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AR Mystery’s Groupie

March 15, 2010 AR Mystery, Boston, Los Angeles, The Dirty 50

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am sooooo tired of this AR groupie Michael F. pretending to date AR, Im on her facebook and nor has she ever had it posted that she’s dating this guy, she is dating some persian guy named Farrukah or some sh*t like that, he’s on her facebook and there’s also alot of pictures of them together but since people keep posting her on thedirty she’s now made her albums private, I found this picture from the lakers shoot she did, which in the magazine it says “Amanda” . Now do you really actually think Michael F. could get a girl like this? No way in possible, she never posted that she dated him …. he’d always comment on her page leaving her hearts and xoxo’s and saying sh*t like “I miss you” and all this other crap, he was sweating AR hard, please put this AR groupie on blast, Dirty Army knows all and sees all he can’t fool the DA!!! Maybe you should date AR then you could find out if she works for the goverment or not, I personally think you and AR would make hot goverment conspiracy babies that would rule the world!

I want to see pictures of Amanda Roadmen with this Iranian terrorist please.  He must be loaded if he is pulling her REFUND Gapped ass.- nik

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Update On AR’s Mystery Boyfriend

March 6, 2010 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, Las Vegas, The Dirty 65

Update on AR's  Mystery Boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was on Mike F’s facebook a few days ago and noticed that he deleted all of his posts that AR had responded to on his page. He also changed his relationship status. Word on the street is that Mike got teased so much from his friends for claiming he was dating AR. Mike claimed to be dating AR but never met her. She wouldn’t even send him a candid photo. She sent him some photoshopped photo with a heart on her crotch lol. I say Mike is a 30k millionaire obsessed with AR. It was probably some man pretending to be AR and he fell for it. Maybe AR really is a conspiracy!! Dirty Army Strong!

Mike, you must feel like a real loser… dating a girl you have never met.  Looks like the government sucked you in as well.- nik

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AR Mystery’s New Boyfriend

February 27, 2010 AR Mystery, Boston, Las Vegas, The Dirty 58

Looks like Amanda Roadmen has a new boyfriend

Looks like Amanda Roadmen has a new boyfriend

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see that Amanda Roadmen has a new bf…His name is Michael F*rreira he lives in vegas and owns some company vegas keys vip. He seems like a 30k millionaire, what do you think?

AR is a cyborg alien government robot… why would she choose this loser?  He seems for the Gays.- nik

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AR Mystery Revealed In Kansas

February 25, 2010 AR Mystery, Hollywood, Kansas City, The Dirty 29

AR Mystery Revealed

AR Mystery Revealed

AR Mystery Revealed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just saw the newest AR dirt, and for the first time, recognized her when I saw the Lakers photo shoot. As far as I know AR’s name doesn’t start with either of those letters. Her real name…is RAY FINKLE! No seriously though, I’m friends with her on Facebook, where she goes by Shelby Danielle. She is from Lenexa, KS. I don’t personally know her, but we share a few mutual friends. It is definitely the right girl because these Lakers photos are in her pictures on FB. Can’t hide from the DA.

So wait the plot thickens… Her name is RAY?  Maybe Ray is the mastermind dude behind this government Alien conspiracy.- nik

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Another AR Mystery Conspiracy

February 22, 2010 AR Mystery, Boston, Los Angeles, New England, The Dirty 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a recent follower of this whole “AR” controversary. I only have one thing to say and maybe some helpful ideas. I also have a few theories. I was recently watching the movie “The Surrogates” with Bruce Willis, “AR” is in this movie. Do you think it’s weird out of all the movies she decided to be in she picked The Surrogates? Click Here To Read This Guy’s Full Conspiracy

This Amanda Roadmen (blonde) conspiracy is getting way too weird for me.  The government really tries to play games.- nik

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AR Mystery Solved For Real

February 18, 2010 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, The Dirty 22

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is the AR clip from the Shear Gunius show, where she clearly states her name as Arielle.  What you gotta say about that nik?

Amanda Roadmen claims that Arielle is her stage name now for stalker purposes.  Sorry, but this is still a cold case file.- nik

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AR Mystery Solved, Pause Not

February 16, 2010 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, The Dirty 50

EMAIL From Amanda Roadmen: Nik, look….. i dont want to be mean to you i dont know you.  All the trouble you’ve caused for me, you’ve also gotten me alot of work modeling/acting wise so not all of this was bad, I dont want to have to drag you through court but I will.  I’ll ichat with you one time, and one time only and answer any question you have.  My ichat name is –  here’s two pictures to prove im not pullling your d*ck. after we ichat just leave me alone, i dont want to be posted anymore, im not the most important person you have on your site, im sure people would much rather here about “leper” and “pucker” whatever their names are, i dont bother anyone. you found me remember! deal or no deal? oh and ps….. here’s a hint, if i was from boston why would I have chosen the following costume for my Miss HT universe pagaent, you had to pick a costume that represented your hometown, my hometown being texas, i chose the texas star sailors (google it if u dont know what it is) i have the texas star embroided on the outfit of my sleeves and hat! also only ichat with you, i dont want to deal with ari, hes creepy.

The only thing that is real in this email is the last 9 words.  Amanda, I don’t ichat… that is for losers who can’t get laid, kind of like afterhours (for druggies or dudes who can’t close).  How hard is it to make a youtube video addressing who you really are to the world!!  Arielle can you make one since Amanda refuses to show up to any event I invite her too.  This is so X-Files government conspiracy.- nik

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AR On Shear Genius

February 15, 2010 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, The Dirty 22

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was just watching the 2nd episode of this seasons Shear Genius on Bravo, and guess who is on this episode about damaged/bad blonde dye jobs… The one and only AR.  And she JUST said her name was Arielle. There you go nik.  Mystery solved.  you’re welcome.

I still think it is Amanda Roadman the heiress to the Fairmont Hotels who lives in Jessica Simpson’s old mansion in Beverly Hills and is Brent Bolthouse’s cousin.- nik

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