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April 1, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood, The Dirty 27


Please expose one of the pageant world’s dark secrets—Chernobyl and her cheating ways. The caption on her Myspace says “I ALWAYS WIN”. . Only because her scandalous dad has been fueling pageant officials with money for years and its no surprise this b*tch makes it to the final round every time. Let the dirty army know the REAL reason why her nasty fake tan ass has been winning.

This is why I think everyone in LA is on drugs. How could Chernobyl win any kind of beauty contest? She is Russian/Asian which equals Raisin.- nik

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March 14, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood 0


EMAIL: Did the dirty army make this beast famous already?

YES, she is huge.- nik

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March 12, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood, The Dirty 15


I heard if you look directly into Chernobyl’s eyes you turn into stone.

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March 4, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood, The Dirty 28

INTRODUCING- “CHERNOBYL” from Hollywood, California.

Tuesday March 4, 2008 7:15 AM (Pacific)- FINAL TALLY WHAT A RACE!

Candidates VOTE TOTALS:

RAISIN- 71 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

CHERNOBYL- 82 votes by the DIRTY ARMY ***Winner***

CARNIE CHUNG- 25 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

DIM SUM- 11 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

CHARLIE- 3 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

Sorry about the delay, but I had to recount this 3 times to make sure. This was the greatest comeback in DIRTY REGULAR History. Yes, the votes are correct counting both posts and CHERNOBYL made a huge late run at the closing moments to win the election.- nik

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The Campaign Race- UPDATE

March 4, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood, The Dirty 43


Tuesday March 4, 2008 10:00 AM (Pacific)

Candidates are as follows by leading votes (last vote by Hey!)

RAISIN- 60 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

CHERNOBYL- 45 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

CARNIE CHUNG- 23 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

DIM SUM- 11 votes by the DIRTY ARMY

CHARLIE- 1 vote by the DIRTY ARMY

That is where we are at folks on this election trail. I am really digging CHERNOBYL and it seems like a tight race, but my only fear is that I might not be able to spell it.- nik

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TOP 5- Final Decision will be made on SUPER TUESDAY

March 3, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood, The Dirty 180


Here are my Top 5 from the DIRTY ARMY:

1) scottsdale Says: March 2nd, 2008 at 1:25 pm
russian + asain= Raisin

2) Confucius Says: March 2nd, 2008 at 1:40 pm
I shall call her “Dim Sum”. A little bit of everything, but a whole lot of nothing.

3) D Bags Says: March 2nd, 2008 at 3:31 pm
She looks both asain and like someone you would find at the county fair.
Let’s call her Carnie Chung.

4) Oleg Taktarov Says: March 3rd, 2008 at 9:26 am
If she’s claiming Russian, then she can only be the worst disaster is Russian history…

5) your mom Says: March 2nd, 2008 at 6:30 pm
Charlie… as in Vietnam. Simple and to the point.

Honorable Mention- Dirty D-Bag Army Says: March 3rd, 2008 at 2:24 pm
Fi Dolla! Fi Dolla!

Sorry Mr. Houpr I couldn’t pull the trigger. People this is way more important than that democratic thing that is happening. These are your 5 1/2 nominees and your vote counts DIRTY ARMY (Burrito you cannot play). I will tally the votes and make a final decision end of work day tomorrow pacific standard time. I am putting this in your hands, so please do not let me down.- nik

P.S. Write out the name in comments not the number. Explanations of why you voted in a certain manner is highly recommended, but not mandatory… a name will do.
“Remember this will be recorded in the anals of the Dirty history.”- Will Ferrell

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Need a Name for this ASIAN SENSATION

March 2, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood, The Dirty 153

This is Viktoria “not a” Foxx at all from LA caught without MAKEUP (trust me this not the amount of make-up she usually cakes on)!!! Anyway this chick hates me because I keep calling her Asian in the Hollywood market.

EMAIL: Nik you are stupid and your website is so lame. I am RUSSIAN! Please take my pictures off immediately! You are jeopardizing my career! I am not kidding! YOU ARE A JERK!

I cannot… I am sorry ASIAN.- nik
EMAIL: Getting high/sleeping with “Chance” from I Love New York.

Now that is “Riding Dirty”… you know you have made it in LA when you are boning Chance.- nik

“I am going shark diving after I drop this IOI.”

So I need the DIRTY ARMY’S help. We need to make a good name for this Asian Sensation. THOUGHTS?- nik

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What’s her name again?

February 28, 2008 Chernobyl, Hollywood 11


Why does the Asian chick always look like there is a fly on her nose in pictures? I actually got nude pics sent in of her… gross. I guess people don’t like her for some reason. I have been busy I will get them up eventually.

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