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Nik, My First Dirty Sighting!

March 25, 2009 Billy the Corky, Dallas, The Dirty 8

my first dirty sighting!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Im not sure exactly who this guy is, but I’ve been addicted to the dirty for the past month or so & I know Ive seen him in a few posts before. I was at the lizard lounge on saturday & guess who I saw!! he was out on the patio acting like a total douche trying to give a group of girls light shows…

Is it just me or is Billy the Corky’s mohawk getting a little thin and heading to the rear? Time for Propecia.- nik

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Fetish Ball

January 5, 2009 Billy the Corky, Dallas 18

Fetish Ball

THE DIRTY ARMY: I was looking through pics from the fetish ball and came across a familiar face. What’s with the huge pimple on his chest and the little d*ck? Someone needs to lay off of the needle in the butt.

Yes, it is Billy the Corky.  Not surprised he is dressed like that.- nik

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The Douche Crew Of Dallas

December 24, 2008 Billy the Corky, Dallas, The Dirty 60

Needle Butt Squad

Needle Butt Squad

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik. Not sure if you’re going to post both of the pics I send, but here is the info on them both, just in case. We have Needle Butt, Billy the Corky or Corky the Kidd (your favorite Dirty Dallas Celeb) and D Nazi! It’s like a whole reunion! The second photo has Corky’s weird pale bi-polar girlfriend. Enjoy! Corky and Needle Butt have both had relations with men. Needle butt loves anything in or around his butt!

I haven’t seen Billy The Corky in forever… what is with Needle Butt inviting his father to the club (next to him)?- nik

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Billy The Kidd

September 9, 2008 Billy the Corky, Dallas 10

See nobody can match the thrill and excellence of Billy the Kidd’s hair.  Look at these two other Douches trying to replicate great hair.  You can’t use the product Billy uses… he is a Jedi with his head.

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Billy The Corky is back

July 7, 2008 Billy the Corky, Dallas 4

Billy the Corky loves chicks with d*cks.  I decided.

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Billy The Corky

June 24, 2008 Billy the Corky, Dallas 7

EMAIL:  hey nik,

I’m new to this site, but I absolutely luv it…it makes my boring a** work day go by much faster!
Billy the Corky that is not a chick… put it down please and get back on the short bus.  Thank you.- nik

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Leper, Alien and Billy The Corky

June 16, 2008 Alien, Billy the Corky, Dallas, Leper 9

This looks like a random house party? I am pretty sure that the chick on the right with the +2′s who has never graced, has no shirt on. I can only assume that the humidity is bothering her.

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Billy The Corky

June 12, 2008 Billy the Corky, Dallas, The Dirty 13

Okay, now it is officially time for “Billy the Kid” (at Kiss FM in Dallas) to have a sit down with his brother. There isn’t a Douche Bag superhero, but if there was one, I think this is what it would look like.

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