and this weekend they had a shotgun wedding. Maybe its because he had way more Tribal Tattoos but Nik what do you think Ro-Hawk will do when he finds out? I bet he is so heart broken.

Honestly, what does that tattoo even mean and why is it cool?  You are not even Somoan broham.- nik

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