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March Madness – Sweet 16

March 29, 2011 AR Mystery, Elvira, March Madness 2011, Scooby Snack, Silver Dollar, The Dirty 17

***** Voting Ends at 5PM (PST) ****

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Dirty Celeb March Madness Round Of 32

March 24, 2011 AR Mystery, Burnt Bacon, Elvira, March Madness 2011, Nickel, Rackstar, Scooby Snack, Silver Dollar, Tang, The Dirty 19

*****Voting Ends Tomorrow at 5PM (PST)******

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Dirty Celeb March Madness- Round 1

March 19, 2011 AR Mystery, Bronzilla, Loptimus Prime, March Madness 2011, Nickel, Pucker, Rackstar, Silver Dollar, Spartica, The Dirty 11

Round 1 Winner: AR Mystery

Round 1 Winner: RackStar

Round 1 Winner: Nickel

Round 1 Winner: Silver Dollar

March Madness starts back up Monday. My legal team ROCKS!!

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AR Mystery Is Arielle Reitsma

January 3, 2011 AR Mystery, Hollywood, The Dirty 10

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, looks like AR Mystery might be solved.  The clothing company Two In The Shirt (TITS) put this on their blog to try and pick what shirt best is for Arielle Reitsma… Case CLOSED.

The shirt doesn’t say DIRTY ARMY anywhere? I like the letter B.- nik

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I Found This On AR Mystery’s Facebook

December 20, 2010 AR Mystery, Hollywood, The Dirty 14

I found this on AR mystery's facebook

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I found this on Amanda Roadmen’s facebook page under information: “Personal Information: Amanda Arielle Roadmen also known as “Arielle” in hawaiian tropic pagaents, is the miss hawaiian tropic pagents winner who won for state, united states and universe also known for being an Actress/Model/Designer. Gender: Female”.” Also when I typed in her other name that fb has the same picture as the other. So its all one girl with a few stage names.

I just call her AR. I gave up on the mystery… that is so 2010.- nik

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My Friend Had An Encounter With The AR Mystery

November 27, 2010 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not sure if you ever figured out the Amanda/Arielle mystery? But let me tell you the b*tch is crazy and I think it’s the same crazy b*tch trying to get attention. My friend is in the fashion industry and the girl totally stalked him and would call him 30 times in a row and text non-stop. He would invite her out to places than at the last minute she would cancel with a lame excuse. Well after he told me this I added Amanda as a friend and than she sent me some crazy email talking about how my friend dissed her after that I added Arielle. My friend requested that I delete Amanda and block her after that Arielle sent me a pist off message about how I blocked the Amanda profile and deleted her as a friend. I think this is proof that its the same crazy bitch just trying to create publicity for herself.

I am really starting to think it is the same person. Click Here to help solve this Cold Case.- nik

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E-Mail To Nik From AR Mystery

September 21, 2010 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 46

EMAIL FROM Arielle Reitsma: Remove my new pictures from your web site. Saying my legal name isn’t “Amanda Roadmen” isn’t going to make it come true no matter how many times you falsify this on your web site, i have not deleted any of my profiles or my myspace/facebooks model mayhem or anything, anyone thats contacted me on them i now tell them my legal name since you have exploited me, mind your own business and stop worrying about me, kthanxbye.

Government Alien, I am even more confused now? So your real name is what?- nik

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AR Mystery Solved

September 1, 2010 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England 15

AR Mystery Solved?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amanda Roadmen deleted both her myspace and her Facebook…what’s the deal with that?

There is no such person as Amanda Roadmen. Her fake identity went back to her planet.- nik

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