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Toronto Girls On A Greencard Search At The Playboy Mansion

April 30, 2010 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, The Dirty, Toronto 31

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, proof the Playboy mansion is a floundering business. Heres some pics from the last party. Seems like your boy Brody has a thing for Canadian girls!  Toronto “models”, I think there just average looking bottle/club rats to be honest.

I can see Frankie DelTaco in his Charger PJ’s stealth mode… you know he hit that Canadian cheese.  What is with Canadian chicks always having asses on top of asses in a double chin format?- nik

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Frankie DelTaco SGM

April 5, 2009 Frankie DelTaco, Las Vegas, Scissor Gang Mafia, The Dirty 4


THE DIRTY ARMY: Frankie DelTaco at Wet Republic SGM?

Major FAKE SGM… did he borrow that shirt from FROG?- nik

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The Hills Is Done

March 5, 2009 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, Manhattan, The Dirty 12


AP NEW YORK - “The Hills” will no longer be alive with the drama of Lauren Conrad at least, after the fifth season.

The producer of the MTV reality series confirms Conrad is leaving “The Hills,” and that season five, premiering March 30, will be Conrad’s final appearance.

Liz Gately says Conrad wants to move forward and lead a more private life. Gately plans to give the 23-year-old fashion designer a big send-off, and is evaluating how to continue with the show following Conrad’s departure.

“The Hills,” which debuted in 2006, has followed Conrad as she struggles with man problems, career drama and friendship fall outs.

MTV‘s cameras began rolling on Conrad when she was a high school student on “Laguna Beach” before graduating to “The Hills.”

I think this is a smart move on Lauren’s part.- nik

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Caption of the Day

February 16, 2009 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, The Dirty 48


DIRTY ARMY, here is your beautiful picture for “Caption of the Day”.

Del Taco Is the Bottom?  Please be funny and not racist.

Link to previous winner - Envelope Please

Winner of this Caption of the Day wins a DIRTY ARMY Shirt guy or girl!




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Frankie DelTaco

February 11, 2009 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, The Dirty 18


Hate to break it to you Mr. DelTaco, but that will never happen.  Also, the secret sauce in your Chicken Soft Tacos suck donkey balls.

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Brody’s Other Greg

February 3, 2009 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, The Dirty 47


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, we know Frankie well… he’s always hanging around the bean at SC with Doug. He’s a douche… you should call him Frankie Deltaco…we do.

I figure since Frankie is so desperate to become a celebrity maybe we should make him a DIRTY Celeb?  What do you think?  Does Frankie Deltaco have your vote?- nik

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Brody Jenner’s New Crew

February 3, 2009 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, Tampa, The Dirty 12

Beetle Juice hockey hair & Brody Jenner

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik, still kind of hung over from Super Sunday but is this not the ultimate Duke of Do-Nothing Brody Jenner hanging out with that weird looking hockey haired douche from Toronto? Talk about a perfect storm…noodles, SGM, Brody, short bus guy and shims all rolled into one.

Brody is really going up the social ladder.  I watched him play the D-List Celeb Bowl in Tampa… he looked at me with longing eyes.  Can someone please explain to me why Frankie Delgado is famous?  He was trying to get as much face time as possible during the Celeb Bowl.- nik

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Da Douche Prince

March 12, 2008 Frankie DelTaco, Hollywood, The Dirty 27

Please don’t cut me!- nik

Look it’s “Hootie and the Orange Blowfish”!- nik

EMAIL: ok so this kid, and i mean kid cuz he just turned 21 and he thinks he is the number one promoter in Hollywood. He calls himself the “Prince of Hollywood” more like the queen if you look at some of his pics. He thinks he is ballin as a promoter even though he still valets at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. He is a real douche bag, him and all of his friends think they run Hollywood, he works for a promotion company called Prettyboy Promotions they are a joke too.

He probably makes more in tips as a Valet boy. Promoters in Hollywood don’t make any money. Just ask Frankie Delgado (Brody Jenner’s manager) I saw one of his checks for $630.89 once from Bolthouse. Now that is BIGTIME!- nik

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