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Donkey Kong

May 6, 2008 Chicago, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale, The Dirty 41



It appears Donkey Kong is on the ropes. Here is your Mikey “mexican” M*rtinez update. Last week the DEA/ North Central Narcotics Unit closed in on Kong. Mikey, living at his sisters condo, was not home at the time. The police had a signed warrant to arrest Mikey and search the property. Mikey may have not been at home, but part of his drug stash was (he keeps most narcotics in a storage locker). So where is Kong now? Only a few crack head Chicago celebrities know. Time will only tell. Donkey Kong could be on the run for days or months. It’s only a matter of time before authorities discover the left over trail of biscuits, blood crusted syringes, and banana peels. Party it up Mikey. You don’t have long till your in the zoo eating brown man bananas.

Actually according to DIRTY ARMY intel that I am getting, Donkey Kong is in Scottsdale. Can any soldier verify that?- nik

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Donkey Kong

March 20, 2008 Chicago, Donkey Kong, Scottsdale, The Dirty 23


DIRTY ARMY Soldier: I guess Donkey Kong aka Mickey Martinez has come back to his roots. He must be on the run from Chicago pending his new drug charges. This picture is from Axis/Radius Saturday night. He was walking around like he owned the place. And yes, he had a sh*t load of Cocaine on him. Looks like he hasn’t learned his lesson. Good luck in jail again tard.

Why do all the drug guys from Chicago always come to Arizona to hide out?- nik 


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Donkey Kong

February 12, 2008 Chicago, Donkey Kong, The Dirty 24


EMAIL: Nik this is Donkey Kong. Kong is known as Mikey Martinez to most crackheads. He is the infamous one who helped Sammy the Bull run the X ring in AZ. He went to prison for awhile. Now he is back in Chicago up to the same old tricks. His infamous afterhours spot was where R Kelly used to pee on 13 yr olds downtown. What many dont know is Donkey was arrested for selling drugs yet again months ago. He sets up all the new 21 yr old bust downs on a week by week basis. Every time he goes out of town a new kiddie falls into the cycle. He does far too many drugs and thats not good for Bibolar monkeys. He likes to smack the ladies as well. What a gent.

Well if anyone needs a hook-up there he is. Just trying to increase revenues Donkey Kong.- nik

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