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The Dirtbag

March 8, 2011 Freddy Fags, Sacramento 15

The dirtbag

The dirtbag

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy thinks his sh*t doesn’t stink. He’s got some gay ass Persian tattoo that he tries to say means he’s an heir to some kingdom. Fucking liar. He goes to the gym every day, but he cheats with steroids. I saw him shooting it in his a** in the bathroom! He swears he’s slept with 113 chicks, but he can’t even get it up, trust me– I knowww!

I bet about 113 of those chicks were wasted.- nik

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Oldest Person To Be Famous In Portland Dirty History

February 22, 2011 Freddy Fags, Oregon, Portland 76

Oldest person to be famous in Portland dirty history!

Oldest person to be famous in Portland dirty history!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey everyone! This is Dj Scooter his real name is Douglas Mccoy. He is what I would call a real f*g not talking about his orientation he is a F*gg*t! All he does is run a all age gay club. HA! All age they do not like mexican’s and black’s in! Unless they look under twenty one! They are a bunch of bigots trying to push an industrial band called Killfraft. He has different lies to everyone so he can talk sh*t to anyone and everyone. This is what happens when ugly fat people get their grubby little hands on money! All they do is become fake fake fake! He kicked out one of the most popular drag queens for life named Jackie Daniels for flipping off a drag queen who lied about there hiv status. He also pulls pranks like putting sugar in his gas tank and super glewing the locks to his own club to trick his staff into thinking the worlds against him.Did we forget to mention he invites any girl that wears there bra and panties up to the booth because the door cover is over ten dollars and they cannot afford clothing?? This guy sucks! HE went to The City Nightclub in club in Portland in his late twentys and opened this club called The Escape now and is just trashy. He even told a wrap saying the guy that shot up “The Zone” went to The Escape and felt accepted and didn’t at that club and shot that asian girl . This guy needs to be stopped! Post this please. He also hired that guy a few pages back named Tyler James!

Let me guess he DJs out of his mom’s basement.- nik

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Blue Springs Closet Gay

February 17, 2011 Freddy Fags, Kansas City 34

Blue Springs Closet Fag.

Blue Springs Closet Fag.

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this racist, ignorant, ugly, grade-A douchebag is Jamie Foutz. He’s a fudgepacker that is trying to be exactly like his brother.  He waddles around his school like he owns the halls. Get this prick drunk and he’ll suck a guy’s d*ck!  Ask Derek Lapaglia. He wrestles so he has an excuse to roll around with boys. Nik what do you think about this b*tch?

I think anyone who wrestles is insecure with themselves and definitely forgy.- nik

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February 11, 2011 Freddy Fags, Kansas City 35



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Does this really need an explination.

Who photoshops their eyes.- nik

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One Ride?

February 11, 2011 Freddy Fags, Kansas City, Missouri 30

One Ride Niggaz???

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So there’s these three guys they go by Nick Holt, Tyler Ketchum, and Zach Parks or the so called “One Ride Niggaz”. But excuse you’re all white with the exception of Tyler Who acts black and looks more mexican than anything. Nick the bigger guy of them all thinks he’s cool because he’s signed to play ball in college sorry bud its only NAIA. He has a girlfriend but she’s treated like sh*t because he thinks he’s the sh*t. Also if he gets with you he only wants to do the dirty. Parks the scrawny one. He’s a b*tch. Could possibly be gay. As a matter of fact he may take it from the other two. This wing man is the follower he’s the guy that will take a fat girl for the team as long as he has his nasty chew and friendly smoke everything is ok with him. As for Tyler the captain in this team situation. People would say he’s been around the block a few times and if you’re not willing to be part of that block then its a no go for you. He thinks he’s tough when really he’s not he treats girls worse than dog sh*t and the day he leaves the town of Odessa, Missouri all the girls can probably walk the street freely again. And to top it all off. if these 3 wanna be cool cats dont have a case of beer under one arm and a girl under another… well thats just a rare situation. So to sum it all up alcoholic man whores that think they’re something. What do you think??? Top pick is the so called one ride niggaz. Tyler is the second pickwith some skanks. Nick is the second pick with his i feel sorry for girl and parks is the bottom with some probably paid off date or std infested girl because the other to made him go.

Their mouths resemble garbage cans.- nik

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February 10, 2011 Freddy Fags, Kansas City, UCLA 16




THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Just look at this kid. He thinks he so cool, he once admitted to sucking on his friend, Casey’s d!ck for 2 hours. He openly flaunts his gross smoking habits and he stabs all of his friends in the back. watch out for this sloot-zilla. his work ethic is as useless as the ‘white crayon’. He’s a rich little mama’s boy whos parents pay for everything. This f*g is a spoiled little b*tch.

I didn’t know Kansas had gay people there.- nik

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Ben Is A Wannabe

February 10, 2011 Freddy Fags, Vancouver 10



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, benny k*lder …….his gf is on here CHANEL R*ACH …..these 2 goofs are white rocks biggest laughing stock….ben think he is some tough roided out gangster tough guy…… i know for a fact half of white rock wants to shank this goof but he will just call the cops and run away like a b*tch ……he is just a tool thats bi sexual ….his gf cheats on him f*cking tony and frank from the ocean beach lounge …… i guess he had to become a tough guy since his mother is a tru tranny and his dad left him when he was young to the mother having a larger d*ck than him… can find benny at the OB lounge stalking his dirty c*nt of a gf or at the black forrest pub flexing his skrawny arms like the goof he really is

I’m confused, whose the loser with the stache.- nik

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February 8, 2011 Chico State, Freddy Fags, Sacramento 20

Say hello to the egocentric, narcissistic, and unemployed homo!

Say hello to the egocentric, narcissistic, and unemployed homo!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Mark Ray Carlile the worst gay man ever and so dumb and full of himself!

He’s obviously just insecure because he’s too unkempt and fat for any of the other gays to like him.- nik

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