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Mantus Help

February 18, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 38

Mantus SCANK

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is Kisha, with Douche bag D-Nazi. She is one of the biggest club heads I know. If she’s not turning tricks for tips at Mantus, shes having tricks performed on her. Kisha just because you work for a plastic surgeon and have boobs now. Your still white trash from Mount Pleasant.

Anyone know if D-Nazi was found guilty last week for being a Knee Toucher?- nik

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TLV Sells Fake Clothes

February 17, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas 29

TLV Sells Fake Shit

THE DIRTY ARMY: This store is called TLV Fashion designs and is located in Stonebrier. I walked in here the other day to find random FAKE Clothing hidden through the mess of Ed farty and Christian Audi-Gay. I wouldnt expect anything different from the low-class crowd thats running that place. Its not like this place has any business anyway. Please Nik put this store on blast.

I already told everyone D-Nazi gets his merchandise from Thailand.  Isn’t he in jail?- nik

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John Huntington Visits Dallas

February 4, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas 24

john huntington visits dallas

john huntington visits dallas

THE DIRTY ARMY: heres the 411. when john huntington came in town and went to wish for one of d-nazis events theres this girl that is obsessed with d-nazi her name is abigail. so when d-nazi was blowing her off she decides to start hitting on john huntington. now this is the same girl whos already been posted with d-nazi twice now . the girl that does alot of bl*w. well needless to say her and john were doing plenty of it at wish and making out. i got the pictures. i guess it didnt bother d-nazi though..now she hangs out with all the girls hes had sex with. i think its her way of a support group!!

She should have stayed with D-Nazi he is big time.- nik



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D-Nazi: The Knee Toucher Years

February 4, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas 4

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Found this picture of D-Nazi with FORMER Live 105.3 Host Big Dick Hunter.  It is a few years old but same ol D-Nazi.

Great I see Huntington… tell me he is not friends with that Knee Toucher.- nik

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D-Nazi And Babydoll

February 3, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, Scissor Gang Mafia 8

D-Nazi and BAbydoll

THE DIRTY ARMY: D-Nazi and Babydoll together at Kinki’s Lounge. They both shared the same birthday like a week and a half ago and I found this pic going through babydoll’s page on myspace. What do you think nik? a perfect couple?

I think D-Nazi should get back with Leper I think they were soul mates.- nik

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D-Nazi’s New Conquest

January 26, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 52


D-Nazi and Fiona (from Shrek) are in Love.

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Do Not Want

January 26, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas 24


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is erika aka eazy-e been seeeing her with d-nazi and that pug dog looking asian chic. This girls face is just jacked up, teeth, lazy eyes….and this chic thinks she’s hot???

I think her fourth chin is sexy.- nik

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Crow And An Old D-Nazi Wannabe

January 22, 2009 Crow, D-Nazi, Dallas 30

Crow and an old D Nazi wannabe

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here is the crow and she is hanging with the 40 yr old version of D Nazi.

Dude, easy on the chins.- nik

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