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March 9, 2009 Aubrey (H)O'Day, DIRTY March Madness, Forhidden, Hyena, Kaden Solo, Lamey, Smashley, Star F*cker, Sunshine, The Dirty 27

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Correction… if your office has already started their DIRTY March Madness pool, please cross out Merlin’s Moms and change it to the Grinch.  Our league officials gave the Grinch a green light to the dance. We were a little concerned about her employment, but we decided to ignore it.


Games On Tomorrow:

Sunshine vs. Smashley (BFF War)

Lamey vs. Forhidden

Z-List vs. Aubrey (H)O’Day

Star F*cker vs. Hyena

Kaden Solo vs. Seabiscuit (Scottsdale Classic)

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Forhidden Is Getting Uglier By The Day

February 20, 2009 Forhidden, Hollywood, Newport, The Dirty 44


The Dirty Army: Nik, is it me or is forhidden getting uglier by the day. She looks like a crosseyed marilyn manson with bleached hair! wtf is wrong with this chick!?

So that is what she really looks like… Photoshop is for Liars. I can’t believe guys actually rub it out to this chick.- nik

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November 21, 2008 Forhidden, Newport 8




Is it just me or is Forhidden wearing a wig these days… I think she is trying to hide her bald head now too.

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What Happened?

November 21, 2008 Forhidden, Newport 30

THE DIRTY ARMY: I found this original picture of these girls when they used to all hangout back in the day, and when everyone who had a myspace thought Forbidden, Darling Nikki, and Sara Cox were cool? But have you seen the picture of these girls now? Kerri (aka Miss Tripple Platinum) cant lie and say she is “naturally skinny” theres a major difference in her weight from the 2 pictures… and why is Sara Cox trying to look like her? (blonde hair, gigantic boobs, sluttier look…etc) I kinda like her better as a brunette she doesnt look so dumb/trashy….

They all still look like dudes.- nik

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November 12, 2008 Forhidden, Hollywood, Newport, Seattle, The Dirty, Would You? 25


THE DIRTY ARMY: This is forbidden aka christine dolce. I heard she is coming to seattle, i think this woman is stunningly sexy and her radio show is fn awesome! Would you, and you better say you would or she might kick your ass.

Answer:  Obviously you are new to the site… Her name is FORHIDDEN under all that make-up.  No, I would not stick it in she has UFO amazon saucer plates on her +2′s.

Also See:

Forhidden (Most recent picture of her)

Brock’s Chick and Forhidden (Her forehead is hot)

FORHIDDEN (Her being Lesbo)

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Kroc’s Real Doll (I mean Girl)

October 23, 2008 Forhidden, Newport, The Dirty 72

THE DIRTY ARMY: I saw that post today about Forbidden and her ‘boyfriend’ Kroc… Sorry to say but shes not his girlfriend… he is with Ashton…the SKINNIEST girl I’ve ever seen with the largest +2′s!

Why does he call himself Kroc?  Does he play music or run a radio station?  His chick is definitely hotter than Forhidden.- nik

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October 21, 2008 Forhidden, Newport, The Dirty 46

THE DIRTY ARMY: Forbidden aka Christine Dolce looking kind of thick.

I don’t believe that is Forhidden… what is with the wig and real looking boobs?- nik

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Forhidden Entrails

October 21, 2008 Forhidden, Hollywood, Newport, Scottsdale 25



THE DIRTY ARMY: She’s been on here before, miss Erin R*nd…I don’t even know what to say about this. They are trying to be all hot like Forbidden? wow…Nik

They are a little off.- nik

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