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The AR Mystery Has Been Solved

September 12, 2014 AR Mystery, Boston, Dallas, Hollywood, The Dirty 15

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Amanda Roadmen. Some people get confused and think it’s Arielle Reitsma but the truth is they were twins separated at birth. They both refuse to acknowledge this fact and keep saying their twin is a Catfish.  Done solved.

My money says Amanda Roadmen looks like a real life Danny DeVito.- nik

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Proof That Amanda Roadmen Is A Fake

September 23, 2013 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we have posted about this girl before but she really pisses me off. We all know Amanda is stealing Arielle Reitsma’s photos. She really made a BIG ERROR when she did this: “@amandaaroadmen 25 July, come out to #theplace Boston tomorrow night where I’m hosting! Contact @OKCVlP for tickets & details!!”.

The FBI says they are really close to arresting her. They know who Amanda Roadmen is.- nik

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Who Is Hotter: Arielle Reistma or Jessica Burciaga

January 15, 2013 AR Mystery, Hollywood, The Dirty 36

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, my boyfriend and I got into the biggest fight ever over who is hotter, Jessica Burciaga or AR Mystery Arielle Reistma.  I personally think AR Mystery is way hotter and has a much sexier body, but he begs to differ, claiming that Jessica has way more sex appeal about her.  Can we do a vote and see what the masses think?

Who is the hotter model?

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Arielle Has Never Looked Better

October 29, 2012 AR Mystery, Hollywood, The Dirty 28

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, check out these new photos of Arielle Rietsma.  The girl is looking the best she has ever had and I think she has finally passed Jessica Burciaga on the hotness level.  Nothing is wrong with her, beautiful face and she keeps taking care of that body.  What do you think?

I think she needs to stop looking Mexican.- nik

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I Have Personally Worked With Amanda Roadmen

October 4, 2012 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, The Dirty 42

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m writing in regard to this post. My names Robert Valentino. I own VMG LLC. It’s PR company. I’ve worked with who you call “Arielle”. & I’m pretty confused, why you are ragging this girl…. I’ve met and worked with her. I think she’s playing both sides due to when I asked her about this before working with her, she said that this “drama” was created by her friend and your web site at first to get her to win Miss Hawaiian Tropic USA due to the votes being voted online & she needed exposure. I don’t understand, Why you’re saying they need to arrest her??? She hasn’t done anything wrong? Amanda Roadmen is her legal name whether you post this to your viewers or not, I’ll be happy to send you the photo release and copy of her ID we’ve scanned…she’s either not telling you her real name because she doesn’t want it on the web site or she’s just trying to get her name in the press because she’s not doing much modeling anymore or acting…she claims she is, but she is not…. the fact is she hasn’t gotten a job in almost months, We just recently let her go from out PR firm but …I wanted to write this in, Because I was concerned for our firm ..I thought she had commited an actual crime so I took upon myself to actually contact the FBI when I saw this post last week… they returned my call today, & did a complete database search and there isn’t a on going investigation regarding Amanda Roadmen or Arielle Reitsma, the girl doesn’t even have a criminal record & I seriously doubt she’s stolen 9,000 dollar’s from anyone, she has money …she’s not rich but she def doesn’t need to fraud people out of money. I attached photo’s one of the magazine of me and my employee holding the magazine & the other’s are one of the magazine itself on shelves, one at my house, and the other one is her holding it. — I also would like to add she’s the one who told us to put the english verison in her LEGAL name which is amanda roadmen, and the italian verison in her stage name which is arielle reitsma. I suggest you post the correct information otherwise, I’ll be sending maxim this post and I’m sure they wont want their magazine tied with this.

There actually is an investigation going on. I’m friends with Arielle Reitsma the REAL chick… so you and your photoshop skills are going down. Maxim should get in on this too. This highjacking is classless for their brand.- nik

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The FBI Needs To Arrest Amanda Roadmen

September 26, 2012 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 52

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this fake person Amanda Roadmen has been defrauding men for 5 years now. The FBI needs to seriously find this guy and put him in jail for life. Whoever this guy is stole over $9k from my buddy and he never heard from the con-artist again. I sent my friend a link to your radio show with the real person Arielle Reitsma and he was SHOCKED. Like most guys he had been victimized by Amanda Roadmen. He has contacted local authorities, but knowing the AR Mystery from your website I have decided to contact the FBI. Nik any help you can give us towards this case would be deeply appreciated. Also, if anyone in the Dirty Army has come across Amanda Roadmen please email [email protected] We are gathering as much evidence as possible to arrest this person. Thanks Nik.

Amanda Roadmen you need to work on your photoshop skills. The Maxim covers do not lie.- nik

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AR Mystery Is No Mystery

July 29, 2012 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I hate to say it but Arielle Reitsma is actually making a name for herself in Hollywood. Here she is in another music video. Will this dirty celebrity be your Mona Lisa?

I’m not happy with the make-up and wardrobe situation in this video = Low Budget.- nik

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Nik Richie Radio – Episode 46 “The Real AR”

June 28, 2012 AR Mystery, Boston, New England, Nik Richie Radio, The Dirty 21

Here is the recap of this weeks Nik Richie Radio show. We discuss DJ Parisite Hilton and people call in to get their posts removed. Will they stay or will they go? Also, we have special guest Arielle Reitsma in studio.

Fans of the Radio Show who live in the Southern California are invited to “Think Tank” this Friday at the John Lovitz Theater, Universal City Walk. I will be performing live 10PM Click Here for more details

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