Elvira | Nik Richie + Dirty Army intel, opinions, gossip, satire, and celebrities - Part 4

I Had To Look At The Cover Twice

February 2, 2012 Boston, Elvira, The Dirty 9

Had a double-take seeing this cover

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, did Playboy Photoshop Elvira’s face on this heavyweight, on the cover of their coming month lingerie catalogue? Your suit on Burciaga gonna be in it?

That’s not Elvira. The real Elvira doesn’t have breasts like that.- nik

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Queen Of Plastic

January 25, 2012 Boston, Dirty Army Strong, Elvira, The Dirty 26

Elvira Queen of Plastic

Elvira Queen of Plastic

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we really need to track down Elvira’s surgeon.  The guy who did this is a modern day hero and every woman should only go to him. He has turned her from BEAT to the hottest woman to ever bless this site.

Why hasn’t he fixed her breasts?- nik

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What Is Wrong With Elvira’s Chest

January 10, 2012 Boston, Dirty News, Elvira, The Dirty 16

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is up with Elviras +2′s? One is clearly larger than the other, and looks disgusting. She got 99% of her body done, but forgot the boobs? UGH THAT IS NOT CUTE.

I have been begging her for years to fix her breasts and armpits.- nik

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Who The Hell Is This Bombshell

December 15, 2011 Boston, Dallas, Elvira, The Dirty 22

Who the hell is this bombshell

Who the hell is this bombshell

THE DIRTY ARMY: Ok, so this chick, her name i think is Brianna, requested me on FB apparently she works for a local car dealership, or so she says, no clue, don’t think a hot ass chick like this would be at a car dealershop, soooo profile looks fake, but she does look effin gorgeous..can’t lie about that, now I see her pics pop all over the place, especially “single site” spam sites…anyone know what the deal is with this chick?

Dude, that is what Elvira use to look like. Her real name is Kelly from Boston.- nik

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Elvira Is Looking Hard As A Rock

December 14, 2011 Boston, Elvira, The Dirty 14

What Happened???

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just saw this picture of the formerly gorgeous Elvira. What the hell happened to her body? It looks hard as a rock…and not in a good way. I’m in pain just looking at it!

It looks like she shaves really high up there.- nik

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Nik, Is Elvira A Porta Potty

November 15, 2011 Boston, Elvira, The Dirty 26

Elvira Porta Potty?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, how does Elvira pay for all her surgeries? Is she pay for play or what? Whoever her Dr is, he’s amazing!!

I really think she has a doctor practicing certain procedures on her because she has completely transformed. El you still need to fix the old +2′s.- nik

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Did You Help Elvira With This One

November 2, 2011 Boston, Elvira, The Dirty 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, just saw on Facebook that Kelly aka Elvira is modeling or trying to model for Swimgerie? What is up with that? Did you help her with that one?

No, she did this on her own. Can’t wait to see Elvira in the “Nik Richie” swimsuit. The swimsuit fashion industry is saying is the “Nik Richie” is the hottest swimsuit of 2012. Finally women are listening to what I think the world should look like.- nik

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What Happened To Kelly Karloff

October 27, 2011 Boston, Elvira, New England 11

What happened to Kelly Karloff?

What happened to Kelly Karloff?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kelly use to be sooo f****** HOT, but now I don’t know, she looks sick to me… 2 much plastic surgery or what? Look at these 2 pictures, you can say 2 different persons.

The only thing the same is her +2′s.- nik

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