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$30k Millionaire Opens Tattoo Shop

May 11, 2012 Chicago, Donkey, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale, The Dirty 51

$30k millionaire opens tat shop

$30k millionaire opens tat shop

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, who is this dbag?  Thinks hes still cool at his age in the clubs. Now hes victory for life as he calls it with a tat on his neck.  I can’t believe this douchebag, but its typical Scottsdale stuff… not really surprised.

That’s Donkey Kong… they guy who go all of Chicago addicted to drugs (right Joey?).- nik

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Donkey Kong Up to His Old Tricks!

April 2, 2009 Chicago, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale 48

Donkey Kong up to his old tricks!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Donkey Kong Aka Mikey is back on the juice and up to his old tricks I seen him and his 14 year old stripper girlfriend this weekend. The guy wouldnt stop hounding me for bl*w I told him I dont do that stuff. We all know hes a cop After I aid no 10 times he freaked out and started to push me and processed to get me in a head lock! WTF mike pick on someone your size! Go back to yuma! Nobody likes you. Your fat and skin looks like leather!!!

What is with the earthquake fault line on his arm?- nik

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Donkey Kong Sighting

September 11, 2008 Chicago, Donkey Kong 4

Donkey Kong Sighting

THE DIRTY ARMY: Posted on Chicago DJ Nathan Scott’s Myspace page. Looks like Mikey popping in the pic?.

Donkey Kong why were you not at our party in Vegas? I thought you owned our site? We had a special spot reserved for you in the corner with the rest of the 30k Milli douches who claim to work for us.- nik

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Don’t worry, he’s not packing

August 18, 2008 Chicago, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale 21

THE DIRTY ARMY: The infamous idiot has out done himself with his latest behavior. Seems this muscle headed dumbass likes to get naked and snap photos of himself with his conquest of the nights cell phone. Then send it out to all his “BOYS” back home to prove what a mack he is. Just one little problem, (there is more than one. see picture number 2). He didn’t know that the camera view field was larger than the camera screen. So D.K. sent all of his friends a picture of his naked ass exposing the naked truth about what Mike is really packing. “It was the cold water from the shower huh’ Mike?” I guess they don’t make roids for your dick yet. But when they do, Mike should be given cuts to the front of the line.

I guess he really isn’t Donkey Kong.- nik

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Small Andy Down Below

June 24, 2008 Dallas, Donkey Kong, The Dirty 47

EMAIL: He calls himself BIG ANDY, more like BIG BODY lil greg due to all the steroid usage! Last week at kinki lounge I look over and he’s chunking some girl across the club. This guy is known for being abusive towards women, hitting, slapping, and punching them in public but the bouncers never do anything because he’s their dealer. He’s nice at first but once you get to know him and cross his path wrong, he wont mind socking you right in the eye. Nik do you think him and Hallow should be buddies?

He reminds me of Donkey Kong from Chicago a little bit. Not sure who wears a Breitling watch with a Caddy belt in public though – that is definitely for the gays.- nik

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So Nik heres the latest update on Donkey Kong

June 10, 2008 Chicago, Dirty News, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale, The Dirty 27
EMAIL: SCOTTSDALE BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So nik heres the latest update on donkey kong martinez sorry everyone he’s not going to jail his uncle helped him get in touch with US Marshells and DEA to clear him of all charges in chicago so he now has 90 days to set up as many people as he can now Mike is back in Scottsdale, AZ hooking back up with all his old friends who are clueless of his intentions he is gonna give the DEA as much info on all his Scottsdale “friends” as he can there will be a lot of bust in Scottsdale this summer mark my words with mikey around!!!!  


So he is a Narc now… good stuff.  Didn’t this guy get trained by “Sammy the Bull” originally?- nik
Following Donkey Kong:

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Donkey Kong in Scottsdale

May 27, 2008 Chicago, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale 10

EMAIL: Saw Donkey Kong at Axis Radius last night… he’s the guy in the blue shirt ducking behind the noodle.

You can’t even see his face?- nik

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May 7, 2008 Chicago, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale 18


DIRTY ARMY intel: nik you have to let everyone in Scottsdale know that mikey martin#z is back in Scottsdale on the run now a fugitive with outstanding warrants has fled there to burn up as many girls as he can before getting caught!!

Thanks for the heads up.- nik

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