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There’s An Ocean In Kansas

February 4, 2011 Fish Lips, Kansas, Kansas City 4

There's an ocean in Kansas?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Why…why, These girls continuously post clearly flattering photo of themselves around KC making adorable fish faces! They are all back stabbing B*tches and hypocrites. They think they are hot sh*t, but last time I checked making ridiculous fish faces IN PUBLIC wasn’t too sexy…. Whatcha think Nik?

These girls are just working on their DSL’s, they need all the help they can get to get guys.- nik

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Large And In Charge

February 1, 2011 Fish Lips, Pittsburgh 35

nasty trashy h*e

nasty trashy h*e

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Alyssa Ni*der, is from coraopolis, PA and is nothin but a backstabber to everyone she meets. she cant keep a secret to save her life. she talks shit on everyone esp. the people that she claims are her best friends and then when she gets busted she continues to lie about it. shes also one of the girls that thinks that shes hot sh*t!!!! she always wears something revealing. her ass is always fallin out of her pants showing the world her ghetto lookin pasty white ass, uhh hello they made belts for a reason! she wears bras that obviously dont fit cuz her boobs look like they are either suffocatiing or are falling out! she prances around everywhere she goes thinkin that shes sexy when really she looks like a ghetto gutter sl*t! ive been told that talking to her is like talking to a wall shes an airhead that doesnt pay attention at all unless its her talking. shes obsessed with sex but from what i hear shes got no room to talk because i hear she just lays there like a dead fish….shes so illiterate but she wants to go to college to be an english teacher, im sorry but honey you speak an right so ghetto that no school in their right mind would hire you as an english teacher….you have to know how to spell, speak, and dress appropriate i dont think you could handle that let alone handle another college. you b*tch and complain about everything and anything. you claim that your in love with yer “boyfriends” but you constantly flirt and cheat with other guys all the time seriously its time for this chick to get over herself and grow th f*ck up already!!!

I’m stll speechless after the first picture. She looks like a sumo wrestler.- nik

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Why, Nik, Why Did She Do This To Herself

December 30, 2010 Fish Lips, Hollywood, The Dirty 12

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Candace.  She is my favorite model/ Hooters girl in the whole wide world.  I just saw these recent pictures of her and noticed what the hell she did to herself.  Nik, why in the world did she do that?

I blame Carrot Top… lip filler is gross to me. It ruins true beauty 99% of the time. Candace, you killed your face.- nik

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Dirty Celeb Of The Day

December 2, 2010 Fish Lips, The Dirty 0

Click on the picture to see Dirty Celeb of the day, Fish Lips. Through the years we have watched her weight go up and down like the DOW. And we are all ready for her to make a comeback.

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Fish Lips Trying To Get Back On The Scene

November 29, 2010 Fish Lips, New Orleans 24

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, well this is what lil miss Fishy is up to. Seems as though her body is getting soft and she’s loosing her edge. Nola needs a new dirty celebrity?

Can someone in the DA give me a full report on what Fish Lips has been up to. It looks like she has lost some weight.- nik

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New Pictures Of Fish Lips

August 24, 2010 Fish Lips, The Dirty, University Of Central Florida 31

New Pics of Fishlips

New Pics of Fishlips

New Pics of Fishlips

THE DIRTY ARMY: So Nik here are the newest Pics of Fishlips.  She is still wh*ring around and thinks she is the hottest B*tch in Charleston. Her self esteem must be very low, im friends with her BF on Facebook and she called me a f*cktard etc. because she thinks im hooking up with him.  So I didn’t know him, the only thing I did is saying “Thanks for the add” on his wall.  Now I know why she did plastic surgery because she has no personality!And dot forget to take a look at her Nails,disgusting!

This is not the Dirty Celeb Fish Lips from New Orleans. Please do not be confused. But I do see potential in her lips… I want more intel.- nik

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Fish Lips

July 20, 2010 Fish Lips, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles 75



THE DIRTY ARMY: UGH.Nik This nasty plastic FUG is at it ALL the time, going to EVERY party she can in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Terri M thinks she is”hot” and has said so herself. She is almost 43 but lies and says she is in her 30′s, sometimes younger. She is a DRUNK (as you can tell from the photos) and has gotten numerous DUI’s. Why no jail time? Ohhhh because your mommy and daddy paid to get you out of it…. A$$HOLE! Please put her on blast. This poor man she is with probably just dropped her off at her parent’s at the end of the night. I would LOVE your opinion and words of wisdom on this b!tch!

A combination of lip injections and gregs made her mouth look that way.  I love how she looks when she is  trying to be serious, like the bottom pic.- nik

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Fish Lips Loves Photoshop

June 27, 2010 Fish Lips, New Orleans, The Dirty 46

Unphoto shopped

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so I saw the self posting of fishy and well then I found this picture of her unphoto shopped and WoW I see why she wear such big glasses!

Yeah, only big bodied glasses can do justice on a face like this, sorry fish your’e losing the battle of youth at a rapid pace.- nik

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