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Infamous “Cock Star” Takes It Up A Notch

December 2, 2010 Atlanta, Cock Star, The Dirty 92

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, You may have forgotten this LEGENDARY tool, but he’s turned the douche meter up a notch. Its your ol’ pal “cock star”. Check out his slick new Facebook photo with himself in the “Boondock Saints” movie poster. I hear they actually set up a photo shoot for this… Words cannot begin to describe the aura of this sh*t head. Also take a look at his “business partner”, Maximus. Thats right, he doesn’t go by Max, but rather Maximus. Notice they rock the same barber.

Is it just me or does Maximus have a touch of downs? Guys, spiking straight up like that doesn’t make you taller.- nik

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Maxim’s Hometown Hottie

August 11, 2009 Atlanta, Cock Star, Georgia, The Dirty 59

Maxim's Hometown Dumbass

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl is a young one. She is only 22 but claims she has been bartending for 8 years. You do the math. She is very cute and sweet, but so dumb. She’s applying for Maxim’s Hometown Hottie’s and I happened to run across her submittal video. Not only did she had nothing to say. But she giggled, just kinda’ stood there and said “Ummmmm,” while brushing her hair at least 20 times, then did a little dance talking about the Hottie with a Body. To top it off, I know you’ll love this Nik. She is now ‘in love’ and ‘dating’ your favorite Atlanta bad boy, COCKSTAR! Yes, the skunk haired club promoter. They’re going to go far together.

Some +2′s and some lipo to get rid of the lumps in her armpits and she will be good to go.- nik

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Would You? Cock Star’s Leftovers

June 14, 2008 Atlanta, Cock Star, Dallas, The Dirty, Would You? 75


Here is one of the hottest club girls in the Atlanta. She just now turned 21 but has been running around the club scene for years. She can be found hanging out with “Cock Star, So Lame, Stunt Man and many other 30k douches”. She will do anything for attention and I mean anything. So the famous question is, Would you? Everyone else has!

Answer: Hell No! She has actually touched Cock Star… so gross. Plus, her +2′s are spread out way too far.

**DIRTY ARMY I need more pictures of Cock Star… the world cannot forget how much of a Douche this tool bag is.- nik**

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Party Girl and Cock Star

February 14, 2008 Atlanta, Cock Star, Gizzard 24


EMAIL: Nik these two call them self “Party Boy and Rock Star”, they do the same pose, and take the same pic in every club!!! They think there some kind of celebrity’s, they’re both liars, cheats, and man whores… But yet to me they look extremely gay… I don’t know why any girl wants them or talks to them, but they do… I hate these losers, and so does the majority of Atlanta!!! So here’s to the real life version of the Ambiguously Gay Duo!!!! Hahahahahaha Sincerely, Clubber Girl.

I think the one with the egg yolks in his hair is the taker. What do you think?- nik

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