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D-Nazi Out Of Jail

November 13, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 47


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here is D- NAZI straight out of jail… look no facial hair, why is that nik?

Because guys don’t like to feel other guys “guy whiskers” when the kiss full tongue.- nik

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**Update** D-Nazi The King Of The Douches

November 11, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 87

**As some of you know Dirty Celeb D-Nazi has been in jail recently for knee touching youngsters… Well he is now a free man so keep your children away.

 D-Nazi has just been dismissed on child indecency.  He is now sentenced to 8 years probation for mental injury to a child.  No more jail time.


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik D-Nazi is probably the biggest douche in the world.  This guy is a true 30k millionaire, he is a personal trainer and brags about his Porsche all the time.  To bad he only has a stock old Porsche Boxter which retails for about $15,000.  This guy also has his hand in promoting, what a hard worker this guy is douche trainer by day and even bigger douche promoter by night.  This tool thinks he can have any girl he wants, has a f*ckin dye’d mohawk for gods sake need I say more.  I could write a book about this guy, but I’m sure there will be enough follow up stories about this douche that I don’t need too.

Porsche Boxter’s are made on an assembly line in Detriot.  D-Nazi is a die hard knee toucher who lives in an imaginary world called “Doucheville”.  It is a place where everyone can get lines shaved on the side of there head for free.- nik

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November 3, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas 16


THE DIRTY ARMY: Guess who’s ex’s are together now in Dallas.  Do you think D-Nazi will kick Leper’s sugar daddies ass?

He can’t because he is in prison for touching little boys.- nik

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D-Nazi Hates You Nik

July 17, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 21


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I think D-Nazi is sending you a little message. Last time I saw him out I asked him if he was going to any of your events and he was like ‘f*ck that @sshole’ Guess you are not his favorite person, even though you made him a local celebrity!

Why are you talking to a child molester?- nik

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D-Nazi Is A Giver?

April 10, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 25

Matt Jahnel Tans At....

THE DIRTY ARMY: He’s been tanning at Tanworld lately laying his naked ass on the beds there, I work there, you are not wanted here Matt, but it’s not like I can tell you that you can not tan here.  I am just sick of cleaning your sweat and red hair sh*t that gets all over the beds. Damn.

I swear he looks like a Walrus sometimes.- nik

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Didn’t D-Nazi Already Get In Trouble With A Little Boy???

March 26, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Matt J. “D-Nazi”- Soo…Doesn’t this guy have charges pending against him for being a child molestor? Then these photos surface. How is this guy still a promoter anyway?? He has moved onto promoting for Plush I’ve heard, only to get fired in a few weeks like always cause they realize he doesn’t bring anyone. Just Watch…

That is some creepy sh*t right there.  D-Nazi is the Michael Jackson of our generation.- nik

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Gross D-Nazi Lover

March 18, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 18


THE DIRTY ARMY: Kristi.. “Dollbaby”.. Gross immature. Can’t stay faithful to any guy.

You know you are a champ when you pass out while looking at TheDirty.com.- nik

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The Crow and D-Nazi

March 4, 2009 Crow, D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 38

The Crow and D-Nazi

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Here is The Crow (aka Desiree) and D-Nazi…. Someone needs to tell her to wash her weave! I went to high school with her and she thought she was hot sh!t then too…

Everyone thinks they are cool when they hang out with D-Nazi.  He has Red tips.  That is revolutionary.- nik

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