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D-Nazi Invades Downtown

January 19, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 33

D Nazi invades downtown.

D Nazi invades downtown.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Looks like D-nazi is invading downtown looking for lil kids. I’ve seen him in a lot of pics w/ Erica, Oh and that douche bobby. It looks like an Ed Hardy reject party.

Ed Farty and Christy Audi-Gay are for Knee Touchers.  I decided.- nik

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Ex-Con Loose In Dallas

January 18, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 14

ex-con loose in dallas

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik the guys name is John Anders*n and he is an ex con. He is always at ghost bar lying to girls and telling them he is either a soccer player from smu or a salesman for a fitness company when he really lives in podunk denton texas. He also says he is 22 but on the denton county website it says he is really 32!!

What did he do?  Probably hung out at the same church as D-Nazi.- nik

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D-Nazi Lives Strong

January 15, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 41


The guy got convicted of being an Underage Knee Toucher and chicks still hang out with him?

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D-Nazi Gets A Semi

January 9, 2009 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 19

When the Douche gets a semi

THE DIRTY ARMY: This is the face D-Nazi makes right before he pounces on a little girl or boy so watch out!!!

I feel bad for all the people in Dallas who have touched his Greg.- nik

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Bro! D-Nazi Keeps Creepin!

December 23, 2008 D-Nazi, Dallas 17

Bro! D-Nazi Keeps Creepin!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Sh*t bro, My homeboy just emailed me another pic of D-Nazi creepin on my woman! Why do girls love his gelled-hawk? I am freakin out over here! Help me out Nik! What should I do???

Don’t worry he is into little boys.  You are good.- nik

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Breaking News: D-Nazi Touches Knees

December 23, 2008 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 150


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Not only did D-Nazi’s house get raided he was also fired as club promoter from every club this past weekend.  Wish, Glo and Lift. This is why… he was caught messing around with a little kid.

Case History
Case Number: 380-81874-07
Current Status: OPEN CASE       
Defendant: J*HNEL MATTHEW CONWAY        
Court: 380th District Court        
Judge Chas Sandoval        
Defense UNKNOWN        
Court Appointed No        
Arresting Agency Richardson PD        
Offense date 06/01/2004        
Charge: 36010001   Indecency W/A Child Sexual Contact F2 94        
Severity FEL-2

Looks like D-Nazi is taking his doucheness to a whole new Michael Jackson level.  Jeez bro, I was okay with you selling fake designer clothing, but little boys?- nik

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Monkey Face Douche Bag

December 23, 2008 D-Nazi, Dallas 58

Monkey Face Douchebag

THE DIRTY ARMY: So here is the scoop on this ass clown. This guy runs a foreclosure company that rips poor, desperate people off by not actually stopping their foreclsures. Not too long ago, him and his dumbass “business partner” were under serious investigation from the Dallas PD and while he was locked up, his “partner” went running his mouth to a few people that told a few people that told a few people that told me. He is 25 and has been married with 2 kids and is now getting remarried to a girl he knocked up, and cheats on ALL of the time. The sad thing about it is that she is ugly as shit, along with all the girls that he sleeps with. Even worse, she knows about it, has and continues to catch him and seems not to care, and blinds herself to the fact. She daily changes her myspace status to making people believe she is living a happy, blissful life but she knows it’s all a facade to what she refuses to open her eyes and see. He runs around Dallas thinking he’s a superstar, talks about all his money(money stolen from poor people), but seems to have no real friends because you won’t see him with the same group of people twice. I hear he used to have a pretty nice loft somewhere in Irving or Dallas to RENTING a condo in uptown. This f*cking joker changed his myspace headline one day to saying he inked a deal for a $500,000+ home but when you drive by there, you see that it says LEASING AVAILABLE FROM $3500/MO. HIs fuzzy-faced fiance, pet, dumbass, whatever you want to call her thinks she is going to be a Dallas Cowboys or Mavericks girl one day…..good luck. Those girls, including many of her friends are incredibly hot and she is not even up to par. She’s a firecrotch midget that once again, is ugly as shit, and while her “hubby” drives around in an early two thousand 7 series beemer model LEASE, she drives around in an old beat up Oldsmobile Alero. If he has all the money he says he has, why is she still driving around with New Mexico tags? Sad. He’s had a countless amount of employees through the years and nobody seems to last with him because they probably don’t want to have karma come around and f*ck them for his wrongdoings. If you refuse to believe these allegations, Google Chris W*ges Foreclosure and read all the sh*t that pops up, it’s truly sad and this assclown will get what’s coming to him. He wasn’t sh*t in Lubbock and he isn’t sh*t now. He’s gone as far as saying that he graduated from Tech and he never even graduated high school. When he talks to people, he tries to sound smart but comes off sounding like a flaming fag and really, a dumbass flaming fag because many of the words he uses are made up by him and don’t exist in the English language. Watch the way he walks. He was either touched as a child or also cheats on the midget with men because he really has homosexual tendencies. Not only that, he seems to be on steroids because he gets really big and loses it in no time and let’s not talk about all the nasty ass acne bumps on the back of his neck and around his forehead. I bet his stylist(really doubt it’s a barber) is grossed out every time he sits in the chair. He probably has an STD if not a few and probably never tells any of the girls he is sleeping with including his soon to be wife!! He is nothing but a bum, thief and wannabe “player.”

Dallas watch out for this scam artist… he is worse than D-Nazi.- nik

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Fionna And D-Nazi

December 21, 2008 D-Nazi, Dallas, The Dirty 20



THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hey nik….seems like she is a recent fixture with D-Nazi @ Sting. As always though she is looking more shrekish than ever. I saw this and it made me laugh because she truly is the exact replica to FIONNA.

I was bummed I never saw D-Nazi on my trip to Dallas.  Unfortunately his place got raided by the cops looking for drugs (steroid stuff) which preventing me to see him in person.  Maybe next time Douche  Bag.- nik

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