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Brock’s Chick and Forhidden

August 27, 2008 Brock's Chick, Forhidden, Hollywood, Huntington Beach, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, The Dirty 32

Brock’s Chick remember the good old days when everyone gave you everything you wanted and Forhidden wanted to be your best friend.

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“The DIRTY Invasion at the Hardrock” this Weekend- UPDATE

July 1, 2008 Dallas, Forhidden, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty 20

EMAIL: Helloooooo Nik and the legion of viewers at,

Vegas is gonna be extra Dirty and Destroyed this weekend. Destroyed Brand is excited to be a part of’s 4th of July weekend festivities at the Hard Rock. We just can’t wait to get over $10,000 worth of new premium women’s denim on the asses of some of the hottest girls at Body English on Friday night. (Yes, free jeans for the ladies.)

This event serves as our official launch event for our new women’s low rise denim now available at and soon to be sold in fine boutiques across America. Our current women’s boot, straight and skinny cut items that we’ll be giving away are a teaser to the full collection of mens and women’s premium denim, shirts and headwear launching this August.
Check us out at and check out our new website and women’s premium denim product. Below is a shot from one of our most recent campaign shoots.

Keith Ruby

Founder & President

Destroyed Brand Inc.

PS. Just to set the record straight and because a few people have been asking, a girl named Forbidden is not part of our clothing line and hasn’t been for about a year. We happily made the split last spring after working together for about 2.5 years.

Keith, I think you misspelled Forbidden. It is actually Forhidden. We are still trying to find her face under that MAC attack.- nik

Also, Good Charlotte will be performing Saturday Night Poolside this weekend. The DIRTY CELEBS will be, my guess drunk in a cabana, which should make for good entertainment along with a kick ass Rock show.

To purchase tickets for the Good Charlotte performance click here!

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May 28, 2008 Forhidden, Hollywood, Newport, Scottsdale, The Dirty 31

Is Forhidden (Forbidden, but I call her Forhidden because she wears a MAC mask) still the queen of MySpace? Why does Tila have her own show when Forhidden is supposedly the number 1 on MySpace according to Tom?

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Please Recycle

March 20, 2008 Darling Dikki, Forhidden, Newport 13

EMAIL: Nik here is dikki, wnba ashley, audrina and her sister, forbidden and yeaaa


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Anybody know when the new Class of trashy girls is coming into Newport? I am sick of seeing the same chicks from the 90′s. Everyone has already ran through this… we need the fresh crop to come in please.- nik

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March 12, 2008 Forhidden, Newport 20


EMAIL: thought you may be able to use these on the site; every one’s favorite love to hate o.c. skanks. is a caption even needed for these?

Talk about retirement… if that is Forhidden she is looking rough! Talk about SALTY!- nik

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February 25, 2008 ASU, Forhidden, Newport, Scottsdale 12


Recent TD post and Myspace Whore and playboy cover girl Forbidden aka Christine dolce is a whore in real life too i guess. Just last thursday, she was in town for a fashion show/party in phoenix and was seen making out with random girls, before getting sloppy in public with recent dale boy post Yacine B. After almost starting a fight with a cocktail waitress, walking into a glass door, and breaking a few glasses, she left with the dale boy himself. I wonder if he was proud of handling her awful +2s and thunders!

He must like Pepperoni Pizza. Yeah, I put this guys gay pics up in ASU and he has been commenting on how cool he is all day. What a douche. Forhidden looks like she has aged rapidly.- nik

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February 18, 2008 Dirty MySpace, Forhidden, Newport, The Dirty 57


EMAIL from former Playboy employee: Oh jesus nik, have you seen this broad’s Playboy spread we worked on? Talk about hubcap nipples.

Shes such a slob they had to slap a corset on her fatass.

(Note how we had to have all of the pix of her stomach covered – either by corset, hands, robe, or shes put at an angle where you cant readily see her gut.)

She had alot of balls to pose nude with those hacked up t*ts.

Want a little info on her Playboy spread we shot?

Christine slept with one of the photographers at playboy who promised her a cover.

They shot the photos – sent them to Hef – and I guess he saw the obvious – theres no way that hacked up cow can grace the cover of Playboy.

Once they found out the photog promised her the cover and slept with her – they fired him too!!

(Christine even posted in one of her blogs that the photog she shot with was ‘no longer with Playboy’…hmmmmm)

Being the nice person that Hef apparently is, he told Christine he’d put her in the magazine, but not on the cover.
(If I were her, I would have taken the money we offered her and ran.)

But here comes Christine’s big ego – she went nuts – posting bulletin after bulletin and blog after blog on myspace telling her 15 year old fanbase who aren’t even old enough to legally buy the magazine – to BOYCOTT Playboy b/c they wouldn’t give her fatass the cover. Playboy fired me over it.

Is she KIDDING me??
Has she taken a look in the mirror lately?!
Jesus Christine, ever heard of a nipple reduction or a little cardio here and there?
She should bow down and thank god everyday that Hef was even willing to put those vomit-inducing photos in his prestigious magazine.
Even with all of the professionals at Playboy – they STILL couldn’t properly airbrush her fatass.

Thanks for the info brother. Seems like Hef is a nice guy. Yeah, that is part of the reason why I call her Forhidden instead of Forbidden because you don’t want to see what is underneath.- nik

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February 14, 2008 Forhidden, Newport 19




I think she looks better without the Spackle.                                                                  Â

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