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Government Conspiracy AR Continues To Be Exposed

July 16, 2009 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 265


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, according to this article in a local MA paper (Click Here) some of Amanda Roadmen’s lies are exposed. 1- They identify Arielle Reitsma’s dad as Robert, who lives in Weymouth (funny how Amanda claims her dad has a different name,) 2- she moved to LA in January to do acting, 3- she graduated from Weymouth High night school bc she wanted to do auditions during the day, 3- if she won the million dollars, she’d buy a BMW “to keep up with what people are driving” in LA, and 4- Weymouth casting agent Jodi Purdy Quinlan got Arielle an extra role in Bridal Wars. Funny how these seem to contradict the heiress with a stage name image that Amanda Roadmen is trying to cultivate via the dirty and various social media. Coupled with the local newspapers detailing her “accomplishment” in graduating from night school there, I think it’s safe to say that this girl is not Amanda Roadmen.

Right when I thought I was so close to the answer?- nik

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Happy Birthday Government Conspiracy

July 13, 2009 AR Mystery, Boston, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 276


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, according to AR/Goverment Conspiracy Amanda/Arielle, last Friday was Amanda Roadmen’s Birthday. I wonder if alien’s age? here are the newest pictures of AR, Is the picture with the green crap all over her eyes what she really looks like since she’s an alien/goverment conspiracy form? Happy Birthday AR/Amanda Roadmen!  Also one quick observation, Why would a “Boston” girl be wearing cowboy boots and cut off shorts? Isn’t that what Hillbillys wear in the south? she claims to be from texas, thats why the back of the white t-shirt she’s wearing says “texas born” I have that t-shirt, that’s kind of weird if she’s from “bahston”. Anyways Happy Birthday AR/Amanda Roadmen.

Happy Birthday Amanda Roadmen.- nik

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AR Mystery Was A No Show

July 6, 2009 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, Newport, The Dirty 210


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw the whole Dirty crew having a great night at PCl on Thursday…only I did not see the Government Conspiracy at your table. Did the CIA kidnap her or did AR pull a no show?

I think it is safe to say Amanda Roadmen is officially a fraud.- nik

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Guys Can’t Get It Up For AR Mystery

June 29, 2009 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, Scottsdale, The Dirty 143

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it looks like people have a hard time getting a Master Greg for Government conspiracy!

Looks like AR is blowing up.  That is a huge commercial for the Fairmont heiress. (She is in first scene.)- nik

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Give It Up Finally!

June 24, 2009 AR Mystery, Hollywood, Manhattan, New England, The Dirty 346


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Gee, look at this. “Congratulations to Arielle Reitsma representing – Hyannis, Massachusetts who was chosen as the 26th Miss Hawaiian Tropic Unites States. Arielle was chosen for her excellence in fitness, fashion, personality and demonstration of general health and sun care. She received $10,000.00 and will go on to represent the brand in promotional opportunities along with competing in the next Miss Hawaiian Tropic International finals.” IT’S ON THE OFFICIAL SITE. PLEASE LEAVE ARIELLE ALONE. STOP FAKING HER. GO RIDE A BIKE, GET SOME FRIENDS, GOSH DO SOMETHING! GET OFF THE COMPUTER “AMANDA.” believe it or not, there is a world outside of the internet…and lets just wait for the “omgz lmfao this is SO not the real site you dumba** lol i’m amanda i’m so realz lololol ~TeAm AmAnDa~!!!!! lmao” comments. Nik.. aren’t you weirded out this girl is so obsessed with you? Have fun being a solo at the party she is “attending”.

This doesn’t solve anything because Amanda Roadmen is claiming Arielle Reitsma is her modeling/stage name, but her real name is Amanda Roadmen.  This wreaks of the Government trying to plant bugs in our head.- nik

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AR Still Claiming An Imposter

June 22, 2009 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 205



EMAIL from Amanda Roadman: Massachusetts was the state I represented because I was dating a guy from MA & I lived there back and forth from LA & I was going to compete in the one for ca but i regestered too late so the director let me compete in the ma one since i was living there back and forth, but my faker claims she won the one in boston, and i didn’t, i won the one in “hyannis” you can see that on the sash as well, i also can get one of the director’s to email you this and confirm this, she didn’t know she could tell people my name because of privacy privilages and everyone was contacting them asking them, she didn’t know i wanted people to know my real name since i was using a stage name, let me know and ill give you her number and email address. so do you still want me to come to scottsdale?

Are we getting one step closer to the answer?  Could it be Amanda Roadmen?  She booked her ticket to come to Scottsdale for our July 2nd weekend kick off party at PCL.  Could this day be the case closer?- nik

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More Government Conspiracy Info

June 22, 2009 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty 250


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was checking my tumblr blog tonight, and on my dashboard (where all the new posts show up), someone had posted a photo of a blonde girl wearing a “miss hawaiian tropics usa” sash with the caption below the photo reading “congrats arielle, way to rep MA!”

Yup, the Government Alien Clone we know as “AR” (real name undetermined) won Miss Hawaiian tropic USA the other night.- nik

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Would You With Arielle Or Amanda?

June 20, 2009 AR Mystery, Hollywood, New England, The Dirty, Would You? 218


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think AR-Amanda Roadmen (yes i am convinced this is one person & she made this stalking game up herself) is one of the hottest chicks you have on I see you post about her a lot but I have never seen you put her in the “would you” category, So Nik would you?

Answer:  No, I do not sleep with Government cloned alien projects.  I am not trying to turn my Greg green.

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