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Sleeper DIRTY March Madness Round 1 Match Up

March 11, 2009 DIRTY March Madness, Fivehead, RichieRexic, The Dirty 234


DIRTY March Madness Round One Match Up

  • RichieRexic (56%, 6,542 Votes)
  • Five Head (44%, 5,185 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,722

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April 22, 2008 Fivehead, The Dirty, Would You? 14


EMAIL: Nik, I know this is a tuff one. Would You?

Answer: I would never. From now on I will call you FIVEHEAD.- nik

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Mr. Fivehead

April 3, 2008 Fivehead, Hollywood 6


EMAIL: nik- man fivehead is on fire! here he is in true douche form- not only does his conehead need a good cleaning, but his breath smells like noodles. yuck.

Gross fivehead grasshopper you like the smell of noodles?- nik

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March 29, 2008 Fivehead, Hollywood, The Dirty 6


EMAIL: nik, fivehead is looking HAGGARD in this pic….maybe if he borrowed his rent-a-friend’s caterpillar eyebrows his ninehead could be temporarily downgraded to a sevenhead? his spider sides are almost doubling as an emo swoop.

I want to Armor-All his conehead.- nik 

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Hollywood D-BAG at JET

March 25, 2008 Fivehead, Hollywood, Las Vegas 10


EMAIL: yes he brought her to jet and notice the same shirt..just thought id add to the douch file – go dirty army!

His forehead blows my mind.  That is at least a ninehead.  He must use the Scissors to trim his spider sides.- nik

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He was in the Marching Band (high school).

March 24, 2008 Fivehead, Hollywood, Ohio State 18


a0-9-8f7atgsdfpa9sd8fgasd9f87d5f6ug7ih-oas-odfy896757r7igusjf.jpg asd0-9fuas9-dfu-apoidsfaiusdfo-ast5e4324-sd5f6gibuyhjskdfasb.jpg sdfa90sdyf87at65e4w3s5-dgi678oasidfobasdfgasdfta8ft687aosfjiansdkf.jpg

EMAIL: Nik,  please blast these dbags-  they run what they would like to call a “celebrity booking agency” and book z-listers like jesse metcalfe and tara reid for sh*tty promotional events and snoozfest parties……they think they are the sh*t and the whole group basically flocked to hollywood several years back from ohio state, all hailing from backgrounds in either drug dealing or club promoting- what a shocker. the balding one in the photos is a cocky douche name greg laplante, and the other blond douche (with the black hat in last photo) is one of their “agents” who is a pockmarked face brad pitt-wannabe failed model….. a bunch of $30k millis to the max….

I highly doubt 30Ks more like 20Ks.  I have never seen a fivehead that is half of a persons face.- nik

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