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I Couldn’t Stop Laughing

November 4, 2011 Freddy Fags, Las Vegas, The Dirty 14

Saw this pic and couldn't stop laughing

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I can’t stop laughing at Freddy Fags everytime I see picture of him like this… he hasn’t been on the site lately, and I wanted to ask you if you know what douchebag master has been up to?

Who is that dressed up as Courtney Stodden for Halloween?- nik

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What Is Freddy Thinking Lately

August 29, 2011 Freddy Fags, Hollywood, The Dirty 5

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I saw this picture of Freddy Fags and good old Michael Lohan… I thought this was awesome since FF is a DC and Michael was on your radio show (which he did awesome). But what I’m having a hard time figuring out is why the hell are they friends and wearing matching baby outfits? Are they gay for each other?

Who is the blonde?- nik

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Freddy Fags Not So Welcome In His Home Town

August 10, 2011 Freddy Fags, Hollywood, The Dirty 11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, huge DA forever… anyway  I went to see AfroJack.. and no not JackAfro… Freddy Fags could not get in, I don’t know too much but I was able to take this pictures and he was standing outside the whole time even as I made my way in.. He was on the phone for a while, but it looks like no DICE… anyway I heard him drop TheDirty name and that didnt work.. so do you know what happened?

No idea, but if he didn’t get in that means his profits are down for the month.- nik

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Marcuslee DJ

August 9, 2011 Freddy Fags, Reno 40

Marcuslee sucks dj

Marcuslee sucks dj

Marcuslee sucks dj

THE DIRTY ARMY: dear nik, this fool is a grade a d bag. He claims to be some awesome dj and he plays at that club wurk here in reno. I’ve heard his sets and they suck almost as much as the tween bops he gets to blow him after his crappy sets. He’ll pay any girl in drugs to sleep with him. I’ve seen his dick because he loves sending pictures of it to any girl he can find to even be the slightest interested in him and it looks likes something dipped in aids/herpes. he is a played out old man. please help me blast this idiot.

How does he even DJ with such fat fingers.- nik

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Who Is Watching Your Daughter

August 1, 2011 Cougars, Freddy Fags, Scooby Snack, Seattle, The Dirty 26

Who is Watching Your Daughter?

Who is Watching Your Daughter?

Who is Watching Your Daughter?

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, saw this nasty old cougar at the tanning salon where she was tanning with her 12-year old daughter. Who takes care of your kid when you’re out at the clubs every night partying with 21-year olds?

Her age face meter screams 47.- nik

[IMAGE:  JivePhotography]

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This Sh*t Better Not End Up On TheDirty

July 27, 2011 Freddy Fags, Hollywood, The Dirty 8

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so, this weekend was “One-Z” night in hollywood at club Colony, i had to roll down to shoot a interview/photop for my hip hop buddy ‘Reason’ on the red carpet, and low and behold , guess who shows up? The one, the only, freddie fags. And get this, someone rolls up to him to get a picture taken and states “This sh*t better not end up on the dirty”, sadly, i didn’t get my camera up in time to capture the individual, i think it was an employee of the club or whatever, but i did capture a few pics of ‘freddie’ in his one-z posing with some other people. Peace.

I wonder how much Freddy Fags got paid for this?- nik

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June 14, 2011 Freddy Fags, Sacramento 5



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I just wanna get your opinion on my ex boyfriend Cesar Barba do you think he is for the gays.

I mean at least his costume is creative.- nik

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Proof Freddy Figs Is Forgy

March 31, 2011 Freddy Fags, Hollywood 2

Proof Freddy Figs is gay!

Proof Freddy Figs is gay!

Proof Freddy Figs is gay!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Everyone in Hollywood has been questioning Freddy Figs sexuality for sometime and now we have proof that he plays for the other team!! This guy Shawn Youny is always seen and Freddy’s heels worshiping him. I’ve always thought they were getting it on then I saw these photos and just knew it. Freddy stop trying to bang the blondes because we all know you’re in love with Shawn..

Like we actually needed proof.- nik

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