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Audrey Bolek Back At It

March 24, 2014 Alien, Chicago, The Dirty 157

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Audrey C. Bolek still thinks she’s a model? Someone PLEASE put a stop to this clown scaring children and costumers at Spybar. Not only is she anorexic, but look at her disgusting neck in the second picture. Looks like she hasn’t scrubbed in weeks. Little advice Aug, YOU HAVE TO SHOWER 8 HOURS AFTER A SPRAY TAN. Nik, what is your opinion on this delusional clown?

There is an issue with her side boob. It’s like the bag fell too low under the muscle.- nik

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Lauren Paige’s 3rd Time

November 11, 2013 Alien, Denver 33

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve seen this girl on here a couple times already and I will have to admit that the rumors are true. Sure she thinks she is \”hot\” and deserves to be called a model however aren\’t models supposed to be attractive? I mean you look like a guy sweetheart! Who the f*ck can say they are a model and always have the same retarded facial expression?? You look stupid and on top of that note you are a a whore. The other night at Andy Macs you go and grab some black guys junk when your bf was at the bar?? Lauren you are a fugly girl and just stupid. You are never going to be a “big” model and also I always read you are “moving” to Denver soon. Bitch you\’ve been saying that for a year. Nik if being able to knock a ho out wasn\’t a crime I might be doing the world a favor because Lauren Dorsey is just the epitome of fucking disgusting things. idc who thinks this is wrong however go slit your wrists. You really do need to just die and stop being so annoying.

She isn’t moving.- nik

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Square Boobs

November 14, 2012 Alien, Chicago, Iowa 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Audrey Bolek once again. She was a beautiful girl with make up before she got this horrible cheap boob job in Indiana that she could barely afford. I just don’t understand, what is she thinking taking pictures in a swimsuit. Someone please help her, give her some advice, I actually feel really bad for her. What do you think Nik?

Those thinks need to be fixed.- nik

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Blast From The Past

November 11, 2012 Alien, Dallas, The Dirty 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like Alien finally got her life in order. She is now a cowgirl, goes to church, and is getting married to a guy that works in the oilfield. Did you get an invite to the wedding? Think he knows about her porn star past?

Good for Alien. I didn’t recognize her at first. I actually write about her past in my book… if this guy can save Alien = God bless him.- nik

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I Hate You Nik Richie

March 20, 2012 Alien, Berkeley, Ibiza, The Dirty 74

Nik Richie

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik Richie is probably the biggest p*ssy I know. I go and try to contact him about something on this site and he won’t even put up his contact info. He is scared of people and looks like a dirty spik. If i could fight this guy, I would one hitter quitter this f*cking faggot and make him cry like a little b*tch (even though I’m sure he cries like a baby back b*ch all the time). Nik if you see this put up your contact information and I will personally email and tell you who this is. This site is for low lifes and the since nik started this he must be the biggest low life of them all.

And you are not a lowlife because? I hate how retarded some people are… since when have I been hiding?- nik

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Nik, Remember The Good Old Days

April 26, 2011 Alien, Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 37

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check a few old but great pictures from the Leper and the Alien. It would be nice if they would just totally embrace the life style. It can’t be any worse than what we have already seen from them recently.  Nik, do you by chance know what the hell happened to Alien, is she alive, is she still doing porn, or is she a crack head living on the streets?

Last I heard Alien has multiple children by multiple fathers which pulled her out of the lifestyle. Makes me think that Leper needs multiple babies to survive in this world.- nik

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Little Rat

March 24, 2011 Alien, Chicago, Illinois 48

the little rattt

the little rattt

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well i dont even know where to start. this girl megan grycko is complete bullsh*t. she is the biggest wh*re in our town. she looks like a rat and has some huge ass teeth. she goes tanning so much that she looks like a hot dog and your able to crack her hair. me and my buddies used to bang her all the time and passs her around until we found out she got an abortion THREE TIMES. she tried losing weight and lemme tell you it wasnt from pepsi.

Her skin color is awful and her nose looks like a fish hook.- nik

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Do You Smell Fish?

March 10, 2011 Alien, Pittsburgh 7

Do you smell fish?

Do you smell fish?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this b*tch thinks she’s hot sh*t! She’s 40 years old and she looks like she’s eighty! She has five kids and there all to different guys. She goes out to bars and dances like she’s f*cking sexy, when she knows that she’s not! She has no real teeth in her mouth and she sleeps with just about every guy she meets. Right now she’s sleeping with this scum bag just to get a place to stay! Her house is being repossessed and she needed a place to go so she opened her legs for a free ticket. She’s defiantly got an STD or two because her ex husband did and her sister even told ME that she did! She sends nude pictures around and everything, it’s f*cking disgusting. Michelle, close your legs! You smell worse than the Allegheny River at sunset!!

Her kids are probably so proud of all that she has accomplished.- nik

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