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Dirty Celebrity March Madness 2011- Round 1

March 7, 2011 8 Belles, AIM, b2, Blonde Snookie, Boston Globes, G-Girl, Hyena, March Madness 2011, The Dirty, Tranny Manny 8

Round 1 Winners from this pool: 8 Belles, Boston Globes, Hyena and G-Girl

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

December 17, 2010 Boston Globes, The Dirty 8

Click on the image to see Dirty Celeb Boston Globes and why her boyfriend chose her over DC Elvira.

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Is Boston Globes Still Relevant

February 23, 2010 Boston, Boston Globes, New England, The Dirty 17

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I was looking at this picture of Boston Globes and I know her and she looks nothing like that in real life.  Is she still even relevant to this site?

She is kind of relevant… Elvira kind of kicked her ass as the queen of New England so people got tired of her REFUND Gap.- nik

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Boston Globes One With Nature

November 10, 2009 Boston, Boston Globes, Miami, New England 7

Boston Globes

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s good ol Boston Globes enjoying the great florida weather… what do you think about her regular pictures without photoshop?

Her face looks like it is 39 years old.- nik

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Boston Globes On Vacation

November 9, 2009 Boston, Boston Globes, New England, The Dirty 11

boston globes on vacation

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik check out dirty celeb and elvira frienemy Boston Globes on Vacation. She actually looks better without photoshop.

I like how her top really hides the REFUND Gap, but she has terrible sucking in skills.- nik

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Elvira, Before And After

October 24, 2009 Boston, Boston Globes, Elvira, New England, The Dirty 92



I am guessing chin, nose and +2′s?  Can someone please find out who the doctor is that made this magic happen?  His butter knife needs to be framed.

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Boston Arch Enemies

October 22, 2009 Boston, Boston Globes, Elvira, New England, The Dirty 24


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, you know that Boston Globes and Elvira are freaking arch enemies. The two can’t even be alone in the room with one another. The whole time Elvira was with that 5’3 club promoter Boston globes was banging the sh*t out of him. And after Elvira got her @ss dumped..he choose the Globes over her…that made her go off the deep end and she had one of her little manic episodes as per usual. Elvira refused to go out, deleted her facebook, and posted away messages non stop about them. I’m sure Elvira was just thrilled when she found out that Boston Globes had been given dirty celeb status. Nik you should be glad that you two don’t talk at this point..dont get me wrong Elvira is smoking..but she is a million times as crazy as pucker…Im surprised she actually hasn’t called you crying and screaming about the post you put up.

If you are new to don’t be shocked at the Elvira pictures. That is what she used to look like before all her procedures. Trust me I thought it was someone else too, but nope it is the goddess herself. Which makes me wonder who her Doctor was because he deserves a trophy or something.- nik

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Boston Globes

October 21, 2009 Boston, Boston Globes, New England, The Dirty 12


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, since you put up new pictures from Elvira, Mellie decided to “leak” a few of her new photos out today… Is this a coincidence or did it happen it on purpose?

Boston Globes is trying so hard to put up a battle, but she doesn’t understand she has no shot with a REFUND Gap like that.  At least put 62 rose pedals in there or something?- nik

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