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BoobSquatch Is Back And Better Than Ever

October 3, 2012 BoobSquatch, Hollywood, Newport, Riverside, The Dirty 79

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so Boobsquatch is happier than ever that she is back on IG.  She doesn’t care what anyone on this site says anymore because now she can be herself and post pictures to impress people she doesn’t know.  No more hiding for her, you can’t win this battle Nik.  She will keep posting hotter and hotter pictures and put all your haters to shame.

Stop submitting yourself BoobSquatch… that defeats the purpose of your name.- nik

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Boobsquatch Has Not Fallen Off

September 26, 2012 BoobSquatch, Newport, Riverside, The Dirty 25

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Boobsquatch has not fallen off and she is actually looking better than ever since she got back on social networks.  Checkout this picture of her looking fine and sexy as ever.  And her boyfriend and her are doing just great together.  FYI.

Let me guess… she bought those shoes from the Ontario Mills Mall, Sheikh Shoes or Hot Topic?- nik

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BoobSquatch Couldn’t Hold Out Any Longer

September 25, 2012 BoobSquatch, Newport, Riverside, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jenny aka BoobSquatch could no longer live her life without showing off her +2′s to random people. Glad to see her back on social networks because she represent us 909′rs like no other. Super hot, blonde, big breasts and a douchebag boyfriend to go along with it= 909 for life!

Are you sure BoobSquatch is back in the game? Last I heard she was spotted in the Redwood Forrest by some campers roasting marshmallows.- nik

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BoobSquatch Is Starting To Get Depressed

September 10, 2012 BoobSquatch, Newport, Riverside, The Dirty 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you have to get Jenny aka Boobsquatch off your website. The girl is starting to get depressed. She doesn’t want to go out and show off her +2′s or anything. The old BoobSquatch liked showing them off to a bunch of people she didn’t know. Trust me, if you can’t show your life off on social networks, it totally sucks.

That mole is killing me.- nik

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Leave BoobSquatch Alone

September 3, 2012 Anaheim, BoobSquatch, Riverside, The Dirty 13

THE DIRTY ARMY: RIP Jenny aka BoobSquatch. She doesnt deserve to be trashed by these ugly fat ass haters that continue to put her down. Lets make this her final passing…. Jenny has seemed to have deleted her IG account and all other social networks. Seems like she is just a regular girl who doesnt deserve to be put on blast on this trashy web site anyway. She doing something right unlike these other hoes on here that feed on the drama and post more sh*t just to get their name out there. This girl is amazing looking and doesn’t sleep around. Hope everyone is done with trying to put her down cause shes doining something right. We all love you Jenny and can’t wait to see you become a great mother and role model. F*ck all these haters U have so many people that love you. I feel like you passed away since I can no longer see you on the internet.

Looks like BoobSquatch is the real Big Foot now. I saved your life Jenny… live on.- nik

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**UPDATE: BoobSquatch Siting In The Jungle

August 30, 2012 BoobSquatch, Riverside, The Dirty 39

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’m not sure if you can make this animal out. It’s BoobSquatch getting her vacation on in the Jungle. I can spot those +2′s from anywhere. DA Strong!

I wouldn’t call that the jungle. I do see the pirate sized hoop earrings that scream Riverside though.- nik

**EMAIL UPDATE: Nik check out this picture of BoobSquatch, she is not pure. LOOK AT HER WRIST! Make her laser away that tattoo Nik! Such a deal breaker.

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Can We Please Make BoobSquatch Official

August 29, 2012 BoobSquatch, Riverside, The Dirty 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t want to call her Jenny anymore. Can you please lock in BoobSquatch as her new name so I can get some closure. I have more important things I need to worry about like Fantasy Football. Origin: Big Boobs + Sasquatch = BoobSquatch.

From this day forth Dirty Celebrity “BoobSquatch” is born. Let’s party.- nik

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BoobSquatch’s Boyfriend

August 28, 2012 BoobSquatch, Newport, Riverside, The Dirty 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, you totally f*cked up by posting Jenny. Her boyfriend and his gay twin are on a man hunt to take you and “TheDirty” Army down. I’m friends with him and all they talk about is how they will knock you out and kill you when they see you. When in reality, his friends and him are the biggest busters ever. They are a true joke in the 909 and everyone makes fun of them behind their backs. Mark is just another delusional loser who thinks he is cool as hell for having tattoo’s, cheating on his ugly girlfriend and growing weed. Sorry buddy, last time I check… that doesn’t make you cool at all. Nik, what are your thoughts? And are you scared?

I still don’t understand why this is my fault? It’s Jenny aka BoobSquatch’s crew and fake breasts that started this mess. Leave the 909 out of this.- nik

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