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**Update** Cinny Twist Still On The Menu

March 2, 2009 Cinnamon Twist, Houston, The Dirty 186


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, wtf is going on here?  Sherpa Love Guru Cinny with a wig?

CT lay off the Taco Bell.  That gut is intense.- nik

So this chick is upset and has been emailing me to remove this picture… I explained to her that I cannot because she is hanging out with a celebrity.  Her response in Email:

“Celebrities don’t drive ford fusions nor live with their parents at the age of 36. This is urgent. I’d really appreciate it if the picture was gone. It’s him that’s writing on that page back and forth pretending to defend himself.”

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Stupid Little Wh*re

February 17, 2009 Chicago, Cinnamon Twist 16

stupid little whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: This S*lut is named Bing bong. She has the biggest forehead ever, This Who*e is the biggest bust down ever. She goes to clubs acting like everyone knows her. She the biggest, scumiest, fuc*ing bi*ch ever. .

Nice fishnet, I think their guts are about to touch.- nik

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Lay Off The Cake Running Bull

February 16, 2009 Chicago, Cinnamon Twist, Colorado, Read More DIRTY, RO-Hawk, Scottsdale 12

Lay off the Cake Running Bull

THE DIRTY ARMY: Happy Birthday to You You should lose some weight too! Some one shouldve told her to wipe her nose, shes had enough pastries. Why didnt anyone tell her to skip the birthday cake and drink the birthday SLIMFAST.

With that big of a nose anything could get stuck on the tip of it.- nik

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Almost Joe Rogan | C-Twist

February 8, 2009 Cinnamon Twist, Houston, The Dirty 67

Almost Joe Rogan | C-Twist

THE DIRTY ARMY: Well as soon as I saw this pic of Joe Rogan in Houston, I imediately wanted to bash him for hanging with this chick on the left, but as I scanned the picture I found something a bit more interesting. Christian M, or Cinny Twist. I think he is going to your birthday party. This is going to be very interesting.

The club would not let him in last night.  Sorry Cinny Twist, you have no pull in Houston.  I decided.- nik

**Joe your left shoulder smells like… never mind.

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AC Slater Just Cant Stop Himself

January 16, 2009 Cinnamon Twist, Hollywood, The Dirty 15

Ac Slater just cant stop himself

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik your right its a trend AC Slater can’t stop himself from Taco Bell.

I told you!  I really think Cinnamon Twist is AC Slater’s real cousin.- nik

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December 23, 2008 Cinnamon Twist, Houston, The Dirty 36

Ha HA, no one posted this!? CINNY TWIST lol

THE DIRTY ARMY: Cinny Twist Drag.  This is what Cinny Twist used to do for fun.

Weird, this is not even a Halloween picture.  Something is wrong with this fourth meal.- nik

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Cinny Twist And Cori From Paris Hilton BFF

December 15, 2008 Cinnamon Twist, Houston, The Dirty 130

cinny twist and cori from paris hilton bff

THE DIRTY ARMY: Trashy Cori from Paris Hilton bff comes to Houston to promote the show at one of Cinny Twists parties at bam bou. I think they make a good pair and poor Shelly the virgin brought her sleazy boyfriend. Apparently Josh already cheated on her twice.

Man, Cinnamon Twist is not aging very well.  His face looks fat.- nik

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**Update** Cinnamon Twist

November 10, 2008 Cinnamon Twist, Houston, The Dirty 190

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik–doesn’t it look like she’s wearing eyeliner??

No, that is cinnamon sprinkles.  Where is this guy?  He just fell off in Houston?- nik

**If you get a chance you have to read the dialog between Cinny Twist and Spur’s Fan in the comments.  I have never seen two men make sweet love to each other like this.

C-Twist:  “My destiny is to rule the club world on both coasts.”… “I drive a new Audi A4 Quattro, carry my cash in a Louis Vuitton wallet, sip Cristal on a nightly basis, sleep with the most beautiful women in TX. You’re just disappointed that it’s me and not you.”… “Do you have any idea how much money I make TAX FREE propmoting only the hottest clubs in Houston (and soon LA and Miami)?? Sometimes as much as $6-7K per night. That’s the kind of money you and most other dirty fans only dream about SPURS FAN.”

S-Fan:   “Congrats on the success you’ve had promoting your clubs, I like how you responded to my comments. I won’t rip you ever again Cinny. What I wrote about you says alot about me actually. Good luck to you.”

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