Aubrey O’Day- No Photoshop

October 6, 2008 Aubrey (H)O'Day, Hollywood, Leper, The Dirty 38

Aubrey O'Day- no photoshop


That picture that you have posted of Aubrey O’Day sitting on the bed is so photo shopped it’s crazy!! That picture shows her as a size 0, but she not a size 0, she is closer to an 11 juniors in real life. There is a pic from Complex magazine when she is topless and looks like Courtney Love even though she is photo shopped to death. She has been going on a plastic surgery kick, got new lips and new tatas. Here are some pics from the Declare Yourself venue where she is not photo shopped. Big difference. So seeing her now, in real life, size 11, stretch marks on her boobs, belly fat and some hips.

I said it from day one… She looks like Leper.  Sorry Aubrey but you were way hotter before you became friends with Jenna Jameson.  She ruined you and any chance of us.- nik



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