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August 8, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood, The Dirty 20

Carmex, I have heard rumors that you two are on drugs and I’m starting to believe them.

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July 22, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood, The Dirty 52

Carmex, I am putting out a bulletin to all plastic surgeons in Hollywood to no longer allow you service! I will not sit here and let them do this to you anymore.

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My Turn – Carmex (Would You?)

June 17, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood, The Dirty, Would You? 11

Below are the reason’s why I would say No to sticking it in Carmex.

1. He has rubberbands holding up his arms.

2. Sharpie Eyebrows from Star Trek Tranny Generation.

3. Eye balls are on an Ibiza Vacation 24 hours.

4. His nose is a Slip n Slide.

5. Cheekbones are made of Titanium.

6. His lips have cauliflower ears.

7. His +2′s are way too small.

8. Thank god this picture is from the waist up.

In conclusion, Carmex’s body is a Wonderland (down below).

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June 16, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood, The Dirty 81

DIRTY ARMY, now it is your turn…it is not fair, me having all the sex.


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May 16, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood, The Dirty 28

Serious question for the DIRTY ARMY because 9 out 10 dentist would say yes.

For $100.00 would you kiss CARMEX knowing that your lips would turn into hers for 2 weeks and you had to go to work and out in public… no hiding. Everyone would look at your lips and know you kissed a Shim. You would be famous for 2 weeks. Would You?

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Did You Tell Them??

April 10, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood 1


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When posing with people do you tell them that you were a man?? I like the light trick you did in this photo so that it over powers the lips!

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April 4, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood, The Dirty 11


Dude this Shim creeps me out bigtime! I have adjusted the photo below so her lips will make more sense. Please review.


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March 15, 2008 Carmex, Hollywood, The Dirty 35


I don’t see anything wrong with him?

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