Canary | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 5

Canary Replaces Krusty & Grinch

July 24, 2009 Canary, Grinch, Krusty, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since Canary is basically leaving OC for Vegas she has got rid of the old crew of Krusty and Grinch and now taken these two things from OC under her wings and they are flying on her wings to Vegas each weekend. Nik do you think these two will be better members of Canary’s flock or will she dump them soon, also would you with these two?

Canary has about 5 years left in the tank.  She needs to save as much money as possible because she will not be able to find a Sugar Daddy in Vegas with those friends.- nik

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Canary At The Fair

July 23, 2009 Canary, Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Newport, The Dirty 39

Canary at the Fair

Canary at the Fair

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s Canary with her bestie Lil Jen and some Snatchquatch enjoying the OC Fair. Is it me or does Canary look old as dirt?

I am still trying to figure out why the cow turned his head to be in the picture… he must have known he would end up on nik

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Canary Hanging With 30k Milli Trout Douche Bags

July 22, 2009 Canary, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 30

Canary hanging with 30k milli Trout douche bags

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik looks like Canary and her new dirty duo are hanging with WELL known 30k millionaire trouts Joe(BLOW) and Erik, Nik I thought Canary’s could smell money from a mile away why is she kicking it with these losers?

Remember when D-Bags thought the bank robber look was cool?  Didn’t that last 3 weeks or something?  Also, Joe (the guy with 3 skulls on his Greg) you are like 50 years old… time to start lawn bowling at Leisure World.  Canary step up your game… these wallets do not match your price tag.- nik

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**Update** Breaking News: Dirty Celeb Canary Pulled Over For Suspected DUI

July 13, 2009 Canary, Dirty Cops, Dirty DUI, Las Vegas, The Dirty 54


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is Canary doing a breathalizer test. She got pulled over leaving the hard rock in vegas. I wonder if they made her walk a straight line in those heels?

Check out the second image.  The cop is not even looking at her eyes… sorry but very unprofessional.  I wonder if he got a Master Purple Greg when she started blowing?- nik

***Update: For those of you who that did not believe that this was Canary that got pulled over, here is another pic from earlier that day at The Hard Rock pool:


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Nik, Were You Wondering Where Canary Was On Fathers Day?

July 4, 2009 Canary, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 23

Nik were you wondering where canary was on Fathers day?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I know the Dirty Army was very concerned about Canary’s where abouts on Fathers day much like we were worried about the Governor of South Carolina, but safe to say she was partying at Rehab and not in Argentina, Newport with her father, or the Appilation mountains hiking.

This explains a lot.- nik

[Image:  Spy On Vegas]

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Canary Loves Chicks

July 1, 2009 Canary, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 27


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, supposedly dirty celeb Canary is all about the females.

Smart move… she can’t get pregnant munchin’ the rug.- nik

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Canary Grossed Out By Beat Chicks

June 25, 2009 Canary, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 31

even canary was grossed out


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, canary was at Rehab when this blob started freaking her friend, and it looks like even Canary was grossed out.

Blobs are not on Canary’s level.  She calls them peasants or bird turd (no joke).- nik

[Image: Spy On Vegas]

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Canary Is Knocked Up?

June 20, 2009 Canary, Las Vegas, Newport, The Dirty 70


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am friends with Canary and everyone in the group is saying she’s pregnant. From what I hear, she has an appointment to get rid of the new addition because she doesn’t know who the father is. I would think it’s hard for her to get knocked up because of everything she shoves up her nose and down her throat.

You are a great friend to her, I can tell.  Well, when you live in Vegas during the week the chances of getting knocked up by a random tourist is very likely.- nik

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