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My Horse, Blonkey

August 14, 2008 Blonkey, Dirty Horses, Orlando, The Dirty 22

It looks like BLONKEY is trying to pull a fast one on the DIRTY ARMY. She is trying to make her hair dark to get rid of the stigma of half of her name. Nice try, BLONKEY. The name is God-given. There is no backing out of the races now. You are a famous horse, just accept it and win races.

**DIRTY ARMY, I need more pictures of BLONKEY for the new Dirty Horses section. Keep your camera phones ready! Civilian Paparazzi in Orlando, Baby!

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And My New Orlando Horse’s Name is… (Drum Roll Please)

August 12, 2008 Blonkey, Dirty Horses, Orlando, The Dirty 2

Blonkey (Blonde + Donkey)

Thank you, DIRTY ARMY.  I couldn’t have named her without you.  See you at the Derby.

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Top 5 Names for My Orlando Horse

August 10, 2008 Blonkey, Dirty Horses, Orlando, The Dirty 15

Okay DIRTY ARMY, after 10k+ votes we have broken it down to the Top 5.  I know her +2′s look a little awkward, but we are training to fix that.

Top 5: My New Name is ___________.

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