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Freddy Fags & Alien Double Up

January 7, 2009 Alien, Dallas, Freddy Fags, Hollywood, The Dirty 37


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, So Alien has found a new partner in crime, Penthouse Pet Lindsay Marie to conveniently replace Leper, is the dirty initiation require them to double team Freddy Fags??

They wont let him until he shows his papers.  They can’t risk ruining their new careers.- nik

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The Next Dirty Duo

January 7, 2009 Alien, Leper, Miami, The Dirty 22


THE DIRTY ARMY: I have been going to school with these two sl*ts since middle school. They got +2s in high school. They are so fake and stuck up. They had no friends in high school except each other. I cant even begin to explain these two c*ke heads to you. All they do is f*ck and do drugs. These annoying chicks have been butt buddies since they were 10. They’re regulars at all the hot spots in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. The little b*tch is Candice and the fat wh*re is Rachel. What do you think Nik? the next dirty duo?

This might be the new Leper and Alien?  God I love Miami.- nik

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The Next Dirty Duo

December 30, 2008 Alien, Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 26

thedirty next top Lac&Kel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lacey (alien) and Kelli (leper) did get kind of old- so whats next?… I did some searching (number 1 soldier of the dirty army)

1. you’ve got2look alike, act alike, dress alike
2. more than likely, you have to be blonde.
3. you have to be lezbo
4. skankish a plus!
5. u have to drink & do drugs24-7
7. you’ve got to have a rep of sleeping with numerous guys/girls
8. you have to be in the club scene all the time!
-rate these beat chicks!

Sorry, but these Rhinos are not even close.  Search harder… the rules look pretty legit though.- nik

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InCase You Didn’t Know…

December 29, 2008 Alien, Dallas, InCase You Didnt Know..., The Dirty 67

Leper and Johhny Sins

Tyra Banks could not save Alien.  She has crossed over to the darkside and the producers have not even called her or Leper once to see how they are doing.  I thought Tyra’s 7head was supposed to take them under her wing and get them real modeling jobs.  TYRA BANKS LIED for good TV.

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December 23, 2008 Alien, Dallas, Leper 30


THE DIRTY ARMY: Back when they were one! back when they were fun! dallas needs their mascots back!

No, they should never get back together.- nik

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Nice Try Leper

December 10, 2008 Alien, Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 65

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this jus doesn’t look as hott without Alien…
sorry leper, when you take pics like this with other females aside of Alien… it just look like yall are dikes…

In a weird totally messed up way because I think they should never be friends again.  I agree with you.- nik

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Fat Boy Begging For A Sugar Baby

December 9, 2008 Alien, Dallas 26

Fat Boy Begging For A Sugar Baby!


THE DIRTY ARMY: This douche nozel is named Bradley Abb*t and he can be found either in your local strip clubs or in any of the “trendy” Dallas bars trying to persuade good looking women into being a fat boy’s sugar baby. He goes to all the new hotspots buying bottles and partying the night away with his “friends” and pretending like he’s got all the money in the world. The reality of the situation is that he is involved in tons of lawsuits for all the shady business that he has done and is paying tons of lawyer fees.
Also, the last “SB” that he had he met on sugardaddy and a day after them meeting (which is the same day that she moved in to his “penthouse”) she left him at the pool for another guy in the same building (and moved in with him). I guess the other guy was offering her more money! He’s constantly asking girls to be is sugar baby, because he knows that paying someone is the only way that he can get someone to have sex with him.
He runs around driving a porsche, spending money like water, and “making it rain” at strip clubs around Dallas, but in reality he is about to claim bankruptcy and his bank account is almost ran dry. Great way to invest! He has a picture of him posing with a piece of new art he is so proud of, but the artist had to basically track him down and make him pay for it. Way to keep up appearances.
Put this douche on blast so everyone can see him for the broke, overweight, poser that he really is.

Can someone please introduce this guy to Alien.  See I make a great matchmaker.- nik

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InCase You Missed It

December 1, 2008 Alien, Dallas, Leper, The Dirty 95

In case you missed it

THE DIRTY ARMY: Just wanted to let everyone know that if you happened to miss the episode of Leper and Alien on Tyra, the re-run will be playing this Thursday, December 4th, on Fox at 1 pm. Don’t miss it!!!
And by the way, I’m completely Team Leper!  Why?

Alien is super ugly, like a butter face like I’ve never seen one before. I honestly don’t see any attractiveness in her whatsoever. She has a child at home but thinks she needs to go f*ck on a video camera? That’s so insane to me. I have many friends that are unfortunately single mothers, and they work 2 or 3 jobs, but none of them include taking their clothes off. I honestly find str*ppers repulsive, but if I had to go with one it would be Leper, because I do think she’s really beautiful, although she could lose the racoon eye makeup
And also because it’s obvious that she’s the paris in this apparent paris/nicole friendship. Alien seems to just want to be her and is living in her shadow, like I’ve seen others say. I’m not saying either of these girls are very smart, but with what they do have… Leper seems to hold it down better.

Well said… this makes me want to be on Team Leper even more now.- nik

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