Circus Coon | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 2

The New Updates

February 19, 2009 Chicago, Circus Coon 52

the new updates

THE DIRTY ARMY: got them done 3 weeks ago. What do ya think?

You should probably go back to Tijuana and get your money back.- nik

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Trannies Keep Invading The Chi

February 5, 2009 Chicago, Circus Coon 6

TRANNYS keep invading the chi

THE DIRTY ARMY:Latest chicago trannys…Nik would u? They think they r hot S*it because they go to tween clubs. The tallest tranny cheated on her last bf, joel, (maybe still bf) like none other!.

Don’t smoke around these two their hair is highly flammable. It would probably burn down any club that they were in. – nik

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New Beasts On The Block

January 28, 2009 Chicago, Circus Coon 7

baldy and angry brows

THE DIRTY ARMY: kathy and her nasty fat friend. downtown. i just want to know who lets these nasty looking things in? you both should be ashamed of yourself. kathy your a bald headed b*tch and the other girl.. patty i guess your name is stop taking a sharpie to your eyebrows.

They are 2 male artists with a passion for sharpie art.- nik

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Dirty Girl

January 27, 2009 Chicago, Circus Coon 25

dirty whore

THE DIRTY ARMY: yet agian this is kathy~ everyone knows her as the downtown underage wh*re~ THIS IS THE DIRTYEST B*TCH I HAVE EVERR MET!!!!!!!!!!! this jobless wh*re gets money from her mommy and daddy to get sl*tty outfits and fake hair nd her soon to be boob job~this b*tch will get with neybody~ nd nebody that has been w her i advise u to get checkd!! her voice is nails on a chalk board~ to the guys downtown- beware of this wh*re she will tell you to buy her a drink nd once u get it shel walk away nd later on when shes drunk will hookup with ney guy~ she uses every1 just to get nto clubs, get drunk, nd hook up~she is not worth enbodys time and should not be allowed in ney club downtown! enbody that sees this b*tch downtown beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never seen neyone (anyone) use an N like that before. This might be the must annoying email I have ever read in life.- nik

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Three Disgusting Amigos

January 26, 2009 Chicago, Circus Coon 22

Three Disgusting Hoe's

THE DIRTY ARMY: Need much more be said to the nastiest h*es downtown! I just threw up in my mouth and lost all my words. Nik, give a run down on these gremlins!

They look twelve?- nik

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Beat Barbies

January 23, 2009 Chicago, Circus Coon, The Dirty 61


THE DIRTY ARMY: So Leena and Kathy got in a fight. Leena was talking sh*t while Kathy was in the bedroom sleeping with a guy Leena wanted to sleep with. They r disgusting and Leena got mad cuz Kathy took her off her top 8 on myspace. They r disgusting notice the fat on Leenas leg from whatever is tied around it.

You have to wonder who their inspiration in life is?  I am guessing Forhidden (the inventor of the MAC-Force field).- nik

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