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Chicago Lizard Stays Greasy

May 27, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard, The Dirty 36


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is a photo of Chicago Lizard with highlights in his hair making me wonder if is he gay?

The night must have just started, he doesn’t look as greasy as usual.  What club lets you wear a shirt like that?- nik

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Spotted: Lizard & His Reptile Fan Club

May 22, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard, The Dirty 45


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, the Chicago Lizard is at it again! He was spotted out and about and picked up these two fine chameleons (they’re nicknames on this post because they’re always CHANGING THEIR SEX PARTNERS). Should we be jealous, Nik?

Honestly, do people in Chicago not know what the color Orange is?- nik

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Frog Has A Son

April 23, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard, The Dirty 51


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the guy who looks like Frog’s steroided child is Brian. He is the biggest creeper in Chicago. He has been partying like crazy since his girlfriend committed suicide because of him. And yes that is Chicago Lizard touching his shoulder.

Is it possible to have a muscle popping out of your armpit?  Why are they all touching?  Let me guess they probably are saying “I love you” to everyone.- nik

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Chicago Lizard Is A Creep

April 16, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard, The Dirty 32

Chicago Lizard is a creep

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think this guy is real real real Creepy just look at this pic, he looks like he is thinking about 13 yr old boys.

I am trying to figure out how they let him into places with his shirt off?  Slimey like a Lizard.- nik

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Chicago Lizard A Gorilla?

April 15, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard 23

Chicago Lizard a Gorilla?

Chicago Lizard a Gorilla?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, is Chicago Lizard now turning into a gorilla?

Maybe he is the real Phoenix Suns Gorilla?- nik

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Chicago Lizard

April 13, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard, The Dirty 18


Does someone want to tell Chicago Lizard that he has worms in is greasy forehead?

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Chicago Lizard

April 3, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard 13

The Slimy Snake is Back>>......

THE DIRTY ARMY: This slimy snake has come back from hiatus and is ready to tear up the scene at chicagoland clubs. This ugly looking thing goes around macking on underage girls. I dont know anyone who would be willing to get close to this animal. The girl on the right is Iliana, she thinks she is the hottest sh*t around town. One of the biggest golddiggers i have met. Nik put them on blast.

Lay off the E-tabbers broham… or at least bring a towel with you to the club.- nik

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Chicago Lizard Strikes Again

February 13, 2009 Chicago, Chicago Lizard 37

Chicago Lizard Strikes Again

THE DIRTY ARMY: Lizard rocking the unzipped hoody with no t shirt underneath in Chicago in winter.

We need a better name for this guy.- nik

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